(Episode 4) The Battle For Souls…A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 4) The Battle For Souls...A Survivor's Tale

Mummy Uyi: “that prophet wey you dey see so na very strong prophet o. Na him help me when me and my husband get problem that last time when I come Nigeria. This merecin wey e give you so, go work well for you.shey you remember how e say make you use am?” she asked, turning to Osasu who sat on the passenger side of the Lexus four wheel drive, her mind far away. “Osasu!” she shouted.

Osasu came back from her deep thoughts and apologized. Mummy Uyi asked her again on her knowledge on how to use the medicine. She said she remembered and turned back to watching the houses and people along the road speed passed.

“So it has come to this? I now need charms to keep my Damian? Me, Osasu, who Damian pursued for years, I have now fallen to such desperation? Chai! That girl should pray that I don’t find her; she will know that I did not throw away my boots, I merely hung them. I can easily put them on if I want to. She should pray.” She thought to herself, ignoring her elder sister. Then it hit her that she was being asked a question.

Osasu: “you said what?” she asked apologetically.

Mummy Uyi: “I say, when your husband dey return from e journey?” she asked again, irritated.

Osasu: “Oh…next week.” She replied, distractedly. “Why are you asking?” she continued, suddenly alert.

Mummy Uyi: “I just wan make sure say you remember the warnings wey the prophet give you.” she replied.


Bishop Hezekiah watched the video of Sister Rebecca, his personal assistant, giving him a blowjob. His hand shook with fear. “God…I am in trouble. How did this happen? Rebecca, I trusted you and confided in you, how could you do this to me?” he thought as he watched.

Jackson: “A man of God like you, a whole Bishop…how will your members feel when they see this? How will your colleagues at the conference, for which you wrote that awesome sermon, see you?” he asked, grinning mischievously.

Bishop Hezekiah: “what do you want?” he asked with his eyes closed.

Man: “when we land, we will see. You can go back to your notes. I have other things on my mind.” He replied, before resting back on his chair.

Bishop Hezekiah sighed and stared at his I-pad then at the rings on his shaking fingers. He leaned back on his chair and closed his eyes in contemplation.


Osato opened her eyes. She felt disturbed. The music had dredged up old memories of events in her life, she wanted to forget. She unlocked her phone and connected to the plane’s wifi which is reserved for first class passengers. She opened her browser and was soon on Adelove.com. She looked at the current story episode on the Adelove Stories page and she settled down to read. “This might get my mind off things. I hope Chief won’t disappoint like he did the last time o?” she thought to herself as she concentrated on the story. She was soon immersed in the tale.


Damian sat in the car sent by his client, to come and pick him up from the airport. He opened his briefcase and went through the documents inside for a final confirmation of what he had inside. After satisfying himself, he brought his phone and dialed his wife. She picked on the first ring. They talked briefly; the conversation was awkward and after a minute, Damian ended the call and sighed. He dropped his phone by his side and closed his eyes.

Suddenly the car swerved and the tires squealed in a strain. He opened his eyes instantly and looked out in fear. The driver had slowed and stopped

Damian: “what happened?” he asked, turning around to look behind.

Driver: “she just appeared from nowhere. What is wrong with her?” the old man muttered as he stopped the car and stepped out.

Damian came out too and he saw a young lady getting up from the side of the road where she had fallen. He immediately ran towards her. On getting to her, he helped her stand up.

Damian: “are you okay?” he asked, worry on his face.

Ruth: “I think so. He managed not to hit me. It is not his fault really, I was deep in thought and didn’t see him coming.” She replied, checking her body for injuries.

Damian: “what are you thinking of that made you walking in the middle of the road, eh? What problem is worth you dying before your time?” he asked, angry, now that he was sure the lady was not injured.

Ruth: “who does not run from problems? Is that not the best escape? Even you, don’t you have problems you are running from?” she asked, looking at him intently.

Damian grew uncomfortable with her intent gaze and he turned away to watch the driver going around the car, checking the tires for faults and the body of the car for any scratch.

Damian: “where are you going to? We can drop you off…” he said, trying to be polite. The lady’s words disturbed him.

Ruth: “that is kind of you. Where are you headed?” she asked, smiling.

Damian told him and she smiled and said she was headed in that general direction. As they walked to the car, the driver looked at her angrily.

Driver: “twenty years of driving…I have never hit anyone, or scratched any car that I have driven.” He muttered angrily as he climbed back into the car.

The lady smiled, apologized and entered the car with Damian then they drove off.


Rebecca laid on her bed in deep sleep then slowly a light shimmered above her and slowly formed into her. She stood over her sleeping body, her body hazy like a blurry film. She was in her astral form. She turned and looked up. Her body moved with the will of her mind and she soon appeared at the throne room. She turned around but saw no one. She adjusted her gown and stretched forth her hand and picked a mask from thin air. She covered her face with the mask and stood before the throne. “Why had only me being summoned? Everything is going as planned now.” She thought to herself as she stood waiting.

Her legs were numb with waiting by the time someone came. It was the butler; ever polite, ever polished, even when giving terrible commands.

Time Keeper: “you have a problem, madam.” He said without wasting time.

Rebecca: “what might that be? Everything is going as planned. The Bishop will soon fall from his throne and the pawn, who thinks himself my master, will soon take his place. We will have the church and from there we will strike. Was that not the plan?” she asked, surprised.

Time Keeper: “indeed madam, indeed. But two pieces are been introduced into the game as we speak and one of those pieces is being introduced as a result of your manipulation.” He replied quietly, his face blank of any emotion whatsoever.

Rebecca: “Please I do not know what you are talking about. My people on the field are working hard and doing their best. I have placed the best bait before them; which is greed and power. Who will betray that?” she asked, in wonder.

Time Keeper: “who can ignore such tempting offer? Who can? But as I speak to you, your man in the plane has been distracted. Someone has a pawn in your game, madam. Someone who seems to know the game you are playing. Fix it.” He replied, quietly then he turned and walked out of the room.

Rebecca stood there confused. “I have worked hard to get to this level in the Order. This is my first major contract. What does that fool think he is doing? Who is this pawn thrown unto my board? Who dares?” she thought to herself then she closed her palms together and willed herself back into her body.

She opened her eyes and looked around. She was back in her room. She immediately picked her phone and dialed Brother Pius

Rebecca: “we need to talk.” She said as soon as he picked.


Jackson: “Amadi howfar?” he said.

Amadi:”I dey o. howfar?” the voice replied over the phone.

Jackson: “guess who i dey look for Abuja airport like this so?” he asked, looking at Bishop Hezekiah, who stood by his official car fidgeting

Amadi: “who?” he asked, his voice sounding curious.

Jackson: “you remember that your babe wey get belle for you for Ghana den she disappear?” he asked.

Amadi: “Osato!” he asked, excited.

Jackson: “one and the same o. and men, the babe is looking soft. Na first class she take from Benin to Abuja o. Her doings dey cry, my guy.” He said.

Amadi: “abeg I need to know everything. Help me track am, find out anything and everything about am. i need to know wetin she do with that belle.” His voice sounded determined and angry over the phone.

Jackson: “no worry…na small matter. Make we yarn later. I get one alignment wey I dey package.” He replied and ended the call.

Jackson turned to Bishop Hezekiah and looked at the fat scared man of God with pity.

Jackson: “Please wait here, I am going to have brief word with that lovely girl, you have been eyeing.” He said and walked away.

Question: Will Osasu be able to carry out the prophet’s instructions? Rebecca seem not to be innocent as we thought, my dears. What game do you think she is playing?

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    • Morning ALCREW&FANs,

      Somehow I think Osasu won’t be able to. Yeah surprised at Rebecca – I see she is more than an under cover but an agent of darkness with the mission of destroying bishop Hezekiah and his ministry.


  1. Osasu will not b able to now Ruth is involved. He may not showed up wen she needs to perform it. Ehn ehn,rebecca na wa o. I think Rebecca is a devil’s messenger to destroy pastors o.

  2. Osasu will not be able to carry out the prophet instructions.Rebecca and her evil and cult members what to take over the church.

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