(Episode 10) A Toast On A Tomb… A Spine-Chilling Story!

Linda opened her eyes but she couldn’t make out where she was for the place was dark and void. She tried to sit up but the sharp pain she felt on her sides forced her to lie back. She lay still waiting for her eyes to get used to the darkness in the room but the rumbling of her stomach wouldn’t allow her lie still. Then she remembered that petrol had been poured on her while the crowd were trying to burn her alive. She let out a loud scream, attracting the attention of her host who rushed in wearing a sleeping robe.

Linda: “Am I dead? Am I in the grave or mortuary?” she said when she heard the door open.

Man: “shhh, calm down. You are alive. Just calm down and lie down still” he said in an assuring voice when he turned on the light.

Linda: “Where am I and who are you?” she asked him.

Man: “I am…” he began to say but she interrupted him.

Linda: “Wait, I know you. How did I end up in your house?”

Man: “well, it is a small world. I asked you to hop into the car so that I could give you a ride home but you declined the offer. I was driving from my friend’s place that same night when I saw some people gathered and talking excitedly. I stopped and saw that they were about to burn someone alive for stealing. When I looked well, it was you by then you had already passed out. I had to pay for your life and then bring you here. Everything happened 2days ago, you have been unconscious since then. I got my personal doctor to attend to you here” he explained.

Linda: “I am sorry I was afraid of you that day. I don’t know what pushes me to do some of the things that I do”, she said looking away from him.

Man: “my name is Tedela. What’s yours?” he asked her.

Linda: “Linda” she said casually.

Tedela: “I will get you something to eat now after which you will go back to sleep. The doctor said you will need to rest well if you must recover fast” he advised her.

Linda: “Thank you” she said.

He started to go away but she interrupted him.

Linda: “Where are your family members, sir? I mean your wife and children;  the house is so quiet” she observed.

Tedela: “my name is Tedela, simply cut out the ‘sir’ and call me Tedela. About my wife and children, I don’t have any and don’t ask me why”, he said and walked out, shutting the door behind him.

Few minutes later, he returned with a tray of food and bottled water and set it beside her.

Tedela: “eat as much as you want, I am going for a meeting, I will see you later”

Linda: “a meeting by this time? Isn’t it too late?” she said sitting up gently.

Tedela: “Oh, it’s not a formal meeting. Just a casual meeting between friends in a bar, probably you will come along with me someday” he smiled, touched her cheeks and walked away.

Linda got up and took a spoonful of the fried rice but she felt her stomach tighten. She took a sip of water and dropped the tray of food on the bed and stretched herself on the bed, her attention going to her father who she knew must be dead worried about her safety and how she had nearly escaped death in the city.

Linda: “if only I had a phone, I would have called my father. In fact, if I had money, I would return to the village right away. I don’t like the way that man stares at me”, she said and fell asleep immediately.


Gift was on her desk at the office when a woman dressed in an expensive attire barged into the office and stamped on her table.

Madam Gold: “Who is the customer relations officer here?” she asked rudely startling Gift who averted her eyes quickly from the computer screen she was staring at.

Gift: “good afternoon, ma. Please calm down, you are at the customer relations officer’s desk and I promise to attend to you the best way I can” she said politely.

Madam Gold: “who is the manager here?” she asked ignoring Gift’s courtesy.

Gift: “what is the problem, ma? We need to attend to you first before referring you to the manager if the situation is beyond our control” she said.

Madam Gold: “don’t tell me that rubbish. I saw your customer relations officer tag before I asked to see the manager. So what the hell are you saying?” she said banging her hand on the table.

Gift: “madam, this is a corporate office and we have laid down procedure for everything…” she was saying before the woman interrupted her.

Madam Gold: “Hey, somebody save me from this silly PRO o, I said I don’t want to talk to you, how is that your problem? My friend will you direct me to the manager’s office? Don’t you know that customers are always right?” she queried.

Gift: “okay, madam. I will call the manager right away. I am sorry I argued with you, customers indeed are always right”

She picked up the intel and called Ike and informed him about the woman who wanted to see him. When they got home that night, Ike was furious and began to chide her.

Ike: “so, what you are telling me is that my girlfriend who is also my PRO could not handle a simple case like the one that happened today in the office on my behalf. Is that what you are telling me?” he asked her.

Gift: “I told you that I tried to attend to her but she didn’t even allow me talk. All she was wanted was to see you. I had to indulge her since customers/clients are always right” she explained.

Ike: “Why are you my girlfriend if you cannot attend to such issues on my behalf? That woman is one of the least on our client’s list, she came to the office making noise and you couldn’t stand up to her and put her in her place” he said.

Gift: “I didn’t want to argue with her. I had to act calm” she said going to meet him where he was standing.

Ike: “I dislike quiet and docile women. I want a woman that can stand up to anyone and defend me. I want an outspoken woman. If you cannot defend me now that we are dating, is it when we are married that you will defend me? I want you to stand up to people, speak for me when I am not around, that is the kind of woman I want not some “yes sir, yes ma” woman” he barked.

Gift: “I am sorry” she said touching his hand.

Ike: “That is the problem, you are always sorry. I had expected that you would stand up to me and explain your position but as usual, you are sorry. That is the idiolect of a dull woman” he pushed her away.

Gift: “What exactly do you want? I am a woman and I should be submissive to my husband. Do you want me to go about fighting clients in the office simply because you are my man? Every man wants a quiet woman who is gentle and quick to apologize. I wonder what sort of a man you are” she said walking back to her chair.

Ike: “every man you said, I am not everyman. Get used to that or get yourself some ‘every man’
“  he said and walked away.


Linda felt a hand moving on her laps and making for her pants. At first she felt she was dreaming but when the touch persisted, she opened her eyes and screamed when she saw Tedela kneeling beside her and touching her.

Linda: “Wha…what are you doing here?” she managed to say.

Tedela: “Shh…don’t say anything. Just allow me in once and you can live here for as long as you want” he said pulling her pant.

Linda: “Get your filthy hands off me this minute!” she said shoving him off but he brought out a sharp kitchen knife and showed it to her.

Tedela: “open your legs or I butcher you and serve your body to my dogs”

Linda cringed in fear, Lagos was certainly not kind to her.

Question: Will Tedela rape her? Should she allow him just so she can live in the house? What is the best thing to do when one is in a situation like this?

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  1. Problem upon problems for Linda wen I tot dis man was a saint sent to her rescue…. Rape kwa n a knife to follow…hmmmm its only God DAT can intervene for her o, I just hope he doesn’t

  2. Who is this lke of a guy,that is never satisfied, haaa.na wa o…he who get head no get cap,he who get cap,no get head…
    Linda,iñfact, forces are really behind you,ha,I pity you o..I pray you embrace God as soon as possible…
    Tedela,is also one of them,the dead Mrs kola Juliana has really caused enough problem for you… I pray to God to see you through o…

  3. The evil following u is not leaving u,I pray Linda gets to know God on time before these double spirits wreck her. This is what Juliana’s loose mouth and rotten attitude is causing her children. May God see her through.

  4. Tedla will wanna v his way on her o bt she shouldn’t submit herself cus its agauinst her wish n too early btw dem. Best way is to summon up courage n fight if off.

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