(Part 6) Diary of An Abuja Mistress

I read all you said, and they are good advice, but it is easier said than done, you know. Thank you for caring about me despite my repugnant lifestyle. Well that was not the end of my story, there is more…

I cannot tell how I was able to drive back home, but I did. It seemed as if I had entered a place in my mind and locked myself in. I didn’t feel anything, neither pain nor fear, I just drove home, like I was normal, but I was not. When I reached home, mind you, when the mistress blog became successful, I moved out into a bigger house in Maitama, for me to be near the rich, so, when I saw the house that I got mostly from being on my back, the chains I put around my emotions broke, and I fell and cried my eyes out.

“What have you done to yourself now” I kept saying amidst the heart- wrenching sobs. Was all this affluence and the lifestyle worth getting a disease? Ene, you wanted to live a glamour life like the Kardashians, look where it got you, HIV. I told myself that the Kardashians did not get HIV, why was my case different. Then it occurred to me that, people had different fate, what will destroy me might not destroy another person. That is why I want to advice you all reading me; do not copy another person, do not aspire to do bad things like someone else because you don’t know the grace the person has. What would not kill that person, might kill you. After all, the bible said, ‘do not follow multitude to do evil” I am preaching already, but allow me preach. I know the pressure we go through as girls, I have been there. We go on Instagram and we see slay queens with their shiny skins, designer bags and shoes, customized and expensive clothes, not to add their cars and the sleek people they roll with. We begin to wish we were like them, and most times after graduation, the dream to get a high paying job that can sponsor that kind of lifestyle, is not there. At this point, many of us will be pressured into following the right part. But do you know you can be a millionaire without lying on your back? Look around you, there are many millionaire ladies, who never laid on their back to make money. But I am not going to deceive you and say it is going to be spontaneous, it would be a gradual process, but it would be the best way.

I didn’t know all these until later. I wish I know what I know now, then, when I just finished my NYSC and the future looked bleak despite my first-class degree. Guess what? After hiding in the house for days, crying and begging God to take my life, because I didn’t have the courage to do it myself, I decided to go out and look at the world again, perhaps I would get the courage to commit suicide. Who knows, maybe I would see the lagoon and jump inside.

I drove to Cold Stone Creamery to have my favourite chocolate ice cream and waffles. As I stepped in, I heard someone exclaim, I looked and behold it was Haliru.

“Ene, I have looked for you everywhere, went to your former place but was told you moved. What is going on with you, your eyes look sad. Did you really go and hide because of what was said about you?” he said and pulled me into his arms, I stiffened, but soon melted into the embrace. I perceived his usual woody scent from the perfume he used, and the dewy scent of his cologne. It took all my resolve to pull away.

“You look well, who has been taking care of you?” I asked, and coincidentally, a young lady as fair as I was, with big boobs and butt, walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek.  She told him that she had gotten all she wanted and it was time to go, but Haliru did not move. I looked at the woman and my heart broke in a million pieces.

“What were you expecting, that he would remain alone forever? You walked out on him, remember?” I chided myself within.

“Ene, you don’t know what I have been through. I have been dating every girl that looks like you, but none can compare to you. Ene, I want you back, and you have to fight against that libel” he pulled me by the hand, ignoring the woman, who looked at him with a confused look on her face.

“It is not libel, it is true. You deserve explanations I know, but all she said was true, except she didn’t tell them that it was she who brought me into this lifestyle. I have a first-class degree for goodness sake, but I allow myself be manipulated into this lifestyle, and now my life is completely destroyed” I broke into tears.

“Come on, let’s go home, we have a lot to talk about” he said and guided me out of cold stone, to his car parked outside.

“What about me?” the woman who was with him asked incredulously.

“I will call you later” he flung at her. When his driver saw me, he was taken back, but he quickly recovered.

At his house, he asked the cook to make me chicken pepper soup, as he said pepper soup could cure heart ache.

“Wish it could cure HIV” I blurted out.

“What!” he exclaimed in surprise, and then he held his head in his hand. I thought to myself that this was where he would send me away, howbeit kindly, for Haliru was a kind man.

“Why did you with a first-class go into this way of life?” he asked, like he could not wrap his head around it.

“I looked for a job and even though I was competent, I didn’t get any. My parents were breathing down my neck, I had to make money. Lizzy told me I had to use what I had to get what I want, and she introduced me to this life” I told him my story.

“But Ene, didn’t you know that there are many ways to making money? In fact, those government jobs couldn’t have given you the kind of money you wanted, except you are corrupt. Many women who are millionaires today didn’t make money working for anybody. Have you heard about creating jobs rather than looking for a job? Ask not what the government would do for you, but ask yourself, what you can do for the government” he aid and began to open my eyes to secrets of billionaires. I was amazed, these were things I did not know about. We had Entrepreneurship 301 in school, but the lecturer did not come to teach, a week to exam, he gave us focus points, so I just read to pass the exam, but I knew nothing about Entrepreneurship or how I could create jobs for other people.

“But I have HIV now, my life is over, this came late” I replied.

“No, there is still hope. You can get drugs and live a normal life, it is all in the mindset. Guess what, I still want to marry you, and we can still have children, there are options, we just need medical guidance.” He said

“Haliru, I cannot subject you to that. I brought this on myself and I am going to carry the burden myself. You have been too good to me” I said and stood up, meaning to leave.

“If I abandon you because of the disease, what right do I have to say I love you. I love you, for me, it was love at first sight. Now, that I have found you, do you think I want to let go?” he asked.

Through Haliru’s help, I found my passion, which is fashion. First, he enrolled me in a fashion academy where I learned all about fashion manufacturing and retailing. After 6 months, I went to enrol for an online course in business management. When I was done with equipping myself, I went into the fashion business. I produced a fashion brand, named ‘Hali’. I so named it because, Haliru was my muse, when I sit in my office to create designs that would be sent to my manufacturers, I think of Haliru and his undying love.

Months after, I kept stalling to marry Haliru because, I still felt he deserved better than me. However, one day when I was at my fashion house. I was trying to design a shoe because seeing how successful our clothing line launch was, we were confident of a shoe line. But that day, I was uneasy, I put it to block which creative people usually get, so I dumped the design and went out, meaning to drive out to Haliru’s company. But then my phone rang.

“This is the doctor that conducted tests for you a year ago. A patient of ours who was confirmed HIV negative has found out that he is positive. We had cause to go back and check all the tests that were conducted in the past year. We have found out a grave error. You are HIV negative ma’am. We regret the mistake and we have fired the laboratory technician responsible for this”

“You mean I am negative?” I asked. I wanted to be sure I didn’t hear wrongly.

“Yes ma’am, we are deeply sorry”

“Thank you!” I exclaimed and hung up. I didn’t care about the pain their false result had cost me, I only cared that I was free. I drove to Haliru’s company in haste, and when he saw me running towards him, he panicked. But when I flung myself on him, kissing him, his fear was allayed but his curiosity was piqued.

“Did Hali win a major business deal?” he asked with a smile.

“I am HIV negative. The doctor called me, he called me. I am free!” I said and tears began to roll down my eyes.

Remember I told you that Haliru would come to my life for good or bad. He came for good, because he handed my life back to me when I thought there was nothing more to life. His love was unshaking, even when we thought I had HIV. I didn’t deserve any good thing from God but He gave me Haliru. I had been stalling getting married to him because of my supposed disease, but knowing that I do not have HIV, I quickly said yes, and we got married.

I hope my story has given you hope even though the future looks bleak. The country is in recession, but people are still making millions every day. You might not have a job right now, you might have passed out, and like me, the future looks uncertain. Hold on to your integrity and learn to identify opportunities to make money. Your talent or hobby might be what would give you the lifestyle you are looking for. There is always a way, even in the wilderness. So, don’t allow pressure from friends who are already making it influence you to be on the Fastlane. Life is only as much as you make out of it. Peace out, Ene.

Kisses to everyone, who shares this story to their friends and their Facebook, let someone gain what you have gained, and hugs to all those who share their thoughts in the comment below. Thanks for following this story. Love you all, muchos.

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    • thank God 4 ur life.so educating.grace differs.truly not all that glitters is gold.its good to wait 4 one’s time

    • Happier for the happy ending. Now you agree like I posited in the early part of the story – sometimes we go the round about way to our success story. Fast lane is deadly.
      I would say that unlike the common saying you seem to have eaten your cake and still had it – God alone understands how everything pans out.
      Cheers and thanks for sharing the story. #Hugs

  1. U are too much, I njoyed d story… N i like ur advice too… Sometimes inferiority complex leads us to wat we don’t want n pressure as well….. Ur story has given strength I must confess

  2. Oh am so happy for Ene I love Adelove stories, I learnt DAT patience is d key to success stick to a good life style bcos wat works for another person may not work for u ,and true love is unconditional .tanxs a lot more grease to ur Elbow.

  3. Really touched …this is an eye opener 4 wannabe chicks,slay queens or pepperdem gang …in ene’s wrd..wat might favor A but not favor B ..tnx ALC

  4. Wow!!! Super story…it’s a great inspiration to our ladies out there. You can make it big without being corrupt. AM happy for u Ene, Haliru is God sent to u.

  5. What a wow! Hmmmm, in fact,am short of words. All I can say is am happy 4 u n 10q God 4 ur life. Much kudos to Haliru 4 his undying love n sincere heart towards you. Thanks 4 sharing ur story wit us, we gained frm it.

  6. thanking​ God for you. u ar meant ​to b halirus wife but at last Faith and love bring you back together. more so, God preserve ur life for a purpose, it’s left​ for u to know it & leave a good & normal life. it’s a story to tell to another generation coming behind.

  7. I just read ur story from 1 to 6 am so touched…..nd I learnt a lot of lesson,Gid bless u for sharing dis life lesson with us… …… Adelove i will forever be ur fans lost my phone dats y am not regular

  8. Wow…thanks for sharing Ene…I learnt a lot..thanks Adelove,thanks Adelove crew and thanks to the fans for their comments and all…thanks #salute

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