Bring back our tax money… Maje Ayida reacts to the Lekki flood

Media personality, Toke Makinwa’s ex-husband, Maje Ayida took to his Instagram page to lament about the Lagos Island flood which has rendered lots of families homeless with several properties lost.

The Wellness Coach shared a meme of the present and ex-governors of Lagos state and wrote;

“All I see are jokes and memes. Homes have been wrecked, lives affected, but we make jokes. In other parts of the world emergency services would be deployed, what do we have, twitter and the gram. Where is the help, this is a man made problem, what are we doing? We can’t pray it away, it will keep happening unless there is actual action. Hey, at least one thing is consistent, no electricity. Relief? Aid? Maybe when they return from that UK trip or that wedding.. or maybe when @cnnafrica cover it… #lekkiunderwater”

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  1. This is a case of the uninformed powers that are in Government!!! Building road networks and building s without providing a drainage system for flood waters from rain!! Useless people!!!

  2. Unfortunately the clogged drainage system didn’t help matters but the more serious phenomenon is for heavy downpour coinciding with high tides. This causes the sea water to raise and back feed into the canals rendering the drainage system completely useless, at best.
    Best option is to elevate all structures in flood zones like Lekki, Victoria Island, parts of Ikoyi/Lagos and low-laying areas of the mainland.

  3. It’s not an issue of availability of drainage or clogged drainage. It’s the aftermath of sand- filling of the Atlantic Ocean. What is happening now is child play. Water will attempt to claim back it’s territory one day. That is call tsunami.

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