Nigeria must scrap Senate or House of Reps, says Gov. Al-Makura

The Governor of Nasarawa State, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, has suggested the scrapping of one of the chambers of the National Assembly.

Almakura made the call yesterday at the Government House, Lafia, when he played host to members of the Ahmadu Bello University Alumni Association, led by its National President, Prof. Ahmed Tijani Mural.

He said there was no need for the existence of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

According to him, “If Nigerians are going for Senate, then the House of Representatives should be abolished, but if they are going for House of Representatives, the Senate should be scrapped.

“But for me, I suggest that each of the 744 local government in the country should have a House of Representatives member to cut cost,” he declared.

The Governor equally dismissed the clamour for restructuring, insisting that what the nation needed was total reorganisation of the three arms of government in order to add value to the system.

He added that “restructuring means different things to different people; I think restructuring will complicate the whole system. Rather, we should look at how to refine and add value to the system.

“Creating more states now that the Federal Government cannot even fund the existing ones, to me, is unnecessary. We should look at the three arms of government by way of tinkering with them.”



  1. To say that restructuring means different things to different people is merely playing the ostrich. Restructuring has no other meaning in the Nigrian context except to decentralize governance from the centre and allow true federalism as the name implies. This is what the north doesn’t want to see happen because they are the beneficiaries of the unitary government in practice presently. It is fraudulent to spoon feed some part of the citizenry with resources derived from other parts of the country. This is the source of all our problems in the country and unless this is addressed, there’ll be no end to agitation and discontent in the polity.

  2. With due respect, I submit that Gov Al-Makura has exhibited a rather disappointingly shallow understanding of the concept of restructuring as it relates to the situation on the ground. He sees restructuring as involving the creation more states! What a shame!!!

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