Restructuring: Okun people want out of Kogi state

Restructuring: Okun people want out of Kogi state

A former Ambassador to the Gambia Segun Oladele, has called for the restructuring of the country adding that the process should include the return of Okun people of Kogi state to the South West.

Speaking with our correspondent, Oladele said that the Okun people will fare better being with the Yoruba people of the South West than in the North Central.

He said that the restructuring of Nigeria cannot be complete without merging the people of Okun land with Ekiti state “where they rightly belonged”.

The former ambassador said that the Okun people had suffered marginalisation, poverty and distrust from the three senatorial districts in kogi state.

He said such treatment does not guarantee the survival of the Okun people in the midst of such hostility.

He noted that there would be a national conference by the okun development association where issues on how to ‎move okunland forward and reunite with the yoruba race would be discussed.

Oladele, urged members ‎of the Association to speak in one voice so as to achieve the goals of the conference.

He said it was only by peaceful dialogue that Nigerians can remain as one‎ adding that their should be more clamour for restructuring rather than hate speech and breakup.



  1. it was very unfortunate that Okun people are merge with the north central,
    this is as a result of war attacks from the Fulani’s to Okun land and they were able to
    to succeed in some area which increases their land mark,
    with the call for restructuring we believe many problems will solve.

  2. please take us Okun out of the so called middle belt ,
    our cultural heritage are far from each other and we are Yoruba speaking as our counterpart in west.

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