(Episode 14) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story

(Episode 14) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story

Abodunrin: “Do you really think this is the right time for you to announce it? Why not later? Maybe when there is no visitor”

Suzan: “And who is the visitor here if I may ask please? If anyone is the visitor, it is you” she snapped knowing he was referring to her man. “Mum please go on jare, does he even know what you are talking about?” she hissed.

Suzan Snr: “Suzan stop acting so rude. This man here is going to be your step-dad soon” she said at last.

Suzan: “What do you mean by that?” her jaw dropped.

Sukanmi was dumbfounded, he looked at his foster dad but he looked down not wanting to meet his gaze.

Suzan Snr: “I am getting married to the man here” she nodded towards him.

Suzan: “That can never happen. I thought you were going to announce the date of me and Sukanmi’s Introduction but instead you are announcing yours? One thing you should know is I will never accept him into my life. I will never accept him as a replacement for my dad” she was on her feet like a flash of lightening, pointing angrily at him.

Jerry: “Suzie please sit down” he tried to pull her back to her seat but she shrugged him off.

Sukanmi: “Weren’t you ever married Mr Abodunrin?” he asked looking intently at him.

Abodunrin: “I was but we are divorced”

Sukanmi: “Since when if I may ask?”

Abodunrin: “It’s been years now” he returned his gaze defiantly, daring him to utter one more word.

Sukanmi: “So you abandoned mum? You despicable fool” he cursed in his heart.

Suzan: “Mum please don’t do this. I cannot stand him, there is something about him that tells me he is not what he says he is. Don’t make this mistake after so many years of being on your own”

Suzan Snr: “So are you telling me I should remain alone?” she snapped back.

Suzan: “No! You know I always encouraged you to get yourself a man but not him mum. He is not good enough for you

Suzan Snr: “Let me be the judge of that”

Suzan: “Sukanmi let’s go” she stood up from the table while Jerry and Sukanmi stood with her too. They left the dining room together.


Kemi was discharged at her behest, she didn’t want to stay in the hospital while her marriage was being wrecked, she didn’t want to lose him not at that moment when she needed him the most. She got back home to meet an empty house. He had absconded with almost every valuable stuffs in the living room but left the bedroom untouched except for few of his cloths.

Kemi: “Oh no Abodunrin. Not after so many years of marriage, I will never believe you left over such a petty quarrel we had?” she soliloquized with her hands supporting her reeling head as she sat at the foot of the bed.

He had looked for a private time to talk to him but such a time never came. He wanted to know what happened. He wanted to know why he was getting married to another woman. He was so worried about his mother that he didn’t have the strength to wait to talk to him any longer. He took his leave from the house promising her they’d meet soon and headed straight for Mainland.


“Please someone should throw this pastor into the evil forest. He is blabbering rubbish” someone from the crowd yelled.

Pastor: “Wait! Before you throw me into the evil forest, let me say something else, if anything happens to this woman whom I know is innocent, God’s wrath will fall over anyone of you who participated in this injustice”

“Tufiakwa. Such a thing will never happen” someone blurted out.

1st Elder: “Nduka and Ebube, please escort the pastor back to his home and make sure you stand guide there until I call you back. Okay?”

Nduka: “Okay elder” he said and stepped towards the pastor who knew better than struggling with them.

Pastor: “May God be with you woman! May His Spirit go with you wherever you are being sent to” he said looking back at the helpless woman sitting on the floor who only stared back at him without uttering a word as she watched him leave.

1st Elder: “You have been found guilty by the People of Umuokpo and so this is our judgement: considering the fact that you are an old woman and your husband has been a good man in this community so far, we shall not sentence you to death but you are banished into the evil forest. There shall you make your abode and never to be seen in this land again. I wish you luck” he said and stood up.

Obumneke: “Good judgement” he commented contentedly.

Obianuju: “Obumneke you will surely suffer for this, for this injustice you instigated against me. My God will judge you all unjustly too” she said in a shaky emotionless voice as she was been dragged by the guys away from the village square.

Little children sang hateful songs for her, young boys rained small stones on her, the older women blessed her with unheard curses, and the younger women bathed her with their spittle. She was a holy mess by the time they got to the entrance of the evil forest.

“Don’t you ever return to this land again you evil woman” came their farewell to the unjustly treated Obianuju. She looked at the young faces around her and shook her head then she was bushed into the forest.


He entered the house which had been left unlocked, the gate was never locked. He was surprised to meet an empty house. He ran into the bedroom and met her sprawled on the floor.

Sukanmi: “Mum!” he bolted to her side and lifted her head up gently to his laps. “What happened mum? Why is everything this way?” he began to cry at the look of her. She looked like the shadow of herself with sunken eyes and protruding cheek bones. “Are you okay mum?” he asked again as she lifted her eyelids up gently.

Kemi: “Am I dreaming or dead? Is that you my son?” she sat up properly and cupped his face in her two hands.

Sukanmi: “Yes mum, it’s me. I am back now. I will never leave you again”

Kemi: “I have been looking for you. Please do you know where your dad is? I came back to meet the house empty like this. Have you seen him anywhere?” she asked as he lifted her up into his arms and placed her gently on the bed.

Sukanmi: “What happened between you two?”

Kemi: “It was just a small misunderstanding o. I just don’t know what to do right now. I have to find him to apologise for talking to him the way I did. It was my fault. Did you see him somewhere?” she asked looking at him like he was her last hope.


He walked into the cemetery with them with tied lips and curled tongue. He didn’t know what to say or what to ask, he was almost being paralysed with fear. “Are they going to bury me alive? Do they intend to use me for money rituals? Am I in a deep shit?” he could only think, he could only ask in his thoughts.

Tolu walked over to the edge of the cemetery which had grasses covering it and brought out shovels, hoes and other equipment. He handed one to Aina and one to Mazi Nnamdi who stood like a zombie, unable to gather his thoughts in one piece.

“Now they are going to make me dig my own grave? Hmmmmmmm” he sighed.

They both bent over a newly erected gravestone and began to dig…

Question: Should he tell his mum what her husband is up to? Was it really her fault that he left? Are those two thugs going to bury him for real?

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      • Pardon me, Sukanmi should update the mom. I think Ma Kemi was knida hard on the husband but also shocked at the speed of hooking up with another woman….leaves me wondering “….how we can cheat with one while proclaiming undying love for another..”

        It doesn’t look like these guys have the intention of burying Mazi Nnamdi alive, I’d be surprised if they did..

  1. Sunkanmi should let her know her supposed husband is a lying cheating SOB

    Nah they sell fresh corpse I think to ritualists

  2. ofcos he should tell her what her husband is trying to do, they wont bury him but to dug out d grave & cut or remove whatever is needed from d dead body

  3. Just stealing from the dead. People get buried with valuables and thieves exhume the corpses to steal the valuables…

  4. He will tell her about her husband but not now and is not her fault for him leaving.
    He will not be buried alive but looks like their are into fresh corpse business…God forbid!!!

  5. True Kemi was hard on him but Abondurin has been cheating sinice 1800. His friend’s suggestion just made him take a stronger approach to marry her. Unknown to Suzan, he might be her biological father. Or does she truly know are real father?

    Nnamdi is save but been made to strip corpse items to sell.

  6. He shud tell his mum,tolu nd Aina don’t look like one(given the description of how/where they live) who is making a living 4rm stealing 4rm d dead

  7. He should not tell Her for now so as for her to recover well. He can tell her after she might have recovered
    It is not really her fault because for so long she have waited for child and she found Sukanmi, whom she trained for almost twenty + years. So it is only right that she should stand by him no matter the Condition that’s what a true mother can be.
    As for Nnamdi I think he is not digging his grave. Rather they wants to steal from the Dead.


  8. He should tell kemi bt in a way that won’t affect her health and I can’t say its really kemi’s fault cus its Abodurin’s fault frm d moment he sent sukanmi’s out of d house wen he knows ow much sukanmi means to her. I don’t think its Mazi grave bt they r up to a mischief.

  9. He shouldnt tell her yet. . She wanted him to look for her son that was why she said all of that, it’s not really her fault.They would not bury him.

  10. It was not Kemi’s fault that her husband left, think Sunkanmi should not tell Kemi her husbabd’s whereabout for now, the thugs are looking for fresh corpse for sale.

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