(Episode 11) Only Difference Between HERE & THERE is “T”… A Creative Story!

(Episode 11) Only Difference Between HERE & THERE is “T”… A Creative Story!

Going into the maximum-security prison, Nene knew it would take more than a painted skin to pass through security…… Everything was way over her head but Wale was skilled in ways she could not even begin to comprehend. Wale hacked into the Supreme Court’s roll of lawyers practicing in Nigeria and got her an alias. She had to take on the identity of Benita, a young lawyer barely out of law school. She wore a long black hair wig and strapped on a pair of crystal shell eye glasses. Her outfit was a well-tailored suit and a pair of black pumps. Her legs were encased in a sleek pair of panty hose.

Nene: “How do I look?” she asked standing before Wale.

Wale: “You look killing, if I was a judge and saw you in court, I would swing the case in your favour”

Nene: “Oh not that, do I pass for a lawyer retained by the man behind the assassination of the president?” she asked, clucking her tongue.

Wale: “You can pass for anything right now. I wonder though why you hide behind those ridiculous abaya. Were you doing it for Najim?” he asked, and realized too late that the fragile cheerfulness Nene had, had been broken by the mention of Najim. Her face crumbled and she turned away from Wale, picked up her bag and marched to the door.

Nene: “Are you coming or not?” she asked from the door.

When they got to the prison, Wale parked the car a little distance from the gate, and alighted. He looked to the distance and saw the intimidating entrance of the prison, with its high walls. It gave him shivers to think of Nene going into the prison, with no guarantee of her coming out He had done his best by watering the hands of someone with authority in the prison, to give Nene a free pass He hoped it would be enough. He looked at her and prayed in his heart that things would be alright and she would get all her heart desires.

Nene: “Staring is rude” she said adjusting her skirt

Wale: “You are very brave, and the world must hear of your bravery”

Nene: “I do not wish for the world, I only wish for peace” she replied

Wale: “Godspeed baby” he said and pulled her into his arms…. She stiffened for a moment, but she relaxed and melted into the embrace

Nene: “Thank you for all you are doing” she said and pulled away. Without looking back, she walked away, towards the prison gate. The farther she went from Wale, the more he prayed that she would walk out of that building free.

Nene also had the same prayer on her lips, she prayed that things would go well and she would come back out alive and well. When she got to the gate, her hands shook as she stated her name to the security, and then she asked for a man, who was a senior staff at the prison. The guard looked at her quizzically and then dialled a number, he turned away from her and spoke into the phone. After which he turned back and opened the barricade, to let her in.

Guard: “Welcome to Kuje prison” he said and Nene walked tentatively inside the prison. The guard asked another guard to take her to the senior staff she had asked for.

When she got into the office, she looked at the breast of the man sitting behind the mahogany table and saw that he was a Yoruba man. He told her that Wale was the only Youth he respected in the whole country, and if he wanted something, he gave him. Nene nodded enthusiastically as the beefy man narrated how he had met Wale. Nene tried as much as she could not to show disinterest, even though her legs ached from standing in one spot. The man was not even courteous enough to give her a seat before going on his long sermon. Thankfully, he ended the sermon and asked another warden to take Nene to the visiting room. She had almost stepped out of the office when the man called her back. He didn’t call her by her real name, but her alias, and it took her a few seconds before she realized she was the one being called.

“If I were you, Miss Benita, I wouldn’t waste time on that man, nothing can save him now. It is a pity though” he said.

Nene: “Why do you say so. Do you think the man was behind the assassination of the president?” she asked.

Man: “Well, it doesn’t really matter now. The northerners want someone to pay for it, and they are blaming the Igbos, they have an Igbo man accused of it, so they have their scapegoat” the man replied.

Nene: “Thank you, but if this man is innocent, I intend to fight for his freedom” she said passionately.

The man just smiled sardonically. He had met a few fresh from law school lawyers, with a burning passion to save their client. But they soon came face to face with reality, which was like ice water poured on their burning passion. If he only knew that the young lady standing before him, had all the motivation to save this man, for he was not just any man, but her father.

The guard led her to the visitor’s lounge where she sat and waited for her father to be brought to her. She soon realized that this was not the usual visitor’s lounge as there was only one section for the inmates and their visitor. It was a private visiting room. She was looking around when the door opened and a man she barely recognized as her father was pushed in. His hands and feet were handcuffed. His beards were overgrown and his eyes were swollen.

She stood up abruptly and it took all her resolve not to rush into his arms like daddy’s little girl. She steeled herself and clutched the end of the table. Her eyes teared up, but she tried to take her mind from the picture before her and think of happier days, so that she wouldn’t cry and make the guard who was unshackling her father suspicious.

Nene: “Why has my client been maltreated?” she asked, pushing grit into her voice. She had read a few law terminologies just enough to throw around if the need arose.

“You will have to take it up with my superiors” he replied and left the two of them, telling them they had just twenty minutes.

The moment the door closed behind them, Nene rushed forward and held her father’s hand. The latter looked at her wryly, and removed his hands from her hold.

Nene’s father: “Did they send you to me?” he asked, with a devious look in his eyes.

Nene: “It is me Nene, I had to disguise myself to get to you”

He looked at her, trying to ascertain the truth of what she had said. Prison had thought him not to trust anyone, he had trusted someone and it had landed him in prison.

Nene’s father: “What did I get you for Christmas last year?” he asked suddenly Nene burst into a chuckle

Nene: “Really father? Alright, you got me an ugly looking monkey and I kept asking if you still thought I was a little girl” she replied, and a smile broke out on her father’s face. It was like sun rising out of a cloudy sky.

Nene’s father: “I have always known you were meant to come as a man. My Adaugo” he said beaming with smiles.

Nene: “Father, I came because I want to know the truth, there is so little time and we cannot waste any minute”

Nene’s father: “Did you go through all this trouble to ask me if I masterminded the assassination of the president? I want to believe you came for something better”

Nene: “I want to believe you are being accused wrongly, but I need to know why. The real perpetrators have to be brought to book” she said aggressively.

Nene’s father: “I am being accused because I found out some members of the Biafran movement were corrupt. They were not just stealing money, somebody was paying them money to agitate for Biafra. While we were working to salvage, the deal we have been dealt as Igbos, our very brothers were sabotaging the work we were doing. I complained and became nosy, trying to find out who was paying the piper. Here I am”

Nene: “Did you in anyway find out who was paying the piper?”

Nene’s father: “No, but I told my suspicions to a close friend, and he told someone. He betrayed me, however, he warned me that things would soon get hot and I should leave Kano, but it was too late. They lined up officers I had never seen before to say that I was plotting a coup with them”

Nene: “Where the officers now?”

Nene’s father: “Definitely not in prison. However, there is one word that I saw in many communiques between one of our brothers and the person behind the scenes. Mistletoe, I don’t know if it is a name or a code. I know Mistletoe is a flower connected with death, wonder how that will help you” he said dejectedly. He didn’t have any iota of faith in his daughter

Nene stood up abruptly from the chair, almost throwing the chair backward. She peered into her father’s face, with wide eyes. Mistletoe was Nabila’s alias, what did this mean? Before she could ask any more questions, the warden entered and signalled the end. He came in and shackled her father again, while another escorted her out of the building.

They had just exited the administrative building and was almost at the gate when the unbelievable happened. This gave Nene a whole new perspective, and then she heard a call behind her.

“Ms Benita” the voice said, she turned and saw a man she didn’t know, with two wardens walking towards her. She turned to the other thing she had seen.

Question: What did Nene see, and will she be able to leave the prison successfully?

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  1. This is serious o, could Nabila alias Mistiletoe be the mastermind of all this furore. What is her intake in all these, is it because of her so called love for Najim? and then get involved in a syndicate to get rid of Nene and her family, hidden behind tribal war. May God see Nene through mainly because of her pursuit for PEACE and to expose the camelion/traitor in their clan/society.

  2. But can Wale be trusted as well, but one can see the intimate interest in him for Nene, am afraid o. Nene may God see you through.

  3. things are getting more interesting. she will get out safely if she is courageous enough. I believe she saw Nabila’s father

  4. Its either she saw Nabila or can’t really guess. Her going out successful is not dat guarantee bt wit d hlp of her braveness n courage to speak. Also wale to be on alert 4 her

  5. resilient in painting biafra black but no matter how you people try or who is paying you people biafra shall come out stronger as one of the greatest country in the world, all hail biafra

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