(Episode 23) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story…

(Episode 23) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story...

She glided seductively towards him. She looked so young and beautiful just like the first time he had set eyes on her all those years ago on his way to his father’s farm. She was on her way to fetch water from the stream tying a short wrapper around her chest with rows of beads around her waist. She was a budding flower in the eyes of many young men in the village back then. He had stood transfixed on a spot ogling at her shamelessly.

Obumneke: “You are here Obianuju? You look so beautiful” he said in his sleep and spread his hands forward.

Obianuju: “Yes I am here to take what is rightfully mine” she replied and sizzled closer towards him with eyes brimming like hot coal.

Obumneke: “I am yours for the taking my love” he said and shifted towards her, unable to reach her and yet she kept gliding towards him like one moving with the air.

She finally reached him, laid on top of him and then her face began to change from beautiful to horrible. Her eyes began to fall out, her forehead started peeling while her complexion turned white and black. Her lips tore off revealing a massive teeth and then she bent down to kiss the horror stricken Obumneke who began to yell.

Obianuju: “I have come to take what is rightfully mine” her voice echoed like one talking with the voice of many people.

Obumneke: “Please spare me” he began to plead as she extended her long looking nails towards him ready to tear out his hear.

Obianuju: “You did not spare me either. Neither did you spare my son. I have come to take what is mine, go and confess to all those you told these lies to. Tell them how you made my son into an abomination and turned me into a despicable woman. Go now or I shall tear you to pieces limb by limb”

She began to laugh as he began to beat the air even in reality. He woke up screaming and sweating profusely. That was not the first time he had had such nightmare. It had become a daily occurrence to the extent that his wife no longer slept in the room with him. He was soon becoming a laughing stock as he started talking to invisible persons all of a sudden. People knew his hands were not clean and were waiting for the day he would spill the beans.


She had wished he’d come back to the room to tell her he was just bluffing that it wasn’t true. Her heart ached for him, her body ached for him, and she wanted to tell him it was okay but she knew it wasn’t okay. He had lied to her for so long and had let her mum marry such a man just to conceal his own secret? The more she thought about it the more convinced she became that he needed no forgiveness. Her heart was in so much pain she slept off still weeping.

The next morning at daybreak, she quickly had her bathe, got ready and left the house with no one noticing her. She had asked Kikelomo to meet her at their rendezvous at the Surulere shopping mall. On getting there, she was already waiting for her dazzling as ever.

Kikelomo: “You get my time today babez? Thank God o” she said jovially as she led her friend by the end into the mall. They went inside one of the fast food restaurants inside it and sat down. She knew something was bugging her friend’s mind and asking her to meet early in the morning like that was just to let them all out.

Kikelomo: “So what is it? I know you didn’t just call me out like this to admire my beautiful face or because you missed my pidgin. What is going on?”

Suzan: “Kike, I am in hot soup. I am in trouble. Where do I go from here? Where?” she asked as tears drizzled down her clean face.

Kikelomo: “What is wrong? Talk to me dear” she set aside her childishness and became quite serious when she saw the tears on her friend’s place. A waitress approached them at that moment to take their orders but she dismissed her with a wave of her hand.

Suzan: “It’s my husband…”

Kikelomo: “What did he do?” she cut in sharply. “Did he cheat on you? Is he violating you? What did the bastard do to you to make you like this” she said angrily.

Suzan: “None of the above. He was the best husband until yesterday. He confessed to me that he is gay” she covered her face in her hands weeping profusely as thoughts of him clouded her mind. The happy memories they had shared, all of them were worth living with forever.

Kikelomo: “Oh no! Now this is wrong, it is worst I must say. I am short of words dear. I don’t know what to say” she was indeed speechless.

Suzan: “What do you want me to do if you don’t know what to say? I cannot tell my mum this, she will blow it out of proportion and I don’t want that to happen. What do I do? He said he accepted to marry me because he cared about me and didn’t want to hurt me by turning me down” she blew her nose into the white handkerchief Kike had handed over to her.

Image result for images of an african young lady consoling her friend who is crying

Kikelomo: “Baby. I am not going to ask you to do one specific thing. But think about it, how has he treated you so far? Has he ever made you feel less of yourself before? Whether on bed or out of it? Does he make you question your worth or he gives you all of himself instead? Have you ever caught him making passes at men before? Please think about it wisely. Don’t rush into conclusion and don’t let that word alone determine the outcome of your decision.

He must have told you for a reason right? What was his reason for telling you? Was it to make you leave him or to make you know him in and out? What does he have to gain from telling you? He might be better than some of the straight men you might later meet if you by chance decide to leave him. The devil you know can be better than the angel you don’t know. Take heart my dear and don’t take any rash decisions okay? Take your time”

She leaned closer to her friend who was shaking her head vigorously and hugged her at arm’s length. “Don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine”


He stayed inside Jerry’s room that night. Jerry had already gone back to the States and so he had enough space to muse about his life. He shuddered each time he remembered her reaction, the hurt in her eyes, the tears that welled up immediately and his heart began to ache painfully.

“I ended up hurting the one I have vowed never to hurt. I ended up being the one to make her cry and not even the kidnappers. What do I do? How do I gain back her trust? Will she ever look at me the same way again? Will she still love me the way she did before? This is just too much for me to bear, I cannot stay in this house for another minute, and I feel so ashamed of myself. I have to leave, yes I have to before anyone wakes up”

He walked on tiptoes into their room and when he found out that she wasn’t there, or anywhere in the house, he was worried to the bones. He made up his mind to leave for real before she returned from where she had gone to. Maybe that would make the decision easier for her. He was sure in his heart that she was never going to accept him again. What woman would want to live with a gay man for the rest of her life?

Kemi and Mazi Nnamdi left the house very early in the morning for Suzan’s house. On their way, something nagged on his heart that he was not going to meet him, that something was wrong, something unpleasant was going to happen. No matter how much he tried to wade off the feeling, it kept lingering on and on in his mind.

Question: Will they meet him in the house or he would have disappeared? Is it okay for him to leave the house in order to make the decision easier for his wife? 

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  1. He would disappear before they gets they. I think its right for him to live, let Susan take her time to decide

  2. Its likely they meet eachother @ d entrance,or as he is leaving,dey r entering. Better,suzan may arrive to c any1 of them @ d gate. Its a wise decision bt hope suzan won’t translate it for him leaving her despite his faulty.

  3. It is just for the.main time.since he himself believes she will forgive him..Nazi,no matter the feeling, ope lo ma ja si I.e it will end in praise…
    Kikelomo,is a good friend, kudos for the good advice…
    Obumneke,Hummmmmmmm.so you are behind it all,see your life,jealousy, hatred, envy has lead you to destroy a whole family,Hummmmmmmm iñfact, you deserve nothing but to rot in the house by maggot… Shameless man

  4. He should go to Kemi’s house.
    Everything will get better, as once the confession has been made, the spell over Sukunmi being gay will be broken

  5. Running away is not the solution to this. The couple should sit down to trash the issue with maturity. Relationship is not about two perfect people who it’s about two Inperfect people willing to perfect their inperfection. To every problem for there is a solution. It’s even sweet as Sukanmi is willing to turn a new leaf. If he can manage to turn down Jerry’s ploy to lure him into the act, then it’s easy for him to come clean.

  6. Dey Will Meet Him Der Or On The Way, anyhow…Running Away Is Not The Best Solution, He Shud Approach His Wife & Ask Her 2 4give Him And Go On Wit Der Life..

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