(Episode 7) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story…

(Episode 7) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story...

Sukanmi was a smart one. He knew there was no way he was going to tell anyone about the whereabouts of his parents and so when they called, he repeated everything they said in a very loud voice. Their new neighbour heard it and knew something was amiss somewhere, she quickly wrote the address she heard him say down. Her fears were confirmed when she saw him run out like a mad man in the dead of the night like that, she quickly called the police and told them about the ransacked house, his missing parents and the call.


Sukanmi: “Well…I…” he paused.

1st Guy: “Well you what?” he cut in sharply when he realised he was deliberately trying to waste their time.

Abodunrin: “He will never say anything since he does not care whether we die or not. You see what happens when you decide to raise another woman’s son? The bastard will not confess, that, I am very sure of” he said in hushed tones to his wife who laid in a foetal position on the floor facing him.

Kemi: “Why do you want him to confess? Don’t you know they are looking for excuses to kill him? I feel sorry for you, it’s probably because of your thinking we don’t have a child of our own. Because of the hatred you harbour towards this innocent boy in your heart” she replied without minding if anyone would hear her or not.

3rd Guy: “What are they arguing about again? Don’t you get tired of arguing you this husband and wife? Keep quiet let’s hear the bastard’s confession in peace. He must admit it or we’d look for bitter ways to make him” he drawled.

1st Guy: “Go ahead, we are listening” he nudged him forward.

Sukanmi: “Well I…” he was suddenly interrupted by a sudden gunshot outside.

1st Guy: “The bastard called the police” he said and hit him hard on the head with the butt of his gun. He fell forward on his face and passed out.

“Guys lets go immediately. Hurry up, pass the backdoor, I think they are coming from the front. Now!” he urged his friends on as they all ran out through the backdoor. The policemen went in pointing their guns frantically around. One of them ran to the couple to help them up while the rest chased after the guys after Kemi had indicated to them that they ran out through the backdoor.

Policeman: “What happened here?” he asked as he bent over Sunkanmi who was beginning to steer. Kemi ran over to his side too.

Kemi: “Are you okay son?”

Sukanmi: “Yes mum. I am fine now” he said robbing the back of his head which was throbbing violently against his skull.

Policeman: “What happened?” He repeated again.

Sukanmi: “They kidnapped my parents cos they wanted to know if I am gay or not” he said in a matter of fact manner.

Policeman: “Are you gay?”

Kemi: “He is not. Those boys were high on something” she replied sharply, afraid he would try to arrest him. The law against LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) had just been passed by the Jonathan’s government.

Policeman: “Good! Don’t be gay o. you know it is against the law now don’t you?”

Kemi: “Yes he does. Thank you very much. We will be going back home now” she said and helped him up. Abodunrin was already on his feet too, aching in places he didn’t even know existed.

Policeman: “I will come by your place if I need additional information from you. I will drop you at home and doesn’t your husband here need to go to the hospital? He doesn’t look so good” he said with concern written all over his face as he led them downstairs and to where the police van was parked. The other police men were still on the trail of the guys.

Abodunrin: “I am fine. All I need is a hot press and I’d be fine. Thanks a lot for your concern” his voice was laden with untold emotions. He wondered how his wife will not even pay him one iota of attention despite all the beatings he had received. Her whole attention was focused on Sukanmi. He felt a tinge of jealousy.


She jumped on her mum immediately she got home that weekend. She just couldn’t wait to tell her only parent what she had in mind. Her dad had died when she was just three years old leaving all his properties to her. He was a business man and had amassed enough wealth before his death. Her mum took charge of the furniture business and was running it so well thanks to her open-mindedness, hard work and intelligence. They lived well.

Suzan: “Guess what mum?” she said as she folded her flexible legs on the soft rug on the floor, smiling sheepishly at her mum. She made sure all her attention was on her by switching off the television on which she was watching a Telemundo drama.

Suzan Snr: “What is it love?” she asked, looking at her fondly. She adored her daughter. She was the only reminder of her husband besides the memories of his she had stacked away in a safe place in her memory. Her world revolved round her.

Suzan: “Just guess now” she pouted her lips stubbornly.

Suzan Snr: “Okay let me try. Uhn! You have missed your period?”

Suzan: “Haba Mum! No!!” she exclaimed sharply. “Is that the only thing in your head now?” she asked feigning annoyance.

Suzan Snr: “Okay let me try again, you love me even more?” she said smiling sheepishly at her. Suzan was an exact replica of her mum. They both could pass as siblings.

Suzan: “Well, Loving you even more is not a new thing. That is not it”

Suzan Snr: “Then tell me now. Help this old woman who can’t even guess what is making her daughter this excited right” she said pleadingly, folding her legs like one who was going to do yoga asana on the broad fluffy settee she loved sitting on while watching TV. It could pass for a bed and a chair.

Suzan: “I told Sukanmi how I feel at last and I have a feeling he is going to give me a positive reply soon. I am so happy mum. Start planning for my wedding cos I am not going to waste time at all. I am getting married immediately I am done with my convocation. I really love the guy” she announced excitedly.

Suzan Snr: “I am glad to hear that my dear. Even I don’t want you to waste time at all. You must have all the time to enjoy your husband unlike me who had mine snatched away untimely. Don’t worry dear, I will see to it that the two of you are married soon enough. But what if he says no?”

Suzan: “He will say yes. I am very positive about that. And if he says no, I cannot force myself on him, I will let him go”

Suzan Snr: “That is my girl. I have no doubt you will make a very good wife. You grew well. I am proud of you my beautiful pharmacist. Come here” she spread her arms and unfolded her legs so she could give her daughter a comfortable hug. They hugged each other with tears of joy stinging the sides of their eyes.


He made sure he locked the door securely behind his wife so she wouldn’t interfere in what he was about to do.

Abodunrin: “Sukanmi, park your stuffs and leave my house immediately. I cannot continue to harbour a guy for whose sake I might die one day. Please leave” he hurled the dazed guy out of his bed and onto the floor.

Sukanmi: “But where do I go to? You are the only family I know. Please sir, let me stay for mum’s sake. I promise to change, I will never even look at a guy again” hot tears started streaming down his face at the thought of having to leave his mum.

Abodunrin: “Can you help it? Isn’t that who you are already? I will not repeat myself again. I am giving you chance to pack your cloths but if you push me further, I might have to throw you out with nothing” he threatened as his brows furrowed grimly.

Kemi could be heard trying to open the door of the room where she was locked in. her voice could be heard calling out to her husband to open the door immediately, not to throw her son out but his jaw was set and eyes resolute.

Sukanmi started packing his cloths with shaky hands and tears streaked face. He could hardly see what he was doing…

Question: Will he really agree to marry Suzan? should he risk it all and marry her?

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  1. He should, its gonna work out fine 4 him. Thou challenges n trial will be awaiting them cus evn suzan is yet to knw he is a gay 4 real. I hope she will be able to cope wit him.

  2. This story started very well for me but this gay thing you guys are always writing about is repulsive.What are you getting at please. I mean the morale of this turn of events

    • Helen, it might be repulsive, but we know it’s the things that happens around us, I guess one thing we should know is that sometimes this people who involves in such acts didn’t have a choice and somehow, with the right love they can change

  3. Susan is counting her chicks before they hatch. Sukaimi should open up to Susan and test the depth of her love. Together, they’ll find a way

  4. Yes he will agree because she will give him hope and be his family now that he has no family except Kemi his mum

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