(Episode 17) A Toast On A Tomb… A Spine-Chilling Story!

Gift got into the compound and was surprised to see her fiancé’s car parked in the compound.

Gift: “Did he come back home to pick something he forgot?” she asked rhetorically.

She pushed open the door and was shocked to see Ike buried deeply in between the busty lady’s thighs, sucking her.

Gift: “What!” she screamed in unbelief.

Gift: “Ike, is this the lawyer your father asked you to go and see” she asked as Ike raised his head and cleaned his mouth.

Ike: “babe, it is not what you think” he began to say.

Busty lady: “What is all these? Can’t we have some privacy again?” she said adjusting her breasts which were outside her bra.

Gift: “Oh, that is the lady I saw you collecting her number earlier today” she said charging at the lady.

Ike: “Will you get hold of yourself? She is a lawyer, the latest on my dad’s legal team” he lied.

Gift: “You must really think that I am stupid, Lawyer indeed! This cheap whore that moves about half naked is the one you are calling lawyer” she cursed.

Busty lady: “Who are you calling a cheap whore?” she said fuming.

Gift: “Who else but you who cannot get her own man? Can’t you see that my fiancé is not one for cheap things? You whore!”

Busty lady: “Fiancé indeed! You call yourself a woman? If you were woman enough to take care of your man, he wouldn’t run after me” she fired back.

Gift’s rage rose to her chest and she charged at the lady who fought back with all her strength. Soon the two women were on the floor hitting and scratching each other. Although they were fighting with their hands, their mouth made most of the sounds and Ike wondered if women could ever do anything without using their mouth.

Ike: “Hey ladies, it is okay before you come and kill each other in my house. This place is not a wrestling ring” he said pulling the fat lady off his fiancé.

Busty lady: “You know what? I don’t even know what I am doing here, fuck you all” she said, picked her bag and walked out banging the door behind her.

Gift: “No! This humiliation is too much. I cannot take this anymore” she said and picked up her bag to leave too but Ike held her.

Ike: “babe, don’t walk out on me please” he pleaded.

Gift: “Why shouldn’t I? No, tell me why shouldn’t I walk out on you? I caught you making love to another woman in our home to be and you say I shouldn’t walk out on you? As if that is not enough, you watched as your mistress gave me the beating of my life and you couldn’t even lift a finger to help me” she said weeping bitterly.

Ike: “But I didn’t ask you to fight now. How will you look at that fat girl and decide to fight her? Are you not going on a suicide mission? Okay, I am sorry. I promise that I will never cheat on you again” he said raising her hand to his lips and planting a kiss there.

Gift: “sorry indeed” she jerked her hand away from his lips.

Ike: “I said I promise that I won’t do it again”

Gift: “What sort of a stupid promise is that? Why do you have to promise when you know that you won’t keep it? Every time I catch you with different women; even my colleagues in the office, you have slept with almost all of them. When we go out, I catch you staring at ladies and getting their contact numbers and then you come around to tell me that you are sorry and promise not to do it again as if your sorry and your promise is the blood of Jesus that wipes away sins and makes all things new again. Look, I am calling off this engagement, I am no longer interested” she bluffed.

Ike: “eya now, but you should understand why I am doing all these now” he led her to the sofa.

“Why are you doing it” she asked with renewed interest.

Ike: “I am under a curse placed on me by my father’s business opponents and that curse can be broken only when I get married. That is why my parents want us to hurry up with this marriage thing. Anytime I see ladies with big butt and boobs like this, my body will just be shaking” he said shedding tears.

Gift: “Then let us go to my pastor for deliverance which is exactly what you need” she advised.

Ike: “forget pastor, jor. Which yeye deliverance is that one? Once we marry, everything will be resolved and I will be the most loving husband in the world. And, did I tell you that dad says he will buy you a brand new car and make you the manager of the new branch of our company that he wants to open after we get married?” he lied to her.

Gift: “Are you serious? You didn’t tell me o” she said her eyes brightening up with excitement.

Ike: “Yes, he said so. Now if you don’t marry me, you won’t get all these o” he said touching her nose.

Gift: “leave me alone jare, I will tell your parents that I caught you sucking a woman you just met today” she said playfully.

Ike: “then me I will tell them my fiancée, the daughter-in-law of the famous chief and lolo Kalu fought a cheap whore and got her clothes torn in the process, revealing some oranges that were meant for my eyes alone” he said touching her breasts fondly.

Gift: “leave me alone abeg!” she moved away from him.

Ike: “I am sorry, now. Okay let’s go for lunch at the Blue Cubanna after which I will take you to Mamiral for shopping”

Gift: “Oya let us go” she said relaxing.

Ike: “not until I have had my fill of this” he kissed her and brought his lips to her nipples and began to suck.

Soon they ended up on the bed naked and intertwined in a passionate sex session.


Tedela woke up in the middle of the night worried. He had a dream and therein his spiritual father in the cult where he belonged was angry with him. He had tried to find out what the matter was but the man had turned his back on him and had disappeared. He woke up afterwards and discovered that he was sweating profusely. He got up and paced up and down his room.

“It is time for me to go and see baba, I don’t understand what that dream meant”, he said.

The next day, he woke up early and before Linda could wake up, he drove to the baba’s place which was located in the outskirts of the city. The path that led to the baba’s shrine was shrouded in rocks and thorns. Tedela had to park his car some distance away and walk down there with his legs. He knocked thrice which was the custom of the shrine and then entered with his back after which he turned, one leg after another.

Tedela: “Baba Kolokolo, the great seer of our time, the one whose mind sees from where the eyes stop seeing, I greet you!” he saluted.

Baba: “Keep your greetings to yourself, mortal man. The gods are not kids that you will slap with one hand and console with the other hand. Act fast before the wrath of the gods catch up with you” he warned in a coarse voice that never ceased to startle his clients no matter how much they were used to listening to him.

Tedela was taken aback, not knowing what he was talking about.

Tedela: “great seer, I don’t know what you are talking about. I have not failed in performing my sacrifices and I have not disobeyed any of your rules so why are the gods angry with me” he asked opening his palms.

Baba: “Search yourself, mortal man. Search yourself!”

Tedela: “I am blind spiritually. Help me, wise one” he pleaded.

Baba: “The girl you helped by bringing her into your house entered your secret room where no human eyes apart from yours is supposed to see. You did not deem it fit to come here for atonement as soon as the incidence happened. That girl must die, she must be sacrificed in 3 days time and that is the verdict of the gods. You know what to do” He hit his left hand on the floor and disappeared.

Tedela: “Oh no, I am in deep trouble. Linda, how the hell did you find your way into my secret home? When you told me about it that day, I actually thought you were imagining things. Damn, you have to pay, I cannot go down with you” he said leaving n the shrine.

Question: Ah, trouble upon trouble for Linda. Will Tedela sacrifice her? What sort of a foolish girl is that Gift seff?

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  1. Shuooooo d old witch was right after all,kia Linda from one problem to another. Pls somebody should pray for gift to receive another sense cos she has obviously used hers in place of shopping

  2. Tedela won’t be able to carry out the sacrifice and that Gift wat she is receiving has turned her to mumu.

  3. idiot ni gift yen jare it’s because of the material things she’s still with him, as for Linda something will make something happen

  4. Tedela will not be able to sacrifice Linda I think the old woman will help her out, as for gift she is too daft for my liking. Morning fam

  5. Tedela is really a ritualist, Linda is in trouble but he will not succeed. Gift is stupidity with love and lost for money. Many women are like that.

  6. Gift is not foolish but in love with marriage and material things. Tedela will try but God will save Linda.

  7. I have always suspected Teleda, I pray he doesn’t succeed in sacrificing Linda, sins of d mother…… GOD help them! as for Gift she is d one who really needs d deliverance most

  8. i don’t think dat what Gift has for womanizing Ike is love. she is just desperate to get married n become a wife to a prominent family. datz y she can’t let go of him even when its clear to her dat she is heading to her own doom. as for Linda I think she will survive Tedela’s wrath. but den what do I know? *wink* next episode pls

  9. Tedela won’t succeed,as for Gift its obvious she is desperate to get married and the worst of all is that she is getting cos of money. her name is sorry.

  10. Hmmmm, gombe b dis o. Tedla will try to sacrifice her o bt d old woman go alert Linda cus she still v use of her. Gift, na money go cus ur trouble. Dey watch

  11. Gift is as gullible as a bedbug, she’ll end up blaming herself. Wow!! Tedela is a cult member for real? Linda is in another trouble, i hope she’ll excape death.

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