(Episode 11) A Toast On A Tomb… A Spine-Chilling Story!

Linda clenched her fist and gave him a punch on the face with such force that she wondered if the strength had come from her. The effect of the punch sent him falling backwards where he hit his head on the wall and went limb. Linda realizing the gravity of what she had done went off to him and tried to touch him but his body felt cold.

Linda: “I am sorry, please wake up” she said shaking the lifeless body.

There was no response, again she shook the body, this time around more violently but still there was no response.

Linda: “Hey, I am in trouble. I have killed somebody in his house o, I am in for it today. What do I do now o, ah, I need to run away from here before the Police gets me” she said and slipped on her slippers, opened the door, shut it quietly beside her and bolted out of the big house. Luckily for her, she did not meet any one at the gate but it was locked. She opened it and was about to step out when a voice that sounded like it was just few meters behind her caused her to pause.

“Stop or I shoot” she heard the voice say and her heart failed her for the umpteenth time since she came to Lagos.

Policeman: “turn around gently with your hands behind your head” he ordered.

Linda obeyed, it wasn’t like she had a choice. If there was anything she was afraid of in her life, it was a gun.

Policeman: “You think you can run away after murdering a man in his house?” he asked her.

Linda: “I…I didn’t intend to do that. It was a mistake, I wanted to defend myself because he attempted to rape me. Self defense it was” she explained.

Policeman: “Tell that to the Judge when we charge you to court”, he said the gun pointing at her.

Linda: “But how did you find out about it? I mean it happened just few minutes ago” she heard herself say.

Policeman: “We saw you on CCTV. Tedela has secrets cameras everywhere, including his toilet” he said convincingly.

Linda noticed a formless shadow behind the Policeman and dread overcame her.

“it must be the ghost of the man I killed” she thought.

Then she heard the mysterious voice laughing sarcastically.

Linda: “who are you?” she asked suddenly as the Policeman turned around to see that she was talking to no one.

Mysterious Voice: “I am The Voice, your tormentor. Don’t mind the Policeman, he is lying. I told him that you killed Tedala and I carried him on my wings here before you could escape” she laughed again.

Linda: “Why are you doing this to me? Why do you hate me so much?” she said tears flowing down her cheeks as she wondered what crime she had committed to have warranted the mysterious voice monitoring her life.

Mysterious voice: “Have you not heard that the enemy cometh only to steal, to kill and to destroy? I am your tormentor and I will only rest after I have destroyed you. Now, the policeman is carried away thinking that you are mad. This is your opportunity to run away” she advised.

Linda: “How? He has a gun, he can shoot me from afar” she rightly observed.

Mysterious voice: “He cannot shot you while I am here. Run!”

Linda: “Why should I trust you? You just told me now that you want me dead”

Mysterious voice: “you do not have a choice but to trust me. Your mother trusted me, who are you not to trust me? Run!” she roared and Linda took to her heels as if she was under a spell.

The policeman pulled the trigger and it hit Linda’s leg, she yelled and slumped. Then she jumped up with fright crashing into the tray of food that she had left on her bedside before she slept off.

Linda: “Oh my God, it was a dream, she said panting and sweating”

“What sort of a dream is this?” she thought. She felt like kneeling down to pray but it felt awkward, she was not the one to pray her way out of any situation. She dismissed it as a mere dream that could never translate into reality.

She got up, went into the bathroom to wash her face. She sprinkled cold water on her face and stood before the mirror in the bathroom. Suddenly she saw an image beside her, speaking to her in the mirror, telling her things she could not fathom.


Gift was having a counseling session in her Church with her pastor when she decided to confide in him about the challenges she was having in her relationship with Ike.

Gift: “pastor, I don’t understand my boyfriend at all. We have been dating for five years now, he has proposed to me and yet he will not take me to meet his parents. Anytime I bring up the issue, he gives me one silly excuse or the other” she said to the pastor who listened with apt attention.

Pastor: “Sister Gift, you see as we were praying, I saw lots of revelation about you concerning your relationship and I must say that it is good that you have decided to open up to me. Tell me all that you know about your fiancé” he said.

Gift: “He is the only child of a wealthy oil magnet. Shortly after his birth, his mother relocated to London, there he grew up and had all his education including his university degree. He returned to Nigeria for his national youth service after which his father made him the manager of his company where I work. We fell in love few months afterwards”

Pastor: “Did you say he is the only child of his family?” the pastor asked.

Gift: “Yes pastor. His father is chief Kalu, owner of Depth Oils” she said with a pint of pride.

Pastor: “Oh, chief Kalu, he is a very popular one. Concerning your fiancé, have you spoken to God about the relationship?” he asked opening the bible in his hands.

Gift: “talk to God for what again? Can’t he see us? Well, I pray to God everyday and I ask him to bless and protect Ike for me and also to touch his heart so that he can take me home to meet his parents and start the wedding process proper”

Pastor: “what I mean is this. Have you sought the face of God concerning the relationship? Is he God’s will for you? Are you giving God the free rein in getting you a life partner or are you enforcing your choice on God?”

Gift: “ah, pastor. Me I don’t understand what you are talking about o. These days, getting a husband is very difficult. We have so many beautiful ladies around who do not have anyone asking to marry them. I have seen one who is rich and handsome and comes from an influential home and you are saying I should seek the face of God” she said getting restless.

Pastor: “That is the problem with ladies. You are always in a rush to get married and settle down that you often times ignore the writing on the wall”

Gift: “What are you saying, pastor? I hope I don’t regret coming to you for counseling. I am 26 years old with a diploma from a state polytechnic. I was lucky enough to secure a job in Depth Oils and then God decided to bless me by causing the only child of the owner of the company to fall in love with me. I am the least qualified of all the staff on their payroll right now. If not for Ike, I would have been sacked long ago. My younger sister who is just 23 got married last month and so are all my friends, with many of them having 2 or more children. I couldn’t further my studies because my parents could not afford to sponsor me. If this luck passes me by, I can as well say goodbye to marriage for life” she said in one breathe.

Pastor: “the word of God says that my people perish for lack of knowledge, if only you can seek the face of God first. Anyway, I will like to see your fiancé, I have some revelations concerning his place of birth for him. It is very important, this can ruin him if he doesn’t seek the face of God.

Gift: “Okay, I will bring him here tomorrow. Thank you pastor” she said and left him.

Question: Haa….this old woman with her mysterious voice sha. What did Linda see in the mirror? Who do you think is Ike and why does the pastor want to see him?

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  1. Ike is Linda’s twin brother that was swapped at birth, the misterious woman is the one in the mirror with Linda.

  2. Linda saw the mysterious woman in the mirror, like is Linda’s twin brother and the pastor want to tell him whatche pass through I. His birth.

  3. Linda saw the mysterious woman in the mirror, ike is Linda’s twin brother and the pastor want to tell him what about his birth.

  4. I know lke is Linda twin..because his behavior shows that he’s not ordinary, just not satisfied with everything…
    Linda,at least take a step of faith&pray,if it is just the Lord is my Shepherd….
    She saw Tedela,may be the dream is about to come to past,God help her…

  5. Linda may have seen the image of the old witch in the mirrow . Ike is likely the twin brother of Linda. God is at work concerning these twins. I hope one or the two Finds Christ soon.

  6. Ike is Linda’s twin brother. Ike may not follow Gift judging from his background it may even be the last straw that will break their relationship.

  7. Ike should be Linda’s twinny. I think Linda saw tedla coming in or one of d mysterious person appearing to her. The pastor want to to reveal secret of his birth n battle he is put in.

  8. Linda see the mysterious Old woman. Ike is Linda’s Twin brother. The Pastor wants to tell him about mysterious old woman stuff.

  9. Ike is Linda twin I pray God use the pastor to save them both but na wah for Linda step mother maybe she is one the witches that got married to Mr kola to as to misdirect Linda

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