Way To Go With Tope FnR Wrap Dresses!

Every fashionista must have a wrap dress in her closet. This is like a must-have because, wrap dresses are extremely flattering, clinging to your body in just the right places, with a cinching at the waist to give the illusion of a small waist. I personally love wrap dresses because they accentuate my curves, but, even a slimmer woman can wear a wrap dress because it creates the illusion of curves even when you are not curvy.

Still doubting you need a wrap dress, check out Tope FnR wrap dress. Tope FnR is a Nigerian designer and she is the definition of a wrap dress sensation. Check out pictures below;

tope fnr wrap dresses3

tope fnr wrap dresses9

tope fnr wrap dresses5

tope fnr wrap dresses17

tope fnr wrap dresses2

tope fnr wrap dresses8

tope fnr wrap dresses4

tope fnr wrap dresses

tope fnr wrap dresses7

tope fnr wrap dresses10

tope fnr wrap dresses13

tope fnr wrap dresses16

tope fnr wrap dresses6

tope fnr wrap dresses15

Would you rock any of these wrap dresses or trash them?



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