(Episode 9) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story…

(Episode 9) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story...

The hostility from the people towards them subsided when the news that the igwe had asked him to go in search of the boy and to bring him back before five months ran out circulated among them. They were still looked at with hatred and little kids still didn’t greet them on the road but none of them picked up stones to throw at them anymore. None of them gathered around them to sing disgraceful songs anymore. The boys had also stopped throwing faeces into their house. They experienced peace for the next one week he was getting ready for his journey into the unknown.

A night to the day he was to leave the village, they sat at their backyard, talking in hushed tones- that had become their manner of talking ever since the whole hullabaloo started. They feared they would be heard and whatever they discussed used against them in their next gatherings wherever they used to gather at.

Obianuju: “So where are you going to first? Will you start from this town or what?” she asked folding her arms tightly across her midsection, parking her unsucked old breasts up in the process.

Mazi Nnamdi: “I don’t think that is a good idea. I have a feeling he is not in this town anymore. If he were, the people that picked him up would have heard about everything happening and would have thought of that day. I think he is far from here”

Obianuju: “Where then?”

Mazi Nnamdi: “I’d probably have to start from Onitsha, I just wonder where in Onitsha he might be. Who will I meet? How do I go about it? What kind of miracle will happen that will make me find him with such little amount I have on me? I am confused” he let out a hiss of confusion into the air and folded his arms across his chest too.

Obianuju: “God has a way of doing things and I still believe in miracles. God will not make you go on a fruitless journey. I must say I am worried too though. Please be safe. You are the only one I have now besides God. I am afraid to be left all alone in my old age. Please don’t stay too long Nkem. May God be with you” she tried so hard to conceal the tears drizzling down from her eyes but he already saw them.

Mazi Nnamdi: “Do not cry my wife. I shall come back. I will come back with our son and no one, no one at all will be able to touch the hair on his head, I promise you that”

Obianuju: “Oh now that is a relief. I was afraid you’d hand him over to them too. Bless God” she rose up from her chair and hugged him tightly.


Sukanmi: “Uhn!”

I can’t tell her. if I do, I will lose her forever, she is the only friend I have right now and who knows? She might help me overcome this hunger for men’s body” he thought and changed his mind about telling her instantly.

Suzan: “Talk now. Your silence is killing me here o” she shifted from one side of her buttock to the other.

Sukanmi: “You are the only true friend I have right now and I don’t think I ever want to lose you”

Suzan: “Awwwwwww I love you so much Sukanmi. You are the only guy I have ever loved too. Does that mean we are dating now?” she had obviously misunderstood his statement as a yes to her proposal. She was so excited she did not see the confused look on his face.

Sukanmi: “Yeah I guess” he picked his words with care, careful not to say anything which would kill the joy in her.

Suzan: “Oh my God! This is the best gift ever. Thank you, thank you honey. I promise to be the best wife ever”

People around began to clap thinking he had proposed to her with all the excitement she was portraying and her talk of being the best wife.

Sukanmi: “Wife?” he asked inaudibly. “Oh my! I am in soup. I never even said I was going to date you let alone marry you. What is this? How do I get out of this mess? Marriage? Well maybe she is mixing being a girlfriend with being a wife” he thought within himself, grimacing.


He went back home that day with a heavy heart. How could his wife choose the boy over him? How could she give him such an ultimatum? He needed someone to talk to. He needed someone to tell him he was right or wrong. He just couldn’t bear it anymore and so he called his friend who was also his colleague at work. Felix was more than happy to make his acquaintance but not without some booze.

They sat in the living room watching a match between Barcelona and Chelsea that was being replayed on the station. They drank and discussed about a lot of things in the process.

Felix: “You sounded really down earlier on phone. I know it is not about football or work or any other thing we have talked about so far. What is it?”

Abodunrin: “It’s my wife” he said and paused.

Felix: “What about her? I thought you said she was getting better?” he raised an eyebrow.

Abodunrin: “I am not even sure anymore. She isn’t taking her drugs. She said except I bring Sukanmi back to her that she would rather die. I feel so hurt” he took another sip from the cup of wine in his hand.

Felix: “That is serious. Does she only care about the boy? How about her marriage? Women sha”

Abodunrin: “That is what’s surprising the most about the whole thing. She has even chosen the boy over me yet I don’t want her to die. I will have to grant her request no matter how bad I feel”

Felix: “This marriage is no longer favourable to you at all. Just imagine after twenty seven years of marriage, you still have no child to call yours. You will have to have a rethink about the whole thing o. I will never advise my worst enemy to remain in an unfruitful marriage with an overbearing and bossy woman”

Abodunrin: “What are you now suggesting I do?”

Felix: “Find her boy and leave the two of them. If it’s the boy she want, then let her have him but you have to find your way elsewhere too”

Abodunrin: “I cannot do a thing like that. I still love her” he said defensively.

Felix: “But does she feel the same way as you do? Think about this properly. You need a child to carry on your name when you are no more” he swallowed the contents of his cup in one gulp and stood up to leave. “It’s getting late, I have to go home now. Make the right decision, its not too late yet but it might become too late soon” he said as he began to put on his sandals.

Abodunrin: “Thanks for coming my friend”


The day of their final exams, she took him to her home for the first time to introduce him to her mum. She welcomed him whole-heartedly and was pleased by the look of him but didn’t fail to notice that look of uncertainty, aloofness and a pint of sadness in his countenance. She asked him about his parents and he told her the whole truth about how he was abandoned and how his foster dad had recently thrown him out of the house blaming him for their childlessness. The only issue he left untouched was his sexual orientation.

Suzan Snr: “You have sure had it very tough. Don’t worry, we will be like your family from now on. You can stay in this house for as long as you want okay?” she said looking sympathetically at him through the rims of her glasses.

Sukanmi: “Yes ma. Thank you very much. I should get going now, it is getting late” he made to stand up but Suzan drew him back to his seat.

Suzan: “You are sleeping here tonight. Do you think I will just let you leave like that? Come now! Let me show you where you will sleep” she said and drew him to his feet again. He could utter no word of objection.

As they stepped into the corridor which led to her room, a guy looking as hot at Hrishik Roshek of Krissh stepped out of another room. Their gaze met and held for a second. The chemistry was magnetic and compelling, they recognised each other immediately.

Suzan: “Oh meet my one and only cousin Junior. He came to spend some time with us from the US” she said looking from one dazed face to the other. “Do you guys know each other before probably?” she had to ask because of the way they were both staring at each other.

Question: Do they know each other or is this the beginning of some untold trouble? Will Abodunrin do as he was advised by his friend?

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  1. I believe they have a way of recognising their sexual orientation without being told. Abodunrin had better do what his wife wants.

  2. I think they know each other through their sexual orientation. As for Abodunrin I think he will follow his friend advice.


  3. I believe they have a way of recognising their sexual orientation without been told, not that they know each other before now. Abodunrin had better do what his wife wants. Felix is an idiot.

  4. Its either they knew each other somewhere before, d cousin recognize him as a gay or they r both gay that v feelings 4 each other instantly.

  5. Its likely Abodurin follow his friends advice if He saw his wife being adamant on sukanmi’s case n ow attached she is to him.

  6. I don’t think they know each other before, maybe bcos of the gay spirit in him. Abodunrine will not do as the igwe has asked him to do

  7. The two of them are gay and a chemistry has just been strucked. It’s the beginning of fresh trouble for Sukanmi because in as much he wants to correct his ways, Susan’s cousin will not help matters. Abodunrin Abodunrin should stick to His wife.

  8. The cousin may be one of the guys that attacked him, Abodunrin will bring Sunkanmi to his wife because he is still in love with her.

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