Tips On How To Identify Plastic and Fake Rice

Plastic rice is made with so many chemicals such as like synthetic or semi-synthetic organics. These chemicals are very harmful to humans. Plastic rice is harmful  to human consumption. The following tips will help you avoid plastic rice.

1 Take one glass of water and drop some rice in the glass. Just stir it a little. Fake rice will float at the top of the water while original rice will remain underneath. This process is very simple and easy.

2 Another simple process is to take rice and simply burn the rice by using matchbox. If it is plastic rice, you will perceive the smell of buring plastic.

3 You may also check the rice after boiling it. Simply take the boiled rice in one bottle then just leave it like 2-3 days. If t is plastic rice, there will not be fungi on it.  Plastic rice does not change with temperature.

4 There is another possible way to identify fake rice. Just take some rice and drop into some real hot oil. Plastic or fake rce will be at bottom of the pan whereas orighinal rice will rise up.

5 You can also identify fake rice via boiling. Observe the boiling time and compare the time and foam with other rice.



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