(Episode 16) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story

(Episode 16) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story

Mazi Nnamdi: “Please have mercy, please spare my life” he heard himself pleading as the men dealt him blows, some used horse whip and before dawn, his tattered clothes were clinging to his torn flesh.

He was dragged to the market place the vigilante had promised just before noon after being kept at their hideout all through the morning. People gathered round to know what was happening. Immediately they heard he was one of those who terrorized the cemetery and stole from the dead, they all began to heap abusive words at him, before long, hungry and jobless young guys had gathered sticks and other stuffs to beat him with.

“So you are one of those disgracing our dead? God punish your old self, useless man” one said angrily and spat on him.

“And na old man o. how old man go dey do something like that? Hin go don kill person before o” another said with disappointment and at the mention of kill person before, the mob surged forward at him and intensified their beating.

He was hit with hard objects on the stomach, head, ribs and every breakable part of his body. He had become numb to pain due to the beating the vigilante men had already given him. His sight started becoming blurred as blood spilled from the several cuts on his head down to his face. Before long he started hearing…

“Bring petrol, bring tyre make we burn am, make the devil go apologize to the dead people hin don insult face to face”

An old tyre was thrown over his head, someone brought petrol and it was sprinkled all over him. He looked around even with his blurred eye sight to see if there was anyone looking sympathetic towards him but all he saw was murderous hatred in their eyes. He closed his eyes and started praying to his Chi to keep his wife and son safe as a recompense for the injustice he was suffering. He wasn’t hoping for a miracle or praying for one. He accepted his fate with open arms.


She thanked God for keeping her safe for that night and continued on her search for a way out of the forest. She started becoming really hungry meanwhile there was nothing good enough to eat neither was there any source of water at all… she walked on hoping she would at least meet one hunter accidentally who would help her but not even a single soul showed up. She wondered why people will abandon such big land in the name of it being termed evil forest. A place that could have been put to a great use.

She felt a very sharp pain on her ankle suddenly when she sat down to rest after a long walk, she looked to the side and saw a very huge snake staring back at her defiantly. She made to stand up and run but her legs had become weak from the poison spreading rapidly through her leg and unto other parts of her body. She opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out, her eyes began to close on their own accord and her head began to drop slowly…


“Just imagine that unfit idiot wants to get married to such a brilliant, vibrant and very rich lady? I cannot let that happen. I will make sure I put a stop to that unholy relationship whatsoever way I can. And to think of it, we will both have to live in the same house again when he is nothing but bad luck for me? Never will I let that happen. That boy will thwart my plans, he will destroy everything I have ever worked for in the past five years. I still can’t let that happen” he was lost in a deep thought as he sat at the bar where he usually went to pass time.

A lady from nowhere sat in front of him, crossing her legs seductively to expose her spotless fresh thighs. He looked at her and smiled…

Abodunrin: “Hey!”

Lady: “Hello…what is an handsome man like you doing all by himself at a place like this where no one is ever really alone?” she flashed him a seductive smile.

Abodunrin: “I had no one to come with me. Contrary to your view, they all think I am very ugly. What can I do than come all by myself?”

Lady: “Too bad. These ladies must have very bad taste in men. Well I am alone too and desperately need company and that is why I joined you. I noticed you were quite deep in thought. Wanna share?” she uncrossed her legs and leaned towards him, placing her elbows on the table and using her hands to support her chin.

Abodunrin: “It is bad for a beautiful lady like you to be alone. I am more than glad to make your acquaintance” he winked at her and leaned further back on his chair.

Lady: “Oh good! So what is making you so worried? You know a problem shared is one solved. We can rub minds together and procure a solution to it, like that, we will even become closer than we already are right now or aren’t we already close?”

Abodunrin: “Of course we already are. I just feel you wouldn’t understand”

Lady: “Then try me”

Abodunrin: “Okay then but don’t say I didn’t warn you. There is this lad who lived with me and who I have come to know as unfortunate. I left the house for him and now he is after me again and about to destroy something I am working on. It is so burdensome” he ended sadly.

Lady: “But that is simple na. if there is an obstacle between you and your breakthrough, what you do is remove the obstacle, destroy it before it hinders you at all” she said matter-of-factly.

Abodunrin: “But how do I do that?”

Lady: “If it’s a human in your case, the best would be to get him out of the face of this earth so you can have peace of mind and progress progressively. You have to be willing to take the risk alright?”

Abodunrin: “You are a genius miss. Thank you, I feel lighter and unburdened now. I know what to do now…thank you” he stood up excitedly and planted a kiss on her lips before rushing out. The lady looked on at his retreating figure and smiled to herself contentedly.


He went back to her house just like he had promised and met only Jerry at home. they didn’t have housemaids except for the gateman who helped with washing their cars and driving them out sometimes when it is needed. Her mother believed in bringing her up to cater to her own needs, do the house chores and not the other way round.

Jerry: “I thought we will never see you again” he said excitedly when Sukanmi stepped into the house.

Sukanmi: “I did tell her I was going to come back. Please is she at home?” he looked around the sitting room hoping he’d see her around but he didn’t.

Jerry: “I left her in my room. She was using my system to watch something on YouTube. Let’s go check her together” he said while the unsuspecting Sukanmi followed him without even a second thought.

He was surprised when on getting to the room, Suzan was not there.

Sukanmi: “I thought you said she was here?”

Jerry: “Oh my bad! I just remembered now that they went to the market to get foodstuffs. Sorry about that” he said and started moving closer to him seductively. The expression on his face changed and when Sukanmi looked to where his fly was, the bulge in there was quite evident.

Sukanmi: “What is wrong with you?” he asked backing off from him but only to be hindered from moving any farther by the bed. Jerry used his body to block the door.

Jerry: “I know you feel the same way I do too. Just give in to your urge and fall into my arms” he went closer to him and pushed him to the bed.


He clutched his phone in his hands tightly grinning from ear to ear…

Abodunrin: “Yes! It’s about to happen. I said I was going to destroy you before you destroy me Sukanmi. Now I will make the whole world see this” he mumbled and then began to laugh hysterically.

Question: Can someone help me to say RIP to Mr and Mrs Nnamdi Please? What is Abodunrin watching on his phone? Will he succeed in his plans?

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  1. Mr. and Mrs Nnamdi can’t die like that. Aboderin plan is to leak the video of Sunkanmi and Jerry in their Gay act.

  2. They’re not going to die as they’ll be saved by providence.
    Abondinre has planted a camera in Jerry’s room linking it to his phone, but I believe Sukunmi will try his possible best to resist

  3. I won’t type RIP on it cus I never wished them dead but I hope they see heaven frm above(Amen). Abodunrin v d voice rec of sukanmi confession of a gay,admiting of being a gay or his gay video bt am positively he won’t succeed. Even if he did,it won’t b 4 long.

  4. Abodunrin is a pest, he’s watching Sukanmi in the act of gay. I hope he does not succeed. Can mr and Mrs Nnamdi die just like that?

  5. Jerry was bought over by Abodunrin who planted a camera to record them. He will not succeed. Reason being that the ‘lady’ he kissed was planted to expose him and their kiss was captured.

    Nnamdi will be rescued but I am not sure about Obianuju. Unless the Eze Mmuo or a hunter comes by accident she will die.

  6. Mr and Mrs Mazi cannot die like that help will come for them, Abodunrin might succeed but Suzan will still support him

  7. OMG! Mr and Mrs Nnamdi can’t just die like DT.God has to cum to deir rescue and deliver dem from been killed. Abodunrin is watching how Jerry is wooing sunkanmi. I hope sunkanmi doesn’t give in to Jerry.

  8. Too bad for Mr and mrs nnamdi.it seems like abodunrim planted a camera in Jerry’s room and he is watching them from his phone. I just pray sukanmi doesn’t give in to jerry.

  9. y die when they are yet to complete their mission n as for abodunrin he watching cuz there is a planted camera in the room buh sunkanmi will disappoint him n fight himself off the guy

  10. If Abodunrin succeed, it will be very brief, it is not over until it’s over, say RIP? Too early for Mr & Mrs Nnamdi, miracle is real.

  11. Not yet…. dey still av d rest of d story to feature in!
    Abodunrin is on d verge of recording sunkanmi’s gay act…on his fone.

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