(Episode 2) The Battle For Souls … A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 2) The Battle For Souls...A Survivor's Tale

Osato fiddled with her phone for a few minutes, ignoring the man by her side. Then she dialed a number, her face filled with smiles,

Osato: “Esther, how are you?” she said into the phone.

Esther: “I am fine o. you don reach airport?” she asked over the phone.

Osato: “Yes o, but my flight dey delay. Abeg no forget wetin tell you o.” she replied.

Esther: “no worry, I go do am. I just dey baff finish sef.” She replied.

Osato: “Make sure say she do her homework before una comot o, you dey hear me so?” she asked.

Esther: “I hear.” She replied.

Osato: “where she dey make I follow am talk?” she asked.

The phone went silent for some seconds, and then a shrill voice came on the line,

Isoken: “Mummy!” she shouted.

Osato: “hey my one and only, how are you?” she asked, laughing happily.

Isoken: “I am fine. Grandpa is taking me to see the zoo today.” She replied, excitedly.

Osato: “you are enjoying. Make sure you get grandpa to snap pictures. I want to see them when I return, okay?” she said.

Isoken: “Okay mummy…but mummy when are you coming back? I am missing you o.” the little girl said quietly.

Osato: “Oh…baby I miss you too. I will be home by Sunday, promise.” She replied, her hand twirling a lock of hair slowly.

Isoken: Okay mummy snap pictures too o. bye bye…I love you.” she said.

Osato: “Okay love, I love you too. Bye. Give the phone to your auntie.” She replied. “Esther, abeg if popsy ask say where i go, tell am say I go school go submit something o, you hear?” she continued as soon as Esther came back on.

Esther: “Okay. Take care o.” she said in reply. The sisters wished each other well and the call ended.

Osato dropped her phone into her purse, smiling. Her daughter was the reason why she was happy, nothing else.

Obed: “as a mother, do you think it right to be dressed like this?” He suddenly asked.

Osato: “Oga, as a father, do you think it is encouraging for you to be dressed like that?” she retorted.

Obed: “well…if I had money, I will get better clothes…” he tried to reply but Osato cut him short.

Osato: “good…you have your story, I have my own story. The moral of the story is; mind your damned business, end of story.” She replied, irritated by the man’s comment.


Bishop Hezekiah had gone, leaving the hotel room to Rebecca. She sat on the bed and dialed a number then she ended the call without letting the person on the other end pick the call. Soon a knock sounded on the door. She rushed to open it to a man dressed impeccably in black suit, black long sleeve shirt and a pastor’s collar around his neck. She spread her arms to hug him but he pushed her away as he stepped into the room.

Pastor Jeremiah: “Please don’t do that, I don’t want the remains of whatever you have done with him rubbing on me.” He replied harshly.

Rebecca: “I have had my bath and cleaned up.” She said quietly.

Pastor Jeremiah: “Do you have it?” he asked abruptly, his eyes roving around the hotel room in distaste.

The girl quickly rushed to the towel thrown carelessly on the bed and opened it. Inside it laid a black polythene bag containing a used condom still containing semen. She picked it carefully and gave it to the pastor Jeremiah. The man looked at the package and nodded his head.

Pastor Jeremiah: “you have done well. When the time is right, we will strike and cleanse the church of the seeds of iniquity and you, whom God has used to chain the devil will be set free from the bondages of sin.” He said, his eyes cold.

Rebecca: “thank you sir.” She replied, her eyes fervent.

Pastor Jeremiah: “Kneel let me bless you with my holy seed, to purify those lips that have dined with the devil.” He said as he zipped his trouser down and plunged his manhood into Rebecca’s willing mouth

Then they prayed fervently and passionately.


Chief Omuah sat in his living room in his part of his palatial mansion in the Asiokoro district of Abuja. By his side stood the bag, he had asked the maid to pack for him, for his trip with Osato. He had a glass of liquor in his hand that sloshed as he shook it slowly.

“Where will I get a sacrifice at a short notice like this? Who will I use? Osato has been with me for years. She has been loyal and even has a child for me. Will I use the mother of my child for this? Or should i get one of those street girls for use? But the Order frowns against randomly picked victims…the person has to be close to me in a way. God, how do I this? Osato is on her way already, just when I needed someone. I will have to take care of Princess, once this is done. God, this is messed up.” He thought, and then he poured the fiery liquid down his throat in one gulp,his decision made.


Osasu sat on the stool before the dressing mirror, in the room she shared with Damian, and stared at herself, as tears flowed down her face. She held their wedding picture in a tight grip, tiny veins standing with the effort. She sobbed quietly then suddenly she screamed in anger and threw the picture against the far wall.

At that moment, the room door opened, and her elder sister managed to dodge the missile with some quick reflexes that would have shamed Jet Li.

Mummy Uyi: “Osanubua Lawowo o…you wan break my head? Abeg if na so e be make i dey go my husband house o.” she shouted angrily.

Osasu: “sister I don die.” She said and burst into a fresh bout of tears.

Mummy Uyi: “You never die. Wetin happen? Why you dey cry? Damian don dey beat you? Because all these boys these days wey dey talk say dem be man, na woman body dem for dey get power o.” she said, eyeing Osasu suspiciously.

Osasu: “if na beat e dey beat me, e for good, sister. I for bear am. Damian don go give girl belle for outside!” she replied.

Mummy Uyi: “ani kin? Belle! Jesu!” she shouted, and sat heavily on the bed.

Mummy Uyi looked at her baby sister sadly as she wept and told her what Damian had told her that morning. “When you dey waka waka dat time, I no warn you? Now your belle don scatter. Hmmm…this one big o.”

Mummy Uyi: “go baff make you wear clothe. I wan carry you go meet person. Doh…Oya do…” she said in annoyance as Osasu sniffled and whimpered.


Damian entered the airport slowly, drawing along his box in a leisurely pace. He looked like an accomplished and happy man as he walked passed people but inside him his thoughts twisted in a confused and painful manner.

“God…why me? Why now? Osasu, I am so sorry. I can still see the pain in her eyes as I said those lies but I can’t reveal the truth to her. I can’t…” he thought to himself as he boarded his flight to Abuja.

As soon as he was seated on his seat in the first class section of the plane, he brought out an envelope that was creased and stained with fingerprint. He stared at the paper inside and read it for the umpteenth time then he bowed his head and wept.

Question: what do you think the paper in the envelope contained? Do you think Chief Omuah will use Osato for the sacrifice?

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  1. Hmmnn dnt knw oooo but adelove which kind prayer ermmm Pastor Jeremy and Hezika dey do with the girl kwanu! no be something… blessed sunday to everyone

  2. And “they prayed fervently and passionately” hnm… What a way to pray!! Damien is the cause of the couple not having a c hi, the envelope contains the evidence. That someone is pregnant for him is a ruse. Chief Omuah might end up using Osato for the sacrifice unless he Finds someone else suitable for it.

  3. Hmmmm, the paper is the result of the text he did nd said that he can’t make a woman pregnant. Happy Sunday

  4. I think He is holding a medical report pertaining to him. Chief as no choice dan osato bt I hope he failed.

  5. I can’t wait 4 u 2 unwrap this story. ….”and they prayed fervently and passionately ” Haba Adelove, na u ooo…keep up the gr8 job

  6. Chief Omuah will use Osato because she is the availabe sacrificial lamb.
    Damian read the result of his seminal analysis which revealed him impotent.

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