(Episode 17) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story

(Episode 17) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story

Just as they were sprinkling petrol on him, the vigilantes suddenly jumped into their midst.

1st Vigilante: “It is enough now. There is no need to burn him alive. We only wanted him to taste what it means to be on the verge of dying”

“No we must burn him today today” the man who had poured the petrol on him said aggressively.

2nd Vigilante: “We are not setting him free o. we will take him to the police station so he can go plead his cause if he is charged to court. I think we have taught him enough lesson that until his death, he will preach against such act wherever he finds himself”

The first Vigilante then hurled him up as people began to disperse still cursing under their breaths. He was taken to the nearby police station and his crime was stated in the police report. He was later taken to the hospital and his wounds treated.

A week later after he had become strong enough to talk, he was taken to the interrogation room to be interrogated. It was at that point he learnt that Tolu and Aina were never caught.

Policeman: “So Mr Nnamdi, it was stated in the police report that you and some group of boys usually terrorize the Apete neighbourhood at night, you also go to cemeteries to exhume dead bodies and steal the valuables on them. Is that true?” he said sitting on the table in front of Mazi Nnamdi who still looked worn out and shaken.

Mazi Nnamdi: “If I tell you the truth, will you believe me?”

Policeman: “Try me” he said.

He narrated how he had been on his way to Onitsha to search for his missing son but only to find himself in Lagos instead. How he met the two young men who offered him a roof over his head and how they later blackmailed him into going with them to that operation where he got caught.

Policeman: “Hmmmmmm…you really want me to believe you? You lost your son 26yrs ago and you don’t even know which state in Nigeria he is in and you still set out to search for him?”

Mazi Nnamdi: “I am a father and fathers don’t give up on their sons. Besides he is the only child I and my wife have so tell me why I shouldn’t search for him in every nook and cranny of the earth?”

Policeman: “That is incredible but something tells me you are saying the truth” he said scrutinizing him from head to toe. He had the sort of gait that spoke of a well-respected and nobleman who had had it tough in life.

Mazi Nnamdi: “Look at my grey hair my son, what will I tell my Chi if I start lying at this age? I was even going to beg so I could get some money for transportation back to Onitsha but that was when I met those two guys. I know where they stay at, I will take you there and you can confirm from them that they had threatened to kill me if I didn’t dig that grave with them”

He said as memories of that night rushed back at him. He had never been frightened like that in his entire life neither had he ever felt disgusted at what he found himself doing. That night was still like a nightmare to him but for the bruises which were still on his body.


Just before her head dropped on the floor, she saw a man bend over her and even though he had cut the place at her ankle she had gotten bit at with a knife, she hadn’t felt the pain because she had become numb all over. The man started sucking out the blood which had become green but he coudnt get a clean blood out which would indicate that the poison was no longer in her system. He shook his head vigorously, stood up and stared down at her.

Man: “What a pity. What could she have been doing in this forest all by herself? Now the poison has spread almost all over her body and even before I can get her to my house, she will probably give up the ghost. Kai! This world is a wicked world indeed. What could she have done?” as he  lamented out loud, a thought occurred to him and he quickly scooped her fragile frame up, placed her on his back and started running towards the direction he had appeared from.

Kalu and his family were known as the osu family, people who were not fit to live among humans and so they had been banished into the evil forest. They had cleared a part of it, built a palm frond wall around themselves to shield them from wild animals even though that had not been enough as snakes and other crawling animals still found their ways in. He saw his wife Njideka cooking in front of their little hut and rushed towards her.

Njideka: “Oh my God! What has happened to her?” she asked as he placed her gently on the floor. She was already turning blue in the face.

Kalu: “She was bitten by a snake and I got there too late. I didn’t want to leave her to die there all alone. She must have been banished from a nearby village. I feel so sorry for her” he stood towering over her without making any other attempt to save her. he had felt her stiffen on his back and knew she was gone. Obianuju was dead.

Njideka: “Hmmmmmmm…what do we do with her now?” she also stood up. She was an exceptionally beautiful woman and was almost the same height as her husband who towered over most of the males in their community.

Kalu: “We will bury and mourn her as if we are her children” he announced and went inside to get shovels and other equipment to dig with.


He had found a way into Jerry’s room after that first day he saw him and realised he was also just like Sukanmi. He knew the two could be up to some mischief and so had CCTV camera installed in Jerry’s room. It seemed like his plans were yielding fruit when he saw Jerry push him unto the bed. He couldn’t believe it could be that easy. He chuckled and smiled expecting what he had expected to happen.


Sukanmi: “What on earth is wrong with you Jerry? You have to stop this now or I’d raise alarm” he said.

Jerry: “Have you forgotten no one is around? I know you haven’t done this before and that is why you are this scared but believe me, I will be gentle and make you enjoy it to the core. You will never get enough after today and then we’d both abscond to the States” he crawled closer to him with determination on his face. He had done it before, he had forced himself on guys even better muscled than himself and he had succeeded. He became an expert in his field. What amazed him the most was no one ever really got to report him since they were afraid of being branded gay?

Sukanmi on realising there was no way he was going to be able to escape and fearing Suzan might walk in on them suddenly geared up his whole strength and kicked him hard in the stomach sending him flying across the room. He slide down the glistening polished mahogany floor and hit his head on the dresser in the room.

He sat on the bed expecting him to stir or stand up or do something but he did nothing, he was unmoving and looked lifeless. He climbed off the bed and walked slowly towards him with his legs quivering and his palms sweating unnecessarily…

Question: Has he murdered him? Will the policeman believe Mazi Nnamdi?

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  1. Good morning to u all…. Yepa kasala don burst oo, pray sey Jerry just faint o else who will believe his tale. The police man seem to belive his tale, if only he can recongnize d house, which I doubt bcos he entered d house in d night & he has not go out beyond d street. I pray he know d name of d street o. He is going to meet his son @ d police station

  2. Hummmmmmmm.. Na wa o.trouble upon trouble for Sunkanmi…Abodunrin,another thing is in stock for you,right!!!I know this is another evidence for your mischief but I know you will fail woefully….thief,lazy man..
    The police will help him,the man is already compassionate…

  3. hmmm, jerry must hv died o but thank God for d cctv. Soon d truth’ll be revealed. And d policeman gotta help mazi nnamdi

  4. Jerry is unconscious, he is not dead,but who will believe him,Hummmmmmmm.. O ga o..I think father&son will soon meet at the police station….. Aina&Tolu will soon be arrested too….

  5. jerry did not died, Abodunrin will call the police to arrest Sunkanmi, Mazi Nnamdi will meet his son at the police station, the police will believe him but it will not be that easy. Thank you Adelove for your Lovely Stories!

  6. So sad 4 Obianuju,wot a lost. Welldone sukanmi, I jus hope jerry is Jerry is not dead. Yes, Mazi nnamdi will b blived by d police.

  7. Jerry is dead, Sukanmi will meet his father Mazi Nnamdi at the police cell, but will be vindicated by the cctv installed in Jerry’s room.

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