(Episode 23) A Toast On A Tomb… A Spine-Chilling Story!

Linda sat up abruptly when she saw Ike moving close and attempting to touch her.

Linda: “What is it? Why are you moving close to me?” she asked.

Ike: “I am sorry, I don’t know what came over me” he started to say but suddenly, he felt a strong urge for her overcome him and he grabbed her and threw her on the bed.

Linda: “what are you doing” she asked frightfully.

Ike: “since you will not give it to me, I have decided to take it myself” he said and grabbed her jean forcefully.

Linda was lucky that she was wearing tight jean trousers and so she struggled with all her might. Ike wanted to stop but he felt a spirit urging him on. She summoned courage and punched him on the face and got up, then the scales fell of his eyes and he began to weep.

Linda: “I hate you, I hate men so much. I cannot believe that you wanted to take advantage of me simply because I am staying in your house” she spat out.

Ike: “I am sorry; it is not in me to rape any woman. I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me” he pleaded.

Linda: “sorry for your miserable life. I am leaving for the village this minute” she began to walk away to the bedroom.

Ike: “No, don’t do this. I promise that this will never repeat itself again. Just give me this one chance please. Okay, I swear on my life that I will never attempt to rape you again. If I do that, may the gods strike me dead” he swore.

Linda: “It doesn’t matter; I will vacate your house and quit my job in your father’s company. I give it all up. I regret coming to this crazy city called Lagos. What have I achieved ever since I got here? I am not even in anywhere close to finding my lost twin brother and look at all the trouble I have to go through. I am going back home to my father” she said shedding tears.

Ike: “I said I am sorry. Okay, let us do this. I will take you to media houses so that you can put up an announcement for your twin brother. If he is alive, he will see it and get back to you. We will also contact the CEO of Adelove.com and put up an announcement there. That blog has massive fans from all over the world and I am sure that if your twin brother is alive, finding him won’t be a problem” he said.

Linda: “Will you really do this for me? I mean putting up a notice on Adelove.com? That blog helped me all the while I was jobless in the village. I used to borrow my friend’s phone every 6: 30am, 11: 30am, 3: 30pm and 7: 30pm to follow up on daily episodes of their inspirational and entertaining stories. In fact, I won freebies so much from them some months ago. I heard they are doing other freebies in Instagram and I have been participating since you got me this phone” she said excitedly.

Ike: “of course I will do it for you. In fact, let us get done right away. He picked his phone and went to Adelove.com, in about ten minute’s time, the announcement for her twin brother was running on the blog.

Linda: “how did you do it? I mean that was super fast” she said when she checked the blog and saw the announcement on her phone.

Ike: “oh, doing business with Adelove.com is that easy. They are just a click away. All you need do is hit the contact button on their website and you get attended to immediately. They offer excellent services at the cheapest rates ever. That is why we always advertise with them” he said beaming.

Linda: “I am impressed. Those people are organized, abeg” she said smiling.

Ike: “you can say that again. Now go and get dressed so that I can take you to my parents house. You will be staying there until you agree to marry me. That way, you will know that I have no intentions of attempting to rape you again” he said.

Linda was glad and she went in to get dressed.


The next day, Gift went to Ike’s house but the security man at the gate stopped her from going in.

Gift: “what is doing this one? My friend will you open the gate for me? Don’t you know me again? I’m I a stranger?” she said to the security man.

Security: “Aunty I know you but nobody dey inside house. My oga don go work” he said sucking his lips like a child.

Gift: “Of course I know that he has gone to work but I have my spare key. I have been coming here anytime I want even when your oga is not around. He is my fiancé so allow me in” she said trying to push him away but he stood rooted to the ground.

Security: “No o, abeg no make oga sack me o. Oga say make I no allow you enter him house when him no dey” he said.

Gift: “And what is that supposed to mean? Anyway, I want to see the lady that lives with your oga, I have something to discuss with her”

Security: “she no dey stay here again. She pack all her things yesterday before she and oga drive commot”

Gift: “I see…has Ike kicked her ass out the way he kicked mine? Anyway, good riddance to bad rubbish” she thought.


Seven days after Linda started staying with Ike’s parents, she was all lively as she was getting along well with his mother who took her in as the daughter that she didn’t have. She made fruit salad and brought it to Ike’s mother who was sitting at the garden in their compound.

Lolo: “oh thank you very much my dear. I hope you didn’t over stress yourself doing this? You could have asked any of the maids to do it” she said smiling.

Linda: “it was no stress ma. I will do anything for you because your family has been so nice to me. You allowed me live in your house where you feed and provide all my needs and to cap it all I have a good job in your husband’s company. Life is good” she said.

Lolo: “it’s nothing my dear. So tell me, have you been able to reach your father?”

Linda: “not yet ma. His number is still switched off. I wonder if he lost his phone or it developed fault. I plan to go and visit him next month, by then I would have saved enough money to get him and my step mother new phones and other things they need in the house” she said taking a seat beside the woman.

Lolo: “that is very thoughtful of you. But why don’t you want to marry my son? He said he proposed to you but you turned down his request”

Linda: “my mother’s dying wish was that I don’t get married before seeing my twin brother else she would strike and kill me” she said sadly.

Lolo: “Oh, you have a twin brother? So where is he? Let us go and see him right away since he is the one to permit you to get married” she said.

Linda: “that is the problem, ma. We were separated at birth and ever since then, we haven’t been able to get in touch with him. In fact, that is one of the main reasons why I ran away from home to come to the city. I am afraid that until he is found, I would remain single for the rest of my life” she wiped a tear threatening to fall down from her eyes.

Lolo: “That sounds ridiculous. Why would a mother separate her twins at birth?” she spoke amidst mouthful of fruits.

Linda: “no, my mother didn’t separate us. According to the story that my father told me, he said that my mother told him that after she had us, the nurses took us away to clean and then she returned with me and another dead baby which was not my twin, that was shortly before my mother died”

“What!” Lolo screamed spilling out the fruit in her mouth.

Linda: “are you okay ma? Please have some water” she said sitting up and extending the glass of water on the table to her.

Lolo: “I am fine, thank you. Did you say your twin brother was exchanged for a dead child after birth?” she asked with alarm.

Linda: “Yes, ma. In fact, me and Ike have put up announcement for him in all media houses in this country so that if he or anyone who has useful information sees it, they can contact me”

Lolo: “ha, and you people never told me all these? We could have gone about it in a different way. Hey eee. Where do you come from? I mean your state and local government and where they gave birth to you. Tell me everything about yourself” she said suddenly looking older than her age.

Linda began to talk wondering why the rich woman sitting beside her was this interested in her story.


That night, at about 2pm when everybody in the Kalu’s mansion was supposed to be asleep, someone tiptoed out of bed and left the room. Suddenly, there was a loud scream and all went quite again. The whole household were thrown into pandemonium as domestic workers and security men in the Kalu’s mansion began to troupe out of their quarters to the main house to find out what the problem was.

Question: Hmmn…is somebody seeing what we are seeing here? Who really is Lolo? Is Linda safe? What could have happened over the night?

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  1. Lolo is the woman that has Linda twin brother which is ike, hmmmm… I smell trouble though. Up and forward

  2. Lolo tiptoed to Linda’s room to murder her for her secret to be safe forever,cos her husband did not know that Ike was not his biological child,that he was stolen by lolo…..God still saved Linda’s life as usual..

  3. The repeated hype about adelove.com on this episode is a bit puerile because another blog would easily have been mentioned to achieve the same purpose. Nevertheless, Ike is Linda’s twin brother. With the infusion of juju in the story, it would be ironical if the story ends without a mention of the role played by God in uniting Linda and Ike. So far, it’s been the glorification of the power of juju, as it were.

  4. Lolo&the nurse exchanged the twins at birth..lke&Linda were the twins… Lolo try to hurt Linda,but she won’t succeed…..
    Mrs kola,see your life,you will soon see your dead end…..

  5. Lolo is the one that gave birth to the dead child and I think… The old woman attacked her.

  6. Hmm It’s Well O, Linda & Ike are twins and God will deliver them from all evil forces when they seek his face,see what their rude and ill mannered mother caused for them!

  7. Lolo Was Actually The Woman That Exchanged The Twin Babies Some 20+ Years Ago. Linda Is Not Safe, I Feel That Lolo Has Harmed Her At The Middle Of The Night. So As To Cover Her Longtime Secret. I LOVE YOU ADELOVE THUMBS-UP TO YOU ALL FOR THIS WONDERFUL AND LOVELY GREAT WORK. WITH ADELOVE.COM LONLINESS IS JUST A STORY…..

  8. Hmmmm, I think Lolo is d mother of d dead child exchange wit lind’s twin. I hope d old woman is not @ work or Lolo herself.

  9. Lolo was the woman that bought the living baby 4rm the nurse,to cover her track ..I think she is up 2 sumtin.

  10. Lolo is the woman that lost her child at child birth and took Linda’s twin which is IK. Linda is not safe in that house

  11. Lolo was the woman whose dead baby was exchange with Linda’s twin(Ike )she went into the room to kill Linda in order to cover the secret from her husband and Linda reacted because I think that scream belongs to Lolo

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