(Episode 22) A Toast On A Tomb… A Spine-Chilling Story!

After Gift left his office, Ike picked a copy of Linda’s CV and drove off to her residence. The address she had on the CV was Tedela’s house in Banana Island and as such locating the house was not difficult for him. He got down from his car and knocked on the gate just as Tedela was about driving off to the shrine for the ritual as the shaman had instructed.

The security man came out and Ike greeted him.

Ike: “sorry, I am looking for one miss Linda Kola”, he said.

Security man: “She commot since yesterday with…” he started to say but his boss’ voice interrupted him.

Tedela: “Who are you talking with out there that you will not come and open the gate for me?” he shouted.

Security man: “oga na one man come say him dey find auntie Linda” he said as he ran to open the gate ignoring Ike outside.

Tedela’s heart skipped a beat when he heard Linda’s name.

Tedela: “Where is the person?” he asked suddenly surprising the security man who was wondering why his boss should be concerned about someone asking after Linda.

Security: “Oga, the man dey outside. I been wan tell am say I never see auntie Linda since wey you commot wit her yesterday but I no finish my talk before you call me” he explained.

Tedela: “What do you mean by that? Didn’t she tell you that she was travelling back home? Well, I took her to the park and she has gone back to the village where she came from” he lied.

Security man: “But she tell me say she don get work, she no tell me say she wan travel” he said shaking his head.

Tedela: “who are you that she will have to tell you before leaving this house? Did she tell you before she came into this house? My friend will you get back to your duty post immediately” he said and the security man ran off.

Tedela drove out and stopped at close to Ike.

Tedela: “How may I help you please” he asked.

Ike: “oh, I guess you are the owner of the house. I am here to see Linda who we just employed yesterday. She was supposed to resume this morning but we didn’t see her” he said.

Tedela: “Oh, I didn’t know about her securing any job. She came back yesterday and begged me to drive her to the park so that she could return back to the village. She said she was tired of Lagos stress” he lied.

Ike: “That is strange, she appeared very happy with her new job yesterday. All the same thank you very much” he said and drove off.


Shaman: “Take this lady away from my shrine now!” he barked as soon as Tedela entered the shrine.

Tedela: “Ah-ah, what is the problem baba? Don’t we need to appease the gods with her blood again? You said the sacrifice will be performed at noon today and we still have about 14 minutes to go” he said looking confused.

Shaman: “That girl’s head is not good for the sacrifice. All through last night that she was here, I could not sleep. She has many spirits around her seeking to kill her, they alone want to take the pleasure of killing her” he warned sternly.

Tedela: “common, baba. She is just an ordinary girl who doesn’t even know that she has been hypnotized. Killing her will be very easy” he snapped.

Shaman: “Kill her and get killed by the dark forces around her. The gods have warned me and I will not offend them. Take her out now!”

Tedela went into the room where Linda was kept hostage and led her out. As soon as she saw him, the scales fell of her eyes and she regained her consciousness.

Linda: “Where am I?” she asked him when they had driven close to Tedela’s street.

Tedela: “I can explain…I..I” he stammered.

Linda: “I saw myself locked up in a shrine all night, then I heard you and an old man talking about killing me at noon. You wanted to use me for rituals. Goodness, you are a ritualist, so all that the old woman told me about you is true” she began to rant.

Tedela: “No, you just have to listen to me. I can explain please” he tried to touch her with one hand while the other held on to the steering wheel.

Linda: “Don’t you dare touch me, you killer” she said. Park the car now!” she screamed.

“What?” he asked her.

Linda: “I said park the car now” she repeated.

He obeyed her and she jumped out of the car and ran out before he could get down. He tried to call her but she refused. She crossed the road and began to run away. All she wanted was to run as far away from him as possible.


The prophetess warned Mrs Kola against attempting to seek solution to a barrenness that she had brought upon herself.

Prophetess: “the result of you attempting to remove the effect of what you did to your husband will be disastrous. You have already mortgaged your womb and there is nothing you can do about it” she said.

Mrs Kola: “But how can I live my life without having my own child? What kind of a life is that one? Please do something o”

Prophetess: “Were you not warned before you casted that spell on your husband? You got what you wanted and then the gods took your womb as payment. Don’t you know that if the devil gives you a cap, he will take your head as payment?”

Mrs Kola: “don’t mind that stupid herbalist, the man did not tell me what would be taken. Just help me to give birth to at least a child. I know that you can do it and that is why I am here”

Prophetess: “I will commune with the gods over the night and get back to you. You will receive a sign when I have an answer for you” she finalized.


Ike was driving for lunch when he almost ran into a young lady who was running across the road without taking note of incoming vehicles.

Ike: “Are you mad? How can you just run in from nowhere and enter the road like that? Do you want to get knocked down to death? Well if that is what you are looking for, try another driver” he barked coming out of the car.

Linda: “I am sorry, sir. I didn’t know that I was running to death while trying to run for my life”

They both raised her heads simultaneously and were shocked to see each other.

Ike: “Linda! Goodness! Is this you or your ghost? I was told that you have gone back to the village. How comes you are here now?” he said excitedly.

Linda: “I..I…”

Ike: “You know what? You look all messed up. Hop in and let’s go for lunch” he said helping her up.

Linda: “He is after me, he wants to kill me. I don’t know what I did to him” she panicked.

Ike: “Nobody can hurt you as long as you are with me” he said and led her into the car.

They drove to the restaurant and Linda narrated all that had happened to her over lunch of coconut rice and fried turkey. Ike insisted on getting the police to arrest Tedela but Linda discouraged him because they did not have enough evidence to persecute him. Ike took her to his house afterwards.


Ike: “But why don’t you give me a chance to show you how much I love you? I want to marry you and I have told my parents about you. Please let me in” he pleaded with Linda who had been staying in his house for weeks.

Linda: “I have told you that I took a vow that I will never sleep with any man until I find my twin brother. That is the only way I can avoid incest. Besides, I cannot accept your marriage proposal because my mother warned my father not to allow me get married without finding my twin brother else she would kill me on the wedding day” she said looking serious.

Ike: “But he may be the dead for all we know. You don’t even know how he looks, how then do you intend to find him?” he asked her with their palms intertwined.

Linda: “If you love me then you will help me to look for him, which is the only way we can ever get married” she said removing her hands from his own.

Invisible to them, the mysterious woman was in the room and she was chanting incantations, summoning the spirit of Ike to rape Linda and murder her afterwards.


Gift heard from friends that Ike was habouring another woman in his room. Out of shame and frustration, she had resigned from her job because of how her colleagues were laughing behind her back and making mockery of her failed engagement to the manager. She prepared herself for an encounter with Linda the next day. She was going to visit Linda in Ike’s house when she was sure that Ike was not in the house. She still had the spare key to the house and so getting in was not a problem. Only her knew what she was going to see Linda for.

Question: Gbesere o, Who will save Linda from all the enemies around her? How can children be made to suffer for the sins of their mothers like this? I hope Ike doesn’t try anything funny with her o, we don’t trust him…LOL

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  1. Ok oooo…. Linda u beta wear ur invisible protection or beta still try to kneel dwn nd talk to ur God

  2. That is wat gift gets 4 being a desperado,its only God dat can save Linda..may God not allow us suffer the sins of our parents.

  3. Am Back. I Just Finished Reading All Episode Since I Last Read Episode 5 And Indeed I Have Missed Alot,,,,, Am Happy To Be Back Again WITH ADELOVE.COM LONLINESS IS JUST A STORY…..

  4. Good heavens. c how close they are yet they can’t feel it. They all need God and I pray Ike won’t SLP wt his twin sister Linda.

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