(Module 3) Pepper Them Angela…A True Life Story!

Don and I started a relationship after that day. It was one hell of a crazy relationship packed with so much fun. He had money to throw around and soon we were frequenting all the happening places in town. When we started dating, I made sure I showed that security man that used me in camp even when he knew that he couldn’t influence my posting pepper. He became my errand boy, driver and messenger. Soon enough, I made Don sack him and I was glad that he at least paid for banging me FOC (free of charge).

I took Don to my boutique and he was impressed with all that he saw, he also promised to bring his wealthy friends and their families to patronize me, I felt elated. When he was leaving, he gave my sales girls N50, 000 for lunch. “What! N50, 000 just like that? No this will not happen”, I said to myself while forming a sweet smile so that he would not know what was running through my head.

After we got to the car, I excused myself under the pretence of going to tell the girls something. When I got there, I collected the N50, 000 from their hand and gave them N5, 000.

Me: “That is five thousand naira, the two of you should share N2, 500 that is more than enough for lunch. You people cannot just come and reap where you did not sow. That man out there is mine and mine alone. If I see any or both of you anywhere close to his shadows, I will kill you” I warned them sternly and walked out.

Behind me, I heard the girls hissing and gossiping.

Girl: “this our madam sha wicked o. how will she give us N5, 000 out of N50, 000? Even God himself would have taken only ten percent as tithe”

Girl 2: “I wonder o, the think shock me seff”

I ignored them and ran into the car where Don was already horning.

“You okay honey?” he asked me as soon as I got into the car.

“yeah, I am great”, I replied.

We drove to Green Waves for some Chinese and see food treat.

Don: “When are we going to your house” I asked Don while we were washing down our meal with a bottle of Andre.

Don: “Very soon. I told you that I am from the most popular royal family in Ghana. My parents have houses all over Nigeria even though they live in Accra. I will take you to see them soon”

Me: “I understand that we cannot go to Accra now because of your busy schedule. But then, lets go to your parents houses in Nigeria, that would be better than us making out in your hotel room all the time” I said.

Don: “I don’t want attention. We have media men spying on my father’s houses in this country. Before you know it, my father will accuse me of throwing my royalty to the dogs by frolicking with a lady in Nigeria. That is not good for my royal image” he said sweetly and kissed my hands.

Me: “but…”

“Shsss…no buts” he said and gave me wine to drink. I took a sip and almost spat out. In the cup was the most beautiful and expensive diamond engagement ring that I had seen in my life. When I say expensive, I mean expensive in terms of thousands of dollars.

He got on his knees and proposed to me, I accepted and threw my body on him. There and then, I decided to quit runs. My body was for my Don and him alon,e every other man should go to hell after all I had made enough money from runs including my shop which was my only investment.

That day we ended up in his hotel room and made love all night. I mean ALL NIGHT. Don and I did not sleep a wink that night. There was no style we didn’t do, ah, forget the styles in Fifty Shade of Grey, those ones are just a tip of the ice berg. We did papa and mama style (missionary style), doggie, scissors position, I rode him hard and long like the cow girl I was, we did reversed cowboy, etc. you just name it. When we got tired of using the bed, we used the dressing table in his hotel room. Don would raise my legs to his shoulders, lay me on the table and bang me so hard I thought my neck would break. We used the bathroom and Don made me cum more than once, spilling my milk all over the floor, I pitied those that would clean that hotel room sha. We did it so hard that I saw myself sweating even while the AC was working well. At some point, I had to look for a hand fan to blow air into my honey pot because I felt it was on fire from too much banging. After multiple orgasms, we changed room and went to sleep in the morning after the long vigil.

Like I said, I stopped flirting and changed my number so that my former clients would stop disturbing me. I became 100% faithful to Don and I was looking forward to a life time of bliss with him but…

Can you guess what happened next? Who wants to find out what happened next?

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  1. Listen Angie inasmuch as I am one of ur die hard fan, I don’t support d way u collected ur sales girls money given to them by someone who has more than enough to throw around. I ga bu ogbenye buru amusu.

  2. Hmmmm, I wish to find out o bt let me guess sha. I think Don is either a married person, not what he presents himself to be or a pay job person by a clients cus am thinking ow was Don able to loacate her plc if he is a responsible man n what he call himself cus dey suppose to meet like coincidence not like a buizness guy.

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