(Episode 12) A Toast On A Tomb… A Spine-Chilling Story!

Gift got back home and informed Ike that her pastor wanted to see him but he waved her off.

Gift: “Baby, this is really serious. You need to come and see this man of God o, he is very powerful and can see things in the spiritual realm. He told me that there is something wrong with your family background and that he needs to talk to you urgently delay can be dangerous” she said to him.

Ike: “pastor? Oh please, spare me that. What does he have to tell me that I don’t know already? Does he know my family background better than I? Truth is I don’t believe in all these so called men of God. I do not even believe that one needs to pray to God for anything. They say he see all things so why do you need to waste your time praying to him then? He blasphemed.

Gift: “God is a supreme being who watches over us daily and his word makes us to understand that we should ask and we will receive, knock and the door will be opened to us, seek and we will find. Hence the need for us to talk to him in prayers”, she said putting on all that she had learnt in Sunday school as a teenager.

Ike: “okay, let me ask you this question. If God is as good as you say, why then does he allow people suffer? Why do people who serve God diligently find it difficult to make it in life? Why do innocent children die of starvation and preventable diseases? Poor people pray a lot and always call on the name of God, why then do they not receive answers to their problems” he asked her.

She paused, not knowing what to say for she was not a devout Christian. The only time she remembered God was when she had problems and needed help.

Ike: “I am waiting for your answer”, he said cutting through her chain of thoughts.

Gift: “me I don’t know o, all I know is that we should go and see the pastor because I know that if the issue was not important, he wouldn’t have asked me to come with you” she managed to say.

Ike: “Okay, how did the pastor know about me and my parents” he asked changing the television channel to SuperSports so that he could catch up with the latest Premier League fixtures.

Gift: “I told him about you when I went for counseling today. Then he asked about your parents and I told him what I know about your dad and mum” she said looking down on her feet.

Ike: “That is the point!” he clapped his hands together.

“The so called man of God couldn’t even say anything about my family until you had told him. If truly he had seen a revelation about me, then he ought not to ask you about my parents, he should have told you. But, being the cunning man that he is, he played a smart one on you and the gullible you fell and began to run your mouth. Then you gave him information that he is about to use on me, but I say, no way! I am smarter. We know all these pastors, they are everywhere obtaining information from people and then using it to swindle their members claiming it was a revelation from God”

Gift looked up at him, suddenly feeling foolish. She couldn’t deny that there was some truth in what he had said but she was finding it difficult to believe him because her pastor was an authentic man of God as attested to by thousands of people home and abroad.

Gift: “You may be correct but…” she started to say but he interrupted her.

Ike: “No buts, baby. Come here” he opened his arms and she went in. He raised her face up by the show and brought his lips on her own in a passionate kiss.

Gift: “Baby, I…”

Ike: “Shh…don’t say a word. The weather is romantic and so am I. Do not spoil this moment for us” he said moving his hands to her thighs.

Gift: “I am on the mountain…”

Ike: “What is that?” he said staring into her eyes.

Gift: “Like I am fasting and praying and I am not supposed to indulge in sin” she explained.

Ike: “Who said you should indulge in sin?” he fumed.

Gift: “You want to touch me, after which I am sure we will end up in bed, that is sexual sin. It will nullify my fasting and prayers” she said worried that he may get angry with her.

Ike: “So, me fucking my fiancé in my house is a sin?”

Gift: “Stop using that ‘F’ word. Anyway, it is a sin for two people who are not married to have canal knowledge of each other” she said quickly.

Ike: “Oh please, spare me that rubbish. Is this the first time we will have sex? Who goes into marriage these days without tasting what he is buying. Biko, stop this talk and let us have our fun jare” he said and resumed tracing his fingers on her thighs.

Gift tried to resist but soon her resistanc gave way like wax before heat as he began to touch her in spots he was sure would drive her crazy.

Ike kissed her hard, devouring the contours of her mouth with his wet tongue. Soon, his hands made their way into her thighs and she let out a loud moan when his fingers located her clit. He began to finger her as she spread her legs farther and caressed his body with her soft hands. Ike was good at foreplay and that was one of the reason why she could not afford to lose a man like him.

Ike raised his head and brought his lips to her nipples and began to suck like his survival depended on how well he sucked her. He rolled his tongue round her nipples, wetting it and sending her wild with desires. On reflex, she offered the other nipple and he began to squeeze it with his fingers. He paused and removed her pants, laid her properly on the sofa in the sitting room where they were. He grabbed her legs and hung it over his shoulders and eased his way into her. oh, how she loved being fucked in that position because it enabled him have full access into her. Ike was not one to joke with a woman in bed and so he fired on, banging her with all the strength in him as his waist moved up and down in sync with the rise and fall of her breasts.

She pushed her hips backward for balance and he saw himself going deeper and deeper into her treasures. Soon he began to lose control, he had intended to practice the withdrawal method with her but as the time drew near for him to release, he couldn’t bring himself to withdraw out of her. She screamed suddenly and they both climaxed and lay quietly in each other arms, relishing the experience that they had just had.


Linda turned away from the mirror to see that there was nobody standing beside her. She turned back to the mirror and saw in it, a reflection of an old woman.

Linda: “Who are you? She summoned courage and ask.

Old woman: “I am the one whose voice you have been listening to recently” she said in the same voice that had been speaking to Linda.

Linda: “I remember this face. You were the woman I ran into when the crowd were chasing me. You held me and handed me over to those who almost killed me simply because I obeyed your voice that brainwashed me into stealing, something I had never done before” she said with anger rising up to her throat. She wished she could just strangle the old woman to death so that she could be free forever.

Old woman: “I come in peace and that is why I have decided to reveal my identity to you”

Linda: “And what do you mean by coming in peace” she asked suspiciously.

Old woman: “I know that you want to find your twin brother and that you also want to see your friend who has promised to get you a job. I have the answers to all that you seek if only you will carry out this one assignment that I have for you” she said quickly.

Linda: “and what is that assignment? And why must I be the one to do it? Are you not all powerful? Can’t you go anywhere and do whatever you want?”

Old woman: “Spiritual beings need human beings on earth to carry out some assignments. That is why the devil has agents in human form scattered all over the world to deceive the elect. I have chosen you to do this because I feel that I have stressed you too much and I want to help you. So, are you in or out?”

Linda: “tell me what the assignment is, first” she said tactfully.

Old woman: “I can only tell you if you agree to do it” she said her facial expression changing.

Question: This Gift is daft sha, do such ladies still exist? What does the old witch have in mind? Will Linda agree?

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  1. Gift does nt understand the bible dats y she”s short of words, nd I thnk Linda should nt bargain with the devil bcos the old woman is the devil herself …

  2. Surely Gift is daft. The old witch wants to torment Linda more, maybe she wants her to deal with the pastor or kill someone, whatever it is she wants her to do, she shouldn’t do it.

  3. Gift is not a daft but her lust has taken over her sense of reasoning.
    Its the assignment that will determine Linda’s stand.

  4. The old woman want her to go for Gift pastor and girls like Gift still exist .They can be loving eventhough they know you are deceiving them.

  5. She doesn’t know God,only remember that HE exist when there is challenges, I pray their inner eye be open so as to know they are in serious warfare…
    Linda,na wa o…this woman will surely destroy you,you better embrace Christ.

  6. Gift is just desperate 2 b a “Mrs”Linda is spiritually weak 4 my liking ..she will carry out wat ever the old woman has in store 4 her

  7. Really daft o,some ladies like that still exist. God should jus hlp us all. I think d Old woman will want Linda to kill Tedla bt I hope she doesn’t obey bt as its going,she will obey n regret it after d work is being explained

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