(Final Episode 24) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story…

(Final Episode 24) Keep Me a Secret! A Revealing Story...

After 24hrs of non-stop interrogation. The guy finally confessed and gave the officers the names of his accomplice and the person who orchestrated their last operation. Abodunrin had gone to them and sort for their help to kill two birds with a stone. He had told them the guy was gay and had molested him in his sleep once and he needed him to be punished. They were to kidnap him, ask for ransom from his rich wife and then kill him thereafter as a warning to those who wanted to give their ass to other guys to be fucked.

The officers had gone on ahead to arrest the rest of the gang who never knew their friend had been arrested. They thought he had absconded with the money and were already piling up punishments they’d mete out on him when they catch him.


On her way back home. She weighed her options well.

“He could have decided not to tell me for real. I don’t think I can live without him besides, I am pregnant for him. I just can’t lose him, I cannot even think of losing him. I must never lose him” she thought and stepped down on the accelerator. Something told her she might not meet him at home, that he might have decided to leave the house and fear gripped her heart.

“Sukanmi please wait for me. You cannot move from that house at least not without my permission. Please don’t go anywhere” she soliloquized and that moment, she regretted not taking her phone with her. She had dropped it immediately after speaking with Kikelomo.

When she got home at last, she was surprised to see Kemi and an older man in the sitting room. Her mum had a kind of look she could not decipher.

Suzan: “Good morning mum in law, good morning grand pa” she knelt down to greet them at once looking closely at the man who looked so much like her husband.

Kemi: “Good morning my beautiful daughter in law. We were waiting for you, didn’t you go out with Sukanmi?”

Suzan: “Oh no! isn’t he at home? Where did he go to?” she started looking around frantically.

Suzan Snr: “Did something happen between you two last night? I heard your voices though. Hope all is well?”

Suzan: : We had a little quarrel. We have to find him immediately mum”

Suzan Snr: “Calm down dear. This man here is Sukanmi’s biological father. Papa, this is your son’s wife”

Mazi Nnamdi: “Oh my daughter. You are so beautiful” he outstretched his hands towards her and she fell into them, weeping.

What she was feeling was beyond words. She knew how much he had missed his dad, especially his dad. It was so sad that he wasn’t there at that moment.

Suzan: “Sukanmi has been waiting for you. He missed you so much papa” she said amidst tears. “Mum, I think I have a dad now too” she said smiling.

Mazi Nnamdi: “We missed him too my daughter and yeah, I am more than glad to have you as my daughter too. Another mother is awaiting you in the village so get ready to have three mothers” he said thinking of how elated Obianuju would be. He couldn’t wait to get his family home to prove to them that his son ended up not being a menace to anyone.


His phone began to buzz violently. He checked it again and again and the same name kept appearing on the screen of the phone. It was his wife. Was she calling to finally tell him it was over? To call off their union? Was she calling to yell at him again? Whichever way, he didn’t want to hear it. He didn’t know where he was going to but he kept walking anyway with drooping shoulders and a heavy heart.

His phone buzzed again and on the screen was his mother, he knew she might have gotten wind of the incidence and decided to call him home. He picked it on the third ring.

Sukanmi: “Hello mum!” he said in a voice even he could not recognise.

Kemi: “Why are you not picking your wife’s call? She is going out of her mind here with worry. Please come back home immediately before she turns this house upside down and besides, there is some here who wants to see you”

Sukanmi: “Does that mean she has forgiven me? Is she no longer angry? Mum I told her for the first time that I am gay. Just imagine how hurt she must be feeling?” he said without giving her last statement a thought.

Kemi: “I must say that was bold of you. Very bold. She has forgiven you judging from how she came inside wanting to see only you. I told you there is someone here to see you. Your biological father is here” she had to say or he wouldn’t pay attention at all.

Sukanmi: “My what?”

Kemi: “You dad. Hurry back now, he has suffered a lot trying to locate you. Get your stupid ass back home right away. Your home not mine o” she said and ended the call.

He forgot all about his beef with Suzan for a minute as he sprinted back home. When he realised that he had gone quite far from home, he decided to take bike and urged the okada man to just hurry. He would have flown id he could.


Abodunrin had gone to the guys’ apartment in the hope to get them, to deal with them for their folly, for letting a small girl trick them without giving her the beating of her life first. He had to run back home when he learnt from the neighbours there that the guys had been arrested just that noon. He rushed back home knowing that the guys were going to rat him out to the police. He was going to get his things and some cash he had managed to extort from Suzan Snr.

He was surprised to meet so many people in the house, the look on Suzan’s face told him she had probably gotten wind of what he did.

Abodunrin: : Good afternoon to you all” he stuttered and started walking towards the room like a man walking on water.

Suzan Snr: “Where are you going to? Please come back here, you have nothing in there to call yours. I have already learnt of all your escapades. You even went as far as wanting to hurt my son in law? The boy you had cast away like a dog?”

Abodunrin: “It was not like that honey. He was a disgrace to me that is why. I had to do something” he started walking towards her but one of the men stood up.

Officer: “Mr Abodunrin we have been waiting for you” He brought out his I.D card and showed it to him. “You are under arrest for instigating a kidnapping operation and for thievery. I will advise you to keep quiet since whatever you say can and will be used against you in the law court” he ended, brought out his handcuffs and cuffed his hands behind his back.

Abodunrin: “You guys are mistaken, I am not the real culprit here, it is that abominable boy, where is he? Sukanmi come out and tell them what you are, tell them you are gay” he yelled from the door and just then, Sukanmi ran past him into the sitting room, panting.

Sukanmi: “Please where is he? Where is my dad?” he asked breathlessly without even looking at Abodunrin who kept yelling like a mad man as he was being led away.

Mazi Nnamdi: “I am here my son” he walked closer to him and thre his arms around him weeping like a child. Men don’t weep but that day, he wept for real. “Obianuju, I have found him, I found our son and his name is Sukanmi”

Sukanmi: “Dad… mum my dad is here. Suzan, I have my dad now” he said almost choking out of sheer joy.


He breathed the village air and smiled broadly. “We are home now” he said as he stopped the bike men that would convey them down to his house. He couldn’t wait to show his wife their handsome son and his wife. As soon as the okada man dropped them at his compound, he knew something was wrong, the house looked old and unkempt. That had never happened before. All of a sudden crowd began to gather in his compound. The young dragged a man on the mud behind them.

Obumneke: “Nnamdi is that you? Please help me to beg Obianuju to forgive me. I am sorry, but she has refused to forgive me. Please help me beg her” he wept.

Mazi Nnamdi: “Please where is my wife?”

Obumneke: “She is dead and it was my fault. I lied against her, I tried to force myself on her but when she refused, I made her pay for it by making sure she was publicly disgraced. She died in the evil forest. I am sorry”

Mazi Nnamdi: “Nooooooo…No, no no” his hands flew to his head and down again. “Your mother is dead, my wife is dead. Who am I to show you to now?” he faced Sukanmi and Suzan who were clinging on to each other with saddened faces.

Sukanmi: “Mum!” he said to himself, unable to even picture her face, a face he had never seen before.

Obumneke: “Your son was not an abomination. It was I who altered his destiny and decided to term it an abomination”




Different exclamations rent the air.

“Kill the bastard, wicked man, wicked shameless man” a woman said. “Kai Obianuju eeeee…this world is wicked” she lamented the loss of an innocent woman.

The children picked stones and began to throw them at him, soon the adults joined in too and before the blink of an eye, he was already breathing his last and still talking to someone invisible.

That same day, the people entered the evil forest with Mazi Nnamdi and his son to check for her carcass or her remains. They found Kalu’s hut and he showed them her grave, where he had buried her at. The people apologised to her for their misdeeds towards her while Mazi Nnamdi still got to show her the treasure he found in Lagos.

That place was never called an evil forest again as people started entering it to hunt, farm and even build houses


Sukanmi was able to live with his altered sexuality. He trained himself to love his woman’s body, she also helped him a lot by being patient and tolerant. He never sought after a man’s body neither did he pretend to make love to another man while with her, he simply learnt to enjoy every part of her.

Kemi gave birth to a baby girl who became a great consolation to her. she lived with Mazi Nnamdi whom she took proper care of like her own father. It was not easy for any of them but they learnt to live with their mistakes, they learnt to move on and not to look back at yesterday.

Abodunrin was sentence to 20yrs in prison with his accomplices.

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    • happy ending. thank God for sunkanmi’s life.good for abodunrin n obunmeke.evil is bad.never wish people evil.happy for kemi n mazi nnamdi also.what a touching story.thumbs up adelove crew

      • Hi ALC&Fs,

        Missed this yesterday owing to fever.
        Well all thanks to God. Wishing everyone sick one seeing this a quick recovery.

        This story like the loads of stories from this platform is another super great revelation with many morals – one thing is constant, finally Good always overpower evil.
        Well-done ALCREW!


  1. If lies travel for a decade or more one day d truth ll caught with it. Dis is very interesting story. Kip it up ALC bt I don’t get to understand d part of d ezemo dibia n how its sex was altered.

  2. Ire Lo Pe…Ika O Pe, All We Need Is 2 Be Good, We Must Not Plot Evil Against Pple Bcos One Day Will Be One Day..Thanks 2 Adelove

  3. Thanks to Adelove and crew..You guys are simply the BEST..Quite a Blockbuster..Congrats to Sukanmi and wife..So sad that Obianuju didnot live to see her only son..God bless the angelic policeman that helped Mazi Nnamdi to locate his son..Shame on obumneke who is in hell fire..

  4. Nice story.I would have appreciate it if Obunmeke confess it all on how he has been killing children on her womb.

  5. All evil doers never go unpurnished. Beautiful ending, lots of lessons learnt. Good night all. Kisses for u all at Adelovelies.

  6. What a happy ending! What Obianuju couldn’t do when alive, she did in death.

    I am happy Kemi leaved above what that ‘gold digger’ ex-husband of hers did to her.

    Thanks AL team.

  7. Wooow…… Very interesting tale…tnk God for its inspiration… Kudos to Adelove crew nice….can’t wait for d next episode

  8. This story is whao!! U guys are great. Don’t even think of evil to a fellow human being talk of doing it, no matter how long it takes u will always reap what u sow. Good night guys, am expecting anoda intriguing story

  9. Obumneke, what a nice name but full of evil in character. He has paid with his life, evil doesn’t pay desist from evil people.

  10. Wow! Happy ending. Envy and jelousy can make a person heartless, senseless and wicked. We should guard our hearts always so that envy and jelousy will not have a place in it. Thanks Adelove. God bless you.

  11. Just as alwz,u end d stories well. So no more evil forest bt a hunting plc. Hmmmm, am so happy 4 u Kemi n ur baby girl, Mazi, now u can age more n die peacefully wit a son to bury u. Sukanmi, am happy 4 ur fighting spirit over d gay’s spirit,much thanks to suzan 4 her support n standby. Abodunrin,u deserve more sentence than that. Its really worth to learn frm which I did. Goodnight, can’t imagine wot d nxt story will b all abt. Can’t wait

  12. Adelove and crew Thank you very much. Your Stories are wonderful, I have learnt alot. Once again, THANK YOU!

  13. Nice story. I feel Sir Obianuju who never got to meet her boy. I learnt to be careful of people around me n not to expose all if me to them, cos not all that laughs with you mean well for you

  14. Whatever u sow u will reap,whatever u sow u will harvest,be it good or bad u will surely reap it.Thanks Adelove thumbs up

  15. DESTINY. One mistake led to a huge success. THANKS BE TO GOD. But we would have loved to know what Happened to the ‘Ese mou’,

  16. This is so so great,thanks to Nnamdi Nazi who never give up his faith. Adelove, you guys are really doing a great work. Godbless you all!

  17. I could imagine the joy of obianuju if she had been alive to see his lost son with a wife, its a pity on her own part. nevertheless no sinners goes unpunished. I must say kudos to this great novelist, the right up is one of the best I ever come across. this blog is indeed antidote to loneliness.

  18. I was going to not read this story but as I found a voice telling me to go through it as I will learn something from it. Destiny can never be stop no matter how long.
    I’m grateful for the wonderful piece. How sweet will it be if you don’t read this as a story but rather as a message.

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