The time to Restructure Nigeria is now – Shehu Sani

The time to Restructure Nigeria is now – Shehu Sani

Sen. Shehu Sani, The Senator representing Kaduna Central, has thrown his weight behind those calling for the restructuring of the country.

He said that the present situation called for every Nigerian to take the opportunity offered to restructure and redesign Nigeria.

“We should come out with a new master plan that will address the social, economic and political crises that gave birth to some of these agitations.

“We should also use the opportunity to reach out, to strengthen our unity and form a coalition against separatists, who come from the southeast and ultra-nationalist and anarchist who come from northern part of Nigeria.

“This is the time for each and every Nigerian to take position. Nigeria will not and should not be Soviet Union; Nigeria will not be and must not be Yugoslavia, Nigerian should and must not be Sudan.

“There are issues we need to address. This is an opportunity for us to restructure and redesign our country,” Senator Shehu Sani.

Sani, who spoke to newsmen in Kaduna, added, “The moral calling of all men of conscience is to champion the cause of unity and peace. And for people like me, this is my area of calling. Biafran agitators are persons who have forgotten the lessons of history, the country is bigger than individuals, we are one and we should remain one.

“The Igbo Ethnic Groups have since been able to build themselves economically, and present themselves as Nigerians. Igbos can clearly be found in all the nooks and crannies of this country, and I believe we should be able to separate the few, who want seccession from millions, who live among us as Nigerians.

“Any Southerner in the North is in the north because he believes in one Nigeria, if he dose not believe in one Nigeria, he could have gone back to Southeast. We should look at it this way, it is great that we are called giant of Africa because of our size, our population and because of the promise we hold for West Africa and the black race. Seccession is not an option, those who want to divide this country should be condemned in totality and I can understand the anger by some of our people in Northern part of Nigeria, but we should not play to the gallery.

“The secessionist should not determine our collective decision or distract what our response should be. If they are for seccession, we are for unity. We must protect Igbos that are living in the Northern part of Nigeria because they are here to live with us; they are here because they believe in one Nigeria.But Nnamdi Kanu and his Biafran forces are doomed to fail because Nigeria will remain one.

“This is a time to challenge them, combat and nip them in the bud. It is the time in history of this country that we must speak out. I will also say a Nation united by force is vulnerable, a Nation united by justice is inseparable, that must be our goal.”


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