(Episode 15) A Toast On A Tomb… A Spine-Chilling Story!

Ike: “dad, I really don’t have much to say about her background” he told his father because he knew that his father was asking if she was from a wealthy home.

Chief Kalu: “what do you mean by that? Did she just fall down from the sky or what?” he asked getting irritated.

Ike: “well, her parents are not rich. They are secondary school teachers. She stopped at the national diploma level because her parents could not afford to pay for her to further her studies. In fact, she works in Kalu ventures, your company where I manage” he said waiting for his father to scold him that he was dating a junior colleague.

Chief Kalu: “I don’t care if her parents are the poorest on the surface of the earth. So long as she is all you want in a woman and as long as you promise me that you will stop flirting around after marriage, I will support you. Which of our staff is she if I may ask?”

Ike: “Our customer service personnel” he said quickly.

Chief Kalu: “You mean the company’s PRO?”

Ike nodded in the affirmative.

Chief Kalu: “she is such a hardworking girl. The reports I have been receiving about the staff in that branch of the company shows that she is one of the most dedicated staff in the company. Come along with her to meet your mum and I so that we can get started with this marriage thing” he said and got up to go.

Ike could not contain his joy as he ran off to his father and hugged him.

Chief Kalu: “Hey, go and shower young man, you will need it after all that we met you doing” he teased. He loved the boy dearly and no matter how hard he tried to conceal it in fatherly firmness, one could see pure love in his eyes for the boy.

Ike hugged his mother tightly and she gave him a peck on the forehead.

Lolo: “Anything for you my prince. I love you so much. You see, my life was in such darkness and disarray until you came into our lives after 18 years of marital crises and childlessness. Your birth brought so much joy and stability to this marriage that I vowed to love and give you whatever you desire for as long as I live” she said touching his cheek lightly.

Ike: “You are the best mother in the world. You know that right? And you dad, you are my hero. If I were to come into this world, I will still chose you as my parents. What will I do in this world if I don’t have you as my parents. Thank you so much for the love, I am overwhelmed” he said as he walked his parents to the door.


Linda tiptoed into the room and opened it gently. Tedela stirred and turned around in his sleep causing her to freeze. He went back to sleep immediately unconscious of the danger that was before him. Linda walked close to him, she had the knife hidden in her dress. When she got to him, she waved her palms before his face to confirm if he was awake. He continued to snore without moving. When she was sure that he was fast asleep, she raised up the knife and just as she about to stab him, he spoke without opening his eyes.

Tedela: “you want to kill me in my sleep? Do I deserve such a treatment from you after saving from the clutches of death?” he asked without opening his eyes.

Her hands hung on air, she was too petrified to bring it down.

Linda: “I…I thought you were sleeping” she stammered.

Tedela: “I saw you come into the room as soon as you opened the door. I wanted to speak but I thought of holding on to see whatever it is you had come here for” he explained opening his eyes but staying put.

Linda suddenly got hold of herself and remembered the words of the mysterious old woman:

“If you allow him live, he would kill you afterwards. It is a kill or get killed situation”

Linda: “No, you have to go for me to stay” she said aloud and brought down the knife but Tedela was smarter. He rolled away with the speed of lightening and the knife struck the bed and got buried deeply into his luxurious orthopedic mattress.

Linda reached for the mattress but Tedela pushed her away. Stood up and grabbed her by the hand. She kicked and wimped and punched like a wild cat.

Tedela: “what the hell is wrong with you? Did I commit an offence by bringing you to my house?” he said trying to control her.

Linda: “get away from me you ritulalist!” she screamed and Tedela released her.

Tedela: “Me, a ritualist? How can that be? Who told you that?” he asked his heart beating wild.

Linda: “The old woman, she took me to your secret room, I saw everything. The human body parts, the decomposing bodies, the charms everything. I saw it!” she heard herself say.

Tedela: “Which secret room? Which old woman? You sure you are not suffering from malaria? Okay, I know what is wrong with you, its post traumatic stress. You must have gone through hell in the hands of those hoodlums who almost burnt you to death” he said.

Linda: “You mean you are not a ritualist?” she asked with fear in her eyes.

Tedela: “I am not sweetheart. I do not have to heart to hurt flies talk more of butchering humans for rituals. Come let me show you all the rooms in this house then you tell me if there is any secret room anywhere” he said but she refused to follow him.

Linda: “No, I don’t want to go back there” she said, the horror of what she had seen in the secret room earlier playing on her head.

Tedela: “oh common, don’t tell me you are still saying that. Now tell me, if I was a ritualist as you said, wouldn’t I have used you when I brought you here unconscious?” he asked her staring into her eyes.

Linda thought of what he said and she saw sense in it. She relaxed when she saw for the first time how innocent he looked.

Surely he cannot be a ritualist. He looks so innocent” she thought.

Linda: “It is that wicked old woman, I knew that she was lying” she said.

Tedela: “Which old woman? Tell me all about her” he said leading her back to the bed.

Linda told him all that had transpired between her and the old woman with the mysterious voice. She kept nothing away from him, as she opened up to him on how the old woman had caused her to steal and then taken her to the secret home.

Tedela listened with apt attention.

Tedela: “It is okay. I guess your mind is just playing tricks or you or probably you have some spiritual problem. I will take you to a place where you can get help. You see, ever since I met you that night, something in you has endeared you to me. There is something about you that I cannot fathom but it is okay, I am here for you. I will protect you and make sure I shield you from the mysterious old woman. Come here” he opened wide his arms.

Linda went in and they got interlocked in a tight hug each engaged in his and her thoughts.

Linda felt herself trusting this stranger more after she went into his arms.

Linda: “he is such a nice man, thank God I did not kill him” she thought.

Tedela: “What sort of a mysterious girl is this? Mysterious voice, old woman that appears and disappears? I hope my kindness has not put me into trouble o. Na wa”

He also thought.

Question: Looks like this Tedela is a nice guy who is destined to help Linda out of her predicament. Do you think he is her twin brother?

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  1. Tedela is nt her twin brother but Ike is. Tedela wud be the one to help her out of this predicament. Just hope the old woman dnt torment someone else to finish up the wrk.

  2. I don’t think tedla is her twin brother n I dnt want it to be so. Want them to eventually hooked up n marry in near future cus I think Tedla is her helper frm her problems as Gift is 4 Ike.

  3. Hnnnmmm….. . No, i don’t think Tedela is Linda’s twin brother. I think he is just someone God want to use for Linda.

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