Senator canvasses prayer for Buhari, warns against inflammatory statement

Senator canvasses prayer for Buhari, warns against inflammatory statement

According to reports, the Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate and Senator representing Edo North, Senator Francis Alimikhena has called on Nigerians to join faith in praying for ailing Presidient Muhammadu Buhari for the quick recovery of his health.

He also appealed to every Nigerian to Exercise restraint in their death wish and inflammatory statements which is capable of plunging the country into further crisis.

According to him, some inflammatory statement and death wish by some desperate Nigerians to score political and personal points, are capable of threatening the peace and unity of the nation.

“Nigeria is one and what binds us together is stronger than whatever interest targeted at dividing us. As Nigerians it behooves on us to pursue activities that will promote peaceful coexistence and avoid the on-going drum beat of destruction and chanting of war song which has created religious and ethnic tension in various part of the nation.

In his Eid-el Fitri message by his personal Assistant, Benjamim Atu, Senator Akimikhena tasked Muslim faithful to imbibe the lessons of Ramadan in all their daily activities and join effort in the continue political and religious stability of Nigeria.

He maintained that the Nigerian Senate will continue to make laws that will promote our oneness, peace and ensure the unity of the nation as one adding that we are stronger collectively and national interest is more paramount than any sectional or parochial interest.

The Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate further appealed to political leaders to stop the promotion of conflict as shadow sponsors.

“What we stand to lose at the advanced stage of conflict is more devastating than whatever gains we anticipate. All hands must be on deck to keep Nigeria as one entity. Our elder Statesmen, religious, and traditional institution have the task of cautioning their downline across various ethnic group to stop their continued agitation for a break.”


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