Adelove Monday Inspiration: Show Me Your Scars

When I say Scars, I do not mean the physical ones we can see, I mean, the ones people do not see, the ones that are on our soul, our spirit and our heart. Yesterday in church, I suddenly had this realization that, people are committing suicide not because of the economy, but because the society has conditioned us to hide our feelings, hide our fears and even our scars. We bottle up so many things that it gets to the peak where we cannot take it anymore.

Job in the bible (I am sure my Muslim brothers can relate to this), said a man born of a woman, is of few days, and full of troubles. This goes to show that as long as we live, trouble must come. This has nothing to do with how prayerful you are, so one has to have that mindset that trials will surely come, the form it takes may differ from one person to another. The way to cope with trials is not to feel like you have to hide from the world what you are facing, force yourself to keep up appearances, and bottle it up inside. If you have lost a dear one, cry your eyes out and do not allow someone who does not know what it feels like, to tell you not to cry. If you are going through heartbreak, go through all the processes, so you can heal.

I saw the post of a Facebook contact, he said he was giving up. This is someone who is always putting up happy pictures of himself having fun, but yesterday, he said “I give up”. What am I trying to say, own your trials, don’t gloss it over and hide your feelings just to conform to the society’s rules. If you have close friends, share with them what you are facing, even if solution doesn’t come, you will feel better from talking. Showing your scars is a way of saying, “I got this problem now, but I am not going to have it forever”.

Always have this thought at the back of your mind “Morning always dawns”. Some days, we have long nights, but no matter how long the night, morning always comes .That is to show you that, whatever you are facing now is never permanent. I want to hope that I am talking to someone there, that problem that you are facing, perhaps you have prayed about it, asked God questions about it, He is silent, not because he has abandoned you, but because he has already worked out a solution for you. So my word to you this morning is, stay strong because you are going to come out of that problem stronger than you went in.

Are you going through heartbreak, do not force yourself to laugh and say that he/she was not even important to you, or you didn’t really love them. You will find out that the built up emotions will cause you harm, and even harm to those around you. When I went through the worst heartbreak of my life, I did not rush to heal, I owned my emotions, I acknowledged that I loved and it did not work out, I cried as much as I felt like crying, and I healed. I could heal because I was not in denial, I didn’t bottle up my feelings, even if I was praying to God for strength, I was not afraid or ashamed to cry. So show someone your scars today, because it is only when you open a wound that it heals.

P.S: Be your brother’s keeper, check on your friends and family, if anyone shows your their scars, be nice, be loving and help that person heal. In taking care of other people, God will take care of you.

Do have a great week, and a beautiful July. With Love from Adelove.



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