(Episode 19) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story…

(Episode 19) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story...

That day, she had told herself she wasn’t going to cry, she wasn’t even going to ask him to stay or miss him. She was going to be strong for her unborn child and her first child. She was going to protect them with her life and so after he had left her like that, rather than slump down and contemplate suicide or what to do to get him back, she cleaned her tears, washed her face and wore pancake which helped in covering her sunken eyes a little. She had gone back to the others feeling unburdened and light. At least she knew where her stand was. She was capable of taking care of her children aftrall she had always shouldered the responsibilities of the home.

Some weeks after the introduction, they both met at Mainland court of appeal and annulled their marriage without much ado. She wished him luck with all her heart knowing that all is well that ends well and she had no doubt it will end in praise for her.


Suzan: “I am so glad that we are married at last. Now I can call you my husband for real?” she beamed with an untold happiness on the night of their wedding.

They had gotten married just two months after their introduction on the same day they did convocation. For Suzan, it was a double honour and joy but for Sukanmi, it was a day to brace himself to become a man no matter what. He had promised himself to do all his best for her no matter how much he didn’t enjoy the act. He promised to live to make her happy and nothing but happiness.

Sukanmi: “Oh yeah wifey! You can call me husband now. Maybe call me hubby while I call you wifey” he said as his heart thumped violently against his chest as she slipped out of the lace gown she had worn for the reception. Her glowing and translucent skin did nothing in making the blood rush to his manhood and it remained livid even as he watched her slip out of panties and bra.

Suzan: “Not just hubby o. I have a myriad of sweet names I have to call you. I will be calling you different name every month until death do us part. I love you Sukanmi, you are a dream come to pass, and you are my reality, my fantasy, my wonderland, my everything. I promise to be the best wife to you no matter what” she said with an emotion laden voice.

He was moved to tears, he was touched but how could he not want to devour her on the bed already? How could he not want to crush her lips in hers already and take her to the place she had never been before? Make her into a real woman by spilling his first seed into her? his mind was in a heap of ruin as he tried to concentrate, to be the man she thought she had married.

She walked bare footed to the bathroom and came out five minutes later, wearing a rose pink lingerie that clung to her flat tummy like skin. It was so short the G-string she wore under was visible. She stood at the entrance of the bathroom looking at him seductively.

Suzan: “Aren’t you going to come claim what is rightfully yours? We have waited for tonight with patience honey. So I am here for the taking”

She started walking closer to him, he sat on the edge of the bed unable to tear his eyes off her face; eyes which were supposed to be roaming her body hungrily. Hands which were supposed to be probing and wandering around her body in search of the Treasure Island laid lifelessly on his laps. She finally got to him and buried his face on her stomach, lifting her head up at the sensations that sent down her spine.

He finally got himself to lift his hands up and held her tight, soon his hands started moving slowly and slowly up and down her body. He cupped and squeezed her buttocks and loved the feeling of them in his palms.

He stood up and his mouth found hers at last, he closed his eyes and began to imagine he was with another man- that was the only way he could get it done. Soon he felt the tinge on his manhood as it began to harden. The animal in him came alive at last and he pushed her to the bed.

That night, they made love over and over again not minding the blood on the bed, that night was for them and nothing was going to get in the way of that not even the pain she felt when her hymen was turn. She laid in his arms afterwards, contented and happy.


He refused to work at his wife’s family business neither did he agree to have her open a pharmacy for him. She tried so hard to persuade him since she felt guilty having so much money while her husband was scouting for a job but he still found a way to reject her offer without sounding overtly offensive or proud about it. He decided to search for a job no matter how small it was so he wouldn’t have to rely on his wife. He dropped his CV at every hospital in sight and pharmaceutical companies in the city. Many of them called him for an interview but none was yet to give him a positive reply.

That evening, he was on his way from an interview which had lasted quite long due to the amount of applicants that had to be interviewed that day. He stood at a busstop at Ojuelegba waiting for a car that would convey him down to surulere when a car suddenly stopped in front of him. two guys came out and pushed him into it without people even noticing. They drove around for twenty minutes so he wouldn’t know they didn’t really take him far way and finally stopped. At that time, it was already dark and he could hardly see where they were taking him to since there was no sign of electricity there.

They pushed him inside the tattered room which looked like no one lived in and he fell on the floor. There were three of them at that moment.

1st guy: “If it isn’t the happily married gay guy” he said mockingly and spat to his face.

2nd guy: “Just negodu (just look at) this imbecile is happily married to a beautiful rich lady while we the correct sane humans are wandering about in the street. Isn’t that insane?”

1st guy: “Very insane” he said and kicked him in the butt. “Fucking butt grabbing animal” he cursed under his breath.

3rd guy: “You are definitely dead. We will torture you in such a way that when you reincarnate, you will never have anything to do with men again”

Sukanmi: “Wait! What exactly is my offence besides being gay? Why am I not fit to be called a human?” he asked without a pint of fright on his voice.

1st Guy: “You fuck men mehn! You freaking fuck men’s ass and that is why you are not fit to live with humans but animals” he replied angrily.

Sukanmi: “Okay tell me again, have I in anyway ever constituted as a nuisance to anyone in this city? Why do you leave the real animals which are yourselves to pick on those who don’t deserve it? As it is now, you can kill me right? Does it seem like you are fit to live among humans with your nefarious nature? I cannot even kill a fly, I have never hurt another human before and you call me an animal? What do you know about being gay? Many of us don’t want to be gay but we are gay anyway, shall we kill ourselves?”

2nd guy: “So you want to preach to us right? Who among you guys want to urinate?” he asked looking around. The 1st guy went closer to Sukanmi, opened his fly and began to pee directly in his mouth while the 3rd guy held his mouth wide open.

3rd Guy: “This will be your water for the next three days you fool. Very soon, we will come back with a hot blazing iron which we will insert into your damaged butt. It will continue like this until you beg us to cut off your abominable dick” He said and they began to leave the room leaving just him in the dark after they had locked the door behind them and taped his mouth.


Suzan: “Hello…” she said into the receiver. “Yes it’s me. What? You did what? Oh My God Sukanmi…”she wailed. “20million naira in three days? Where will I get such amount of money from? Oh God! My husband” she wept so hard after the line had gone dead.

Suzan Snr: “What happened?” She ran into the sitting room when she heard her daughter’s voice from the room. Abodunrin was behind her in a twinkle of an eye.

Suzan: “Sukanmi has been kidnapped and they asked for 20million naira in three days or they’d kill him”

Suzan Snr: “What? Let’s call the police right away”

Suzan: “No they will kill him if we call the police. Mum we must save him, I think we should sell a part of our business so we can add the money to the one we have and get him out” she suggested desperately.

Question: I think this is the beginning of them going bankrupt. Should they really sell part of their business or call the police? How did they know he’s gay even though he is married?

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  1. It’s the same guy at the club who’s buttocks he grabbed while he was drunk.
    And I feel the hands of Abondenri is in it.
    If they tell the police he might inform the guys

  2. It’s the same guy at the club who’s buttocks he grabbed while he was drunk.
    And I feel the hands of Abondenri is in it.
    If they tell the police he might inform the guys

  3. I think Abodunrin is @work o, God hlp them. Suzan should take it easy n I think kemi should be informed to point out abodunrin as d suspect.

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