(Episode 1) The Battle For Souls … A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 1) The Battle For Souls...A Survivor's Tale

Damian: “I want a divorce.” He said quietly as he knotted his tie in front of the mirror. He adjusted the tie then turned to his wife of five years and seeing her surprised look, he sighed, “Look, darling, this is not working. We have been trying to make it work but I am tired of trying. Can’t you see that this marriage is eating us up?” he continued, walking to pick up his charcoal gray suit spread on the bed.

Osasu stood still, the t-shirt she was folding hung from her hand like a leaking balloon. “Divorce… Where did that come out from?”  she thought to herself.

Osasu: “are you seeing someone else?” she asked, putting on a brave face on while her heart pattered pi-ti-ti-pat with fear.

Damian: “It is not that. This marriage died a long time ago, we have been giving it air with the night outs, the vacations and the counseling but it is not working. I still have a long life ahead of me; you still have a long life ahead of you. Why waste it fighting a losing battle?” he said looking at her sideways as he slipped his hands through the suit sleeves.

Osasu: “Who is the girl?” she asked, her voice trembling.

Damian looked at her and sighed again. He sat down on the bed, backing her. He scratched his well trimmed beard in indecision

Damian: “her name is Bukky. She is pregnant for me…two months” he replied. “But that’s not the reason why I am asking for a divorce.” He added quickly, turning to look at her.

Osasu’s head was bowed, her weave covered her face from his view. Her hands twisted the t-shirt she was holding slowly. Damian watched curiously then he saw the tears fall and splatter on the floor. He stood up, unsure of what to do. He walked to her and held her close

Damian: “It’s okay darling. Let’s talk about this when I return from my trip, okay.” He said, trying to soothe her nerves.

Osasu: “I don’t want a divorce. Where will I go? Who will marry me at this age? You are killing me Dee, you have killed me.” She murmured, sobbing into his suit.

Damian disentangled himself from her crushing hug slowly.

Damian: “I have to go. My flight leaves in an hour.” He said quickly.

Osasu nodded her head, and then wiped her eyes. She quickly folded the clothes into the bag and zipped it close. She stood watching Damian as he lifted the bag and walked out of the room. She slowly followed him to the front door and watched him stand while the driver placed the bag in the booth of his car.

Osasu: “you are leaving because I am barren.” She said quietly, looking at Damian with sadness in her eyes.

Damian sighed, walked up to her, perked her on the forehead then turned and entered the car without giving her a reply. Osasu stood and watch the car drive away, her heart breaking bits by bleeding bit.


Osato stood in the airport lounge, talking on the phone. She was dressed up like traveling was an event and the airport was an event centre. She had on a black Zanotti Wedge sneakers, black fishnet stockings, blue denim skirt that barely covered a very corpulent bum, a black half crop top that showed the diamond stud on her navel as well as exposed the heaving bottoms of her scantily bra encased breast to the discerning eye, and a black leather jacket. The black offset her gleaming light complexioned skin perfectly. Her eyelashes could keep her face cool with every blink; they were that long. Then her Brazilian weave hung down to her waist in cascading curls. She had tattoos running from her neck down to her stomach, a nose ring and a tongue ring to complete the ensemble. Her appearance screamed ‘slut’ and every married woman had hate and malice in their eyes as soon as they saw her. She did not care though,

Osato: “Chief, you know I don’t like leaving my apartment for just any reason. I am not a housemaid sent to the market. When I get to Abuja, you better be packed and ready to leave. I don’t want to have to see that your monkey of a secretary stare at me like she has never seen a beautiful woman before.” She said into the phone.

Chief Omuah: “don’t worry, my dear. My bags are packed. I am waiting for you at the hotel.” He replied over the phone.

Osato ended the call with a curt ‘bye’. She looked around for a seat but everywhere was filled with people. “Money no dey, money no dey o but dem dey see ten thousand to take serve juju. Where all these ones see money wey dem wan take enter plane. Na wa!”  She thought to herself, irritated. She soon saw an empty seat by a middle aged man. She looked him over; “old suit, washed out long sleeve shirt, sole of him shoe don open mouth…wetin this one dey do for here?” she asked herself, as she sat down on the chair.

The man looked at her and smiled. She smiled slowly, her eyes betraying her discomfort.


Bishop Hezekiah, God’s Beloved, Father of All, The Powerhouse of God’s Anointing, General Overseer, Minister and Soldier of Christ, gospel singer and teacher, closed his hand in a fist as his personal assistant, prayer warrior, youth leader and chorister, Sister Rebecca’s soft lips swallowed him whole. He raised his hips in ecstasy as the girl slobbered and drooled all over his laps in worship and praise. He spread his hands behind him, looking for where to hold, his mind blank of every rational thought. The girl did something with her tongue and he knew no more.

When he recovered his balance, the girl was nowhere to be found. He panicked at first then he heard the toilet flush and the tap turned on; he sighed in relief. He saw that his organ had been cleaned and tucked back into his briefs. He got up walked to his suitcase, his stomach swinging ponderously like a big bag of jelly.

He opened it and brought out some papers. He went through the papers, nodding his head in agreement with what he was reading. The girl came out, with a towel wrapped around her chest

Rebecca: “sir you will miss your flight o. you should go and clean up.” She said, seating on the bed.

Bishop Hezekiah: “I know…Just doing some last minutes check on the sermon I intend to give at the conference.” He replied, his eyes still intent on the papers in his hand.

When he was satisfied, he dropped the papers back into the briefcase and closed it then he went into the bathroom. As soon as the shower came on, providing suitable noise, Rebecca quickly went to her phone and started sending texts feverishly on her Whatsapp App. As she sent the text, she paused to listen to the sounds coming from the bathroom. After texting, she forwarded some pictures to the person she had been texting then she deleted them from her phone. She quickly got dressed and sat down demurely on the bed.


Chief Omuah closed his phone, Osato forgotten, and watched the Time Keeper walk into the room. He was worried at being there that early. He had been summoned last night to present himself at the Grand Lodge first thing that morning. “I hope it is not what am thinking o?” he thought to himself as the Time Keeper came close to the High Seat and stood before it. The man bowed to the empty seat then he turned to face Chief Omuah, who was the only initiate in the room.

Time Keeper: “It is time sir.” He said politely, bowing formally.

Chief Omuah: “time for what?”

Time Keeper: “the ritual of cleansing has been announced sir. The Speaker saw the blood moon last night sir.” He replied politely.

Chief Omuah: “the last time I did the ritual, I almost got caught. People are suspicious as it is. Is there no other alternative to this?” he asked, worried.

Time Keeper:”the ritual will take place in a week sir. Submit the name of the volunteer in three days time.” He replied politely then he bowed his head and walked out of the room.

Chief Omuah: “did you hear anything I said? I am under suspicion…” he replied, his voice loud with annoyance and fear.

Time Keeper stopped and turned to look at him

Time Keeper: “If you do not want to comply with the wishes of the Order, please prepare yourself for a visit from the Reaper. Have a good day sir.” He said politely and then, he walked out of the room.

Question: Chief Omuah is in a tight spot; what should he do? What is Rebecca up to?

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  1. Happy to u all @ ALC&F. Hmmm I believe dis is anoda block buster story. Rebecca wants to blackmail d pastor

  2. Chief Omuah put himself in it, 4 now am less concern abt him. As 4 rebecca, she sends wot tanspire btw her and bishop hezek to someone to use against him in d future.

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