(Episode 4) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story…

(Episode 4) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story...

The time for their final exams was fast approaching and the ladies knew they had to study as hard as possible. Even Kikelomo the most slutty one among the three room mates who would rather go to parties, clubs or anything that would make her enjoy her life than sit down and read her books was busy eating the back of her pen. To be a pharmacist was not a day’s job.

After like four hours of studying, Kike could not take it any longer and decided to introduce something to lighten up their day.

Kikelomo: “Suzan how far that fine bobo you talk sey you like na? You don tell am?” she asked piquing their interests immediately as even Pearl looked up expectantly at Suzan.

Suzan: “Well, I never tell am o. that guy no dey even look my side at all” she replied as gloom covered her facial expression immediately.

Pearl: “Why na. The guy hot no be small thing. If no be sey you don talk sey you like am, I for don grab am tete” she snapped her books shut and fixed her gaze on the one they had placed on the hot seat.

Kikelomo: “Na you dey talk that one Pearl? You know me be sharp babe na with my assets and swagga, I for don slay go hin side sinnnce. This one no sharp at all, na everyday I dey follow girls fight for class sey the guy be my babe boo. And she dey here dey do smesme. Dem go grab am soon” she said dancing excitedly on her bed. happy to be rid of her boring notes and textbooks at last.

Suzan: “Hmmmmmmm…e no easy sha o. una no know as e be na una problem. I talk sey the guy no dey look my side at all. Weting una wan make I do? make I cut my head put for hin hand so hin go notice me?” she was getting pissed.

Pearl: “No now. Waka go meet am. Tell am you love am, dassol. And, the guy sef too gentle” she said looking serious all of a sudden. “There is something about him I cannot seem to explain. He seems to always be withdrawn into himself, sad and at alert like someone was going to hurt him anytime. He is not at peace with himself”

Kikelomo: “I think he is just the shy type”

Suzan: “You guys sure have taken your time to study him right? Una weldone. See let me read, exams call my name even when I sleep let alone when I am gisting” she said and resumed with her reading.


Kemi: “It’s nothing my dear” the slender looking woman whom he had known as his mother for twenty six years said, trying to draw him to a seat but he shrugged her hands off.

Sunkanmi: “I clearly heard him saying I am not your son, whose son am I please? Who am I?”

He asked with a kind of uncertainty that broke her heart to shreds. She never imagined he would have any cause to ask her that kind of question someday. She had protected him with all she had despite the signs he depicted right from childhood. She cast her husband a very annoying look…

“All these is his fault. If he hadn’t been having funny ideas, if he had just kept his stinking mouth shut then I will be stuffing some food into my boy’s mouth now rather than watching him look so hurt and unsure of himself. I wonder how to resolve this issue on ground now” she thought sadly.

Kemi: “Dear, we are your parents. Do not mind your dad, he is just being disillusioned, he is growing grey hair already so just discard his utterances” she cooed into his hearing but he wouldn’t have any of it.

Sunkanmi: “I know what I heard mum and…”

Abodunrin: “Yes we are not your parents. She is not your mother” he interjected sharply, interrupting him in midsentence.

Kemi: “Abodunrin” she called angrily, casting him a look of incredulity. She could not believe he could say the stuffs he was saying at that moment.

Sunkanmi: “Then who are my parents?”

Kemi: “Baby please do not listen to him, all he is saying is gibbers upon gibbers. Just talk to me dear, I will explain everything to you”

Abodunrin: “We found you floating in a river in Nnewi when you were still a baby. I had no idea why your parents abandoned you like that but I think I do now. You are not fit to live with mankind, you fit in with  animals” he looked at him with a bloodshot eyes and stormed out of the sitting room. He had nothing to hide now and calling a spade a spade was the best he thought he could do at that moment.

He felt like the earth would open up to swallow him up. He could not believe those he thought of as his parents were actually not his parents, everything he had ever believed in went crashing down in a heap of ruin at that moment. He did not wait to listen to what his foster mum had to say, he stormed out of the house in a mixture of different emotions.


Mazi Nnamdi and his wife unlike the prediction of the Eze mmuo remained childless after so many years. They had already grown so old that the thought of even carrying a pregnancy again was beginning to repulse her. She never forgot about her nameless son, the son she abandoned by the river, the son that was never allowed to suck his mother’s breasts peacefully. The unfortunate son that had been born at a time when the gods reigned and their words law.

Things had not changed much, Christianity was still struggling to grow roots and the dibia still lurked around somewhere in the evil forest. The brave still visited him for one act of wickedness on the other while he himself showed up among the living when he is having some dreadful message to deliver as usual.

Obianuju: “Now I am one lonely woman in my old age and I have a son. Only God knows what happened to him” she grumbled. All she did ever since that night’s incidence was grumble silently to herself. The plates she was washing clattered among themselves as she dropped the one she had just washed noisily on the tray.

He sat some distance from her, sharpening his cutlass, his business never recovered and so he resorted to palm wine tapping like his friend Obumneke.

Mazi Nnamdi: “What are you murmuring about this time? And what did you mean by only God knows what happened to him? You said you drowned him right?” he asked, twisting his mouth in a sardonic smile.

Obianuju: “Yes I drowned him. and to think of it, the dibia said we’d have other sons after killing my child, where are the sons now? I told you they were wrong, the pastor also did tell us that there was nothing wrong with my son that people will not be able to live with but you still connived with that stupid dead youth president to kill my son. What father does that? Now no one is even here to wash plates for me. My Chi you haven’t done well o” she wiped her face with a shaky hand with the edge of wrapper.

Mazi Nnamdi: “There was nothing I could have done. Those lads were hell bent on killing him for their failed crops” he retorted in a sharp voice. He didn’t want to be seen as a bad father.

Obianuju: “If they were hell bent, you should have been heaven bent on protecting him. we all should have run away together but I wonder what you have in this village that will not allow you to leave it behind. My Chi will surely judge all those that had a hand in the death of my son” she said but prayed silently in her heart that he will still be alive. That some good hearted woman like the Pharaoh’s daughter had picked him up. She never stopped reading that particular story in the bible. The fact that Moses went back later to his people gave her hope.

Mazi Nnamdi: “Yes I agree I was wrong. Forgive me my alluring wife” they heard the jingling of the bells which had become quite engraved in their memories since the day of their son’s naming ceremony. They rushed outside to find the old dibia turning round and round in a circle.’

Eze mmuo: “I warned you Nnamdi, I warned you but why have you decided to test the gods?” he said in a shaky voice that still carried authority. “Hear now the message I have brought to you from the gods yet again” he said staring into space like a blind man in search of his light.

Question: Why does Abodunrin hate Sunkanmi so much? What message of doom has the dibia brought for the old couple this time around?

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    • ALC&Fs,

      Perhaps because of his natural endowments and wife’s doting….. black man!
      The Dibia is angry that he’d been out smarted and has come for a pound of flesh.


  1. Because he feels Sunkanmi is behind him and his wife not having children. The dibia wants to repeat what he had told the old couple some years back.

  2. May be he has find out something about the boy destiny…
    Messenger of evil,he will tell them that the boy is still alive,maybe they should go &look for him&kill him,so that they will be able to bear child…Old fool.

  3. This Is Anoda Superb Story… Abodunrin Hates Sunkanmi Bcos He Tinks Or Have Heard Sum Wher Dat He Is D Cause Of Der Childlessness… Dibia Wants 2 Cum Nd Tell Dem Why Do Dey Allow D Child 2 Live.

  4. This dibia again..leave mazie and family alone now..haba…evil dibia.no good message will come from him..

  5. I think Abodunrin hate sukanmi bcus he thought he is d one preventing his wife frm having time to bear their own children. D old man news is that dey deceive him n d pple d baby is dead, meanwhile is still alive somewhere n so its either he died 4 real now or the mother replace him.

  6. I think Abodunrin hates Sukanmi maybe because he could have heard or seen strange things in the boy or he feels the boy is the reason behind their childlessness.

    And as for the chief priest, guess he want to ask for the head of the child or the family

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