(Episode 21) A Toast On A Tomb… A Spine-Chilling Story!

Tedela led Linda into his car and drove. The security man seeing how quickly his boss had driven off began to worry that something was wrong with Linda. He concluded that she may have fallen ill and that may be the reason why she had asked for his prayers. He quickly went for ablution so that he could pray for the lady that had been nice to him.

Linda felt the sudden urge to talk to Tedela while they drove along the streets to the outskirts of the town where the man’s shrine was located.

Linda: “Where are we going?” she asked suddenly startling Tedela who didn’t expect her to say anything.

Tedela: “oh, we are going on sightseeing” he lied.

Linda: “Sightseeing by this time of the night? Why didn’t you allow me go in and change into something casual before taking me out? Besides, I cannot remember us planning to go out today” she said to him.

Tedela: “Oh, it is meant to be a surprise. You will be fine, don’t worry” he said absentmindedly.

Linda remembered that she had run off to him to tell him something when she got the house but could not remember what it was.

Linda: “I have been eager to tell you something” she said.

Tedela: “Oh really? What could it be? Let’s hear it” he replied casually.

Linda: “I cannot remember what it is again. I have been scanning my head for a clue all to no avail”

Tedela: “Then relax, I think you need to rest a while so your brain can reboot” he said and touched her chin and immediately she fell asleep, snoring loudly.

Tedela: “Last sleep on earth, enjoy yourself. You were beginning to make too much noise” he mused.

They got to the shrine and as soon as he touched her on the same spot he had touched her before she slept off, she woke up and followed him with dilated eyes.

Tedela: “here she is, baba” he said as soon as they got into the shrine.

Shaman: “you are lucky you brought her here today, else the gods would have visited you with their wraths tonight as warning” she said without looking up from what he doing.

Tedela: “Can you just get done with it so that I can return home now? I need to go back and dispose her things in my house so as not to raise the least suspicion” he said eagerly. The truth was that he wanted to leave there as soon as possible because he was afraid of the police raiding the shrine and arresting him.

Shaman: “you do not dictate to the gods when and how to do things. It is none of their business that you need to dispose her things in the house, you should have done that before bringing her here. Anyway, the sacrifice will be performed tomorrow; you will have to come back here before noon tomorrow. You will kill her with an instrument provided by the gods at exactly 12 noon”

Tedela though disappointed dared not express his disapproval to the medicine man in the presence of the gods. He bowed courteously and left the shrine leaving Linda behind.


Ike waited for her to resume the next morning all to no avail. Several times he asked his secretary if the new staff he had employed had resumed but the answer he received was in the negative. He was worried that she may have been harmed and he wondered why he should be worried because of a complete stranger. He searched his heart and he realized that he had fallen in love with her, it was love at first sight for him and he was willing to break up his engagement with Gift just so he could be with her. When it was 10am, he gave up hope of ever setting eyes on her.

Ike: “probably she has gotten a better offer somewhere” he said and rested his head on his desk. He fell into a trance-like dream, in it, he saw Linda in a pit and calling out to him to help her out of it. He tried to walk away but her cry for help kept ringing into his ears. He ignored her pleas and walked away. Then he saw himself in the same pit that he had seen her earlier. He saw her moving away and immediately he called out to her for help, she extended her hands and helped him off the pit. Immediately he woke up.

Ike: “what is the meaning of this rubbish? How comes I am dreaming of this stranger? But wait a minute, she was in a pit and I refused to help her but when it was my turn, she reached out and pulled me out without hesitation. Does it mean that she is my helper? And what does it mean for a woman to be a man’s helper? It means that she is his wife. Yes, I got it, she is my wife. Didn’t my heart beat when I first set eyes on her? This is a revelation from God, she is the one I am supposed to marry” he said to himself.

Ike: “but what do I tell Gift? Our wedding is just few months away” just then his phone began to ring. He picked it up and it was Gift calling.

Ike: “talk of the devil” he said and picked the call.

Ike: “hi” he said plainly.

Gift: “hey love, are you ready?” she asked excitedly.

Ike: “ready for what?” he couldn’t bring himself to remember anything other than Linda.

Gift: “today is the couple’s counseling in Church now. Are you coming to pick me or should I come over for us to drive down there?” she asked into the phone.

Ike: “What counseling is that? You don’t expect me to leave my job and go for any stupid counseling, do you? If you don’t have anything better to say, kindly go take a nap”

Gift: “What are you saying? But we agreed on going for this counseling now? Remember that the Church will not wed us if we do not go for the counseling” she said.

Ike: “oh well fuck you and the marriage” he said and ended the call.

In less than 30 minutes, while he was contemplating on using the address on Linda’s CV to trace her to her residence, Gift barged into his office.

Ike: “what is that for?” he asked getting worked up.

Gift: “I am sorry; I was hurrying so that we don’t go late. Please love, we need to go for this else they will not wed us in the Church” she pleaded with him.

Ike: “Who cares? As if the Church does not know that we are doing them a favour by taking our wedding to their Church? Don’t they know how much offering they will collect on our wedding day?” he bragged.

Gift: “I don’t know what you are talking about. Just get up and let us go right now or this whole wedding thing is over” she threatened.

Ike: “You even have the guts to threaten me? How dare you talk to the only child of chief Kalu like that? In fact, I quit, I am not doing any wedding thing anymore with you” he barked.

Gift: “I am sorry, I actually don’t mean that. I only spoke in that tone because you told me that you don’t like it when I agree to whatever you say without putting up an argument” she said suddenly cowed by his outbursts.

Ike: “I don’t care if you mean it or not. I am not interested anymore. I cannot marry a woman who would challenge my decisions after marriage. No man will take that. And the truth is that my heart is with another woman, if I marry you, I would be cheating on you with her for sure and I do not want that” he said unbuttoning his suit jacket.

Gift: “please don’t do this, Ike. I don’t have anyone apart from you; I have spent the past five years of my life waiting for you to marry me. I will be damned if you call of this engagement, I am not getting any younger” she pleaded.

Ike: “get out of my office before I instruct the security to throw you out” he screamed at her and she scampered along too shocked to believe what was happening to her.


In the village, Mrs Kola with the guidance of a friend went to see another medicine man who told her to return at exactly 12 noon the next day for him to nullify the charm that the other medicine man did that was preventing her from getting pregnant. She was afraid of the warning that grave harm would befall her should she go in search of solution elsewhere but she discarded the thought and went home anticipating the liberation process the next day.

Question: Does the dream mean that Ike is the one to save Linda? How on earth is that going to be ever possible when he has not even finished fighting his own battles? LOL…

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  1. Morning ALC&Fs,

    I couldn’t possibly go on at this point without first saluting ALCREW for the explicit capturing of our daily struggles even stretching into esoteric quarters. Well-done for the excellent research effort too.

    Thick. Possible, through divine predestined arrangements.


  2. God can do anything in a mysterious way, who knows he might be the one to save Linda.I think Linda is her twin brother!

  3. IK is her twin brother, they have to help each other to overcome the battle. God will give them victory

  4. It seems Ike will go and look for Linda in Tedela’s house, from there he can save her from the shrine, mrs Kola, nemesis is around the corner. Good morning.

  5. Ike will trace her to the address on her CV.they will have to fight the battle together….
    Gift,don’t worry,you will soon see the truth, with that you will be able to acknowledged God as the supreme being…
    Mrs kola,you are doomed from the beginning…

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