(Episode 13) Only Difference Between HERE & THERE is “T”… A Creative Story!

(Episode 13) Only Difference Between HERE & THERE is “T”… A Creative Story!

When the prison officials tried and failed to catch Nene, they resorted to getting the truth from the inmate that she had come to see. Nene’s father was taken to the interrogation room and asked the true identity of the lawyer that had come to see him.

Nene’s father: “Whoever she told you she is, is what she is. I did not know her before today” he said bowing his head down, and praying in his heart that his daughter had fled to safety. He had seen in the news that his eldest daughter was dead, while the whereabouts of his wife was unknown. Nene was all he had left, and he didn’t want to lose her, even though he was not sure of life himself.

Prison Warden: “I am asking you nicely now, because when I put my men to use, you will talk involuntarily” he threatened

Mazi Okeke: “You have not been able to torture me into confessing for a crime I did not commit, why do you think torture will work for you this time?” he asked with a sly smile that looked crooked on his swollen face.

The Prison Warden wiped the smirk off his face with a blow to his lips. His knuckles split and spurted blood, from the force of the blow.

Mazi Okeke: “Such a bully, are you going to bully me into my grave?”

Prison Warden: “It is good you know that the end of all these, can only be death. But after your death, do you want your family to be safe? That should be at the back of your mind while you decide whether to cooperate or not” he retorted, wiping his hands with a handkerchief.

Mazi Okeke: “What family are you talking about, the dead one? If you knew where they were, you wouldn’t be bullying me into telling you the identity of my lawyer. You think it is my daughter who came, don’t you?” he spat blood out of his mouth, and he could swear a few teeth went with it. He wondered if he would have any teeth left, by the time he went to his grave. A little voice told him his daughter would find the evidence that would save him, but he doubted that there was anything she could do. She was fighting against powers in high places, and she was way in over her head.

Mazi Okeke: “How much is your conscience worth?” he asked, raising his head defiantly.

Prison Warden: “You wouldn’t be talking when I am done with you” he fired back and nodded at his subordinates. One of them brought a bucket of water and dipped the inmate’s legs in it. Then another handcuffed his hands behind him, and another removed his shorts and clipped his penis with a pair of tongs connected to an ammeter. Nene’s father knew what was coming, he had seen this too much in movies, not to know what it is. He steeled himself for the agony that was coming, and clamped down his lips to stop himself from crying. He had to be a man even in this torture.

Prison Warden: “You can just tell me who the woman is that came to see you and what you told her” he said, watching him like a predator would a prey. Nene’s father said nothing, his lips were clamped not just to stop himself from crying, but also to stop himself from talking. The prison warden gave the go-ahead and the ammeter was switched on. The first shock waves hit his body and he tried to bear it, but all those movies he had watched in the past did not prepare him for the agony that rocked his body. Even all the injuries he sustained while serving in the army did not prepare him for this pain. The pain chased his soul to the brink of escaping his body. His lips split open and a painful scream escaped his lips. Every dignity he had was forgotten as he screamed and begged for the pain to stop.

Prison Warden: “Tell me what I want to hear, and this will stop” he said quietly

Mazi Okeke: “I… will… talk” he stuttered, sweating profusely.

The prison warden gave a signal for them to switch off the ammeter. Blood was coming out of his nose and ears; it was like his system was frying up.

Prison Warden: “Think carefully what you are about to say because, when they switch it back on, the current is going to be higher” he said slowly like he was talking to a little child.

Mazi Okeke: “Fuck you” he spat the blood in his mouth on the Prison Warden’s face. The Prison Warden got so angry his veins throbbed in his head.

Prison warden: “Guys, increase the current, fry his brain if you have to” he said and turned to leave but was stopped at the door by a man dressed in babriga. The man said ‘stop’ and the guys snapped into focus.

Man: “Everything has to be legit, we cannot risk having brows raised” he said slowly and quietly, but Nene’s father heard everything. He reasoned that, if they not afraid of discussing in his presence, it must mean they were not going to let him go alive. He also realized that this was the one who dictated the tune. But who was he and what was his interest?

The wardens hoisted him up from the chair and took him back to his cell. They dumped him on the lean mattress, and removed the handcuffs from him. When the door closed on him, he was thrown into darkness and it seemed to heighten his realization that this was a fix he was not getting out from. For the first time since this nightmare began, he cried.

He remembered life as it used to be, his wife and children, and he wondered if it was not foolish of him to have championed the cause for his people. He remembered the warnings of his wife, and he wondered if he was wrong. After all, it was his own kinsman that had betrayed him, it was his own kinsman who was collecting money and leading his people to the slaughter. Perhaps he should have minded his family and left every other thing. Restructuring indeed!


Back in the outside world, Mazi Okeke’s closest friend who he had confided in about his suspicions was now in charge of the struggle. It was a wonder though that he didn’t care about the Igbos that were being killed in Kano, but was more interested in the fact that the Vice-President, who is Igbo, has not been sworn in as President, according to the provisions of the constitution. This agitation for the Vice President to be sworn in as president, gave credence to what the Hausas were saying about Nene’s father assassinating the president so that his kinsman could be president. It further aggravated the Hausas and the violence spread from Kano to other northern states, and even the West. These actions of Mazi Okeke’s closest friend, painted all Igbos in the bad light, everyone including the minorities saw them as domineering bigots, determined to dominate the country. So, it was not a surprise to see attacks on Igbos in many parts of the country, including the South-South.

Nene saw this and knew she had to change the narrative. But she wondered how she could achieve this feat, when she had no tangible evidence to show that her father and majority of the Igbos were innocent, and that there were people pushing the country to war, and blaming it on the Igbos.

Wale: “Perhaps you have something you can use, it is not much but it is something” he said, answering the question she had only asked in her heart.

Nene: “I know the men who confessed to the coup plot are not in prison. That should cast doubts, but it is not enough” she quipped.

She went back to her Facebook group and made this post.

Good people of Nigeria, from the East to the West, North and South, the Igbos have been vilified as the devils destroying the country. But read me today, there are people who want the country to go to war, and they want the Igbos to suffer for it. Mazi Okeke is innocent, he is being framed. Ask them, where are the officers who confessed to plotting the coup with Mazi Okeke? I can tell you where they are because, they are not in prison. They are somewhere enjoying the blood money that their conscience was bought with. May the blood of all those who have lost their lives in this deliberate pursuit of anarchy, be on them and their families to the seventh generation. We have been sold a scam, the Igbos were not interesting in ruling Nigeria, they wanted their own country, why then would they assassinate a president and be clamoring for the Vice-president to be sworn in. They want you to believe that the Igbos are interested in ruling and dominating the country. Open your eyes, Nigerians”

Somewhere in a dark office, a man was sitting in a revolving chair and a phone was stuck to his ear.

Man: “Nabila, I thought you were working on terminating that girl, or even discrediting her?” he listened for a while and then he terminated the call and flung the phone at the wall.

Question: Who is the man? Is it Nabila’s father or not?

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  1. Hmmm! d story is getting more complicated, I can’t even guess again. May God save Nene & her family o…. Next episode pls

  2. Story is having a twist,but I still don’t trust wale a tiny little bit,Nene should really be careful

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