(Episode 6) The Battle For Souls… A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 6) The Battle For Souls... A Survivor's Tale

Jackson listened as Pius expressed his anger at his deviation from the plan. He was surprised that Pius knew that he was doing something that no relationship with the ongoing business.

Jackson: “relax guy. This thing no go spoil anything. Na personal family matter wey I no fit ignore. I already have the bishop where I want him, he is going nowhere. I just want to get information. Once I get it, that issue is done. Relax, I know what I am doing.” He replied calmly.

“So Pius no trust me reach to run this matter abi? He send person make dem dey spy me shey? No wahala…” he thought angrily as he sat with Bishop Hezekiah at the back seat of the car, tracking Osato’s car. He looked at Bishop Hezekiah and frowned; the man was sleeping…he hit him and the man grunted his eyes opening in alarm.

Jackson: “how many bank accounts do you operate?” he asked as soon as he saw that Bishop Hezekiah was focused on him.

Bishop Hezekiah: “it is always about money. This is God’s money, young man. Do you want to call the wrath of God upon yourself? It is bad enough that you have kidnapped a man of God. Do not complicate it by taking his property.” He replied, pompously.

Jackson: “do I look like a member of your church? Or do you think I am one of those people you pastors feed off, with tithes, donations, offering and seed sowing? Please spare me the sermon…God dey chop money?” he asked in annoyance.

The driver chuckled from the front seat and used a cough to cover the fact that he had been listening to their discussion.

Jackson: “this is an account number. It is a dollar account. I believe you have such an account too. Good, you are going to transfer the money in the church account into it as well as the money in your own personal account.” He whispered.

Bishop Hezekiah: “that is impossible. The church account has several signatories. The church accountant, an elder and myself are signatories. Without their approval I cannot remove a kobo from that account. Wow…I guess you guys didn’t do your homework.” He said, smugly looking at the surprised face of Jackson.

Then Jackson smiled, then he laughed, then he suddenly grabbed him

Jackson: “you think you are smart ehn, you fat turd?” he whispered through his clenched teeth. He suddenly smiled and leaned back.

Jackson: “you actually think that you are the only one your little personal assistant has been sleeping with in that church?” he asked, watching the road. Then he turned and saw Bishop Hezekiah’s shocked face and he burst into laughter.

Driver: “Oga, the girl taxi don stop o.” he said, slowing down.

Jackson: “a hotel. Good, very good. It seems that we have found our accommodation. I am famished, are you not?” he asked, still smiling.

Bishop Hezekiah looked at the man with true fear. “So that little thing has been sleeping with the whole congregation. I wonder if she was telling them my secrets. God, I have been a fool. She looked so naïve…It was a set up right from the start. I should have noticed. I should have.” He thought to himself as he stepped out of the car and joined Jackson at the hotel reception desk.


Obed: “yes it is me. So it is a man that brought you to Abuja?” he asked from the driver’s seat.

Osato: “are you following me?” she asked him, a suspicious look in her eyes. “Did chief send you to come and watch me?” she continued.

Obed: “No…hahahaha…i was in Benin on a personal business. My taxi was parked here. I just arrived back in Abuja.” He replied.

Osato: “hmm…i still don’t believe you. When i see Chief, i will give him a piece of my mind.” She replied.

Obed: “I feel that God has a reason for making me meet you again.” He said as he navigated through the express.

Osato: “what is so important about our meeting that God is involved?” she asked.

Obed: “i have come to tell you that God loves you and wants you to come to him.” He replied, his eyes on the road.

Osato snorted in laughter

Osato:”Please…please spare me the preaching. You think i am the kind of person God is interested in? Do you know the things i have done?” she asked, angrily.

Obed: “Jesus, during his ministry here on earth said he came for the sinners not the saints. You are important to God. You are the reason why the gospel is still being preached all over the world. If everyone was a saint, there will be no need for the gospel.” He replied, smiling at the rear view mirror.

Osato stared at the man for a minute then she turned away and stared out through the window.”You have no idea of what i have done and where i have been. God has forgotten about me a long time ago.” She thought to herself sadly.


Osasu came out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around her chest, to meet her phone ringing. It was her mother, she quickly picked it.

Osasu: “Kor Iye” she greeted.

Iye Benji: “Osasu, how you dey?” her voice echoing over the phone.

Osasu: “fine ma. How you dey? How Benin?” she asked.

Iye Benji: “if I no call you, you no go call me ask that question abi? Abeg no waste my credit. I hear say your sister don come back from Italy?” she asked.

Osasu: “she never come see you?” she asked, surprise in her voice.

Iye Benji: “wetin she wan come do? She no go like wetin I go tell am if she near here. Anyway that no be why i call you? Yesterday night, i dream about you. You dey hear me?” she asked.

Osasu: “Iye i dey hear you.” She replied, grumbling.

Iye Benji: “ehen…i dream say you carry pot go river. When you reach there, you open the pot, come begin bring out your gold, your jewelry them dey troway inside the river. When you don troway everything finish, you come begin pack dirty wey dey near the river put inside the pot. You come carry the pot dey go back. Na so i wake up. You dey hear me?” she asked again.

Osasu: Iye i dey hear you.” She replied, sighing.

Iye Benji: “no go make anybody deceive you go put your hand for bad thing o. Before you go dey troway your gold dey carry dirty so…hmmm …no say i no warn you o. You still dey go church?” she asked.

Osasu: “I hear you Iye. Thank you. I dey go church.” She replied.

Iye Benji: “Okay o. I go meet pastor. E say make you pray o. Say the deceiver wan come take you comot for your Eden o.” She said.

Osasu stood quietly, the phone on her ears. “That girl that is pregnant for Damian abi? She wants to remove me from my marriage…Ha! She will not succeed. I am prepared for her.” She thought to herself. “Iye no worry, i dey pray.” She replied.

Iye Benji: “take care o. Make you dey careful with that your sister o. No be everything wey she tell you, you go dey believe o.” She said and ended the call.

“I dey wait for them. Let Damian return, then he will know that Osasu is not a zombie or a fool. This marriage is still death do us apart.” She thought to herself the phone still on her ear.


Osato arrived at the hotel in no time but she was already in a bad mood. The Uber driver had made her remember things she had struggled really hard to forget. She opened the door and got out of the car as the driver rushed to the booth to bring out her small box. She took some money and gave it to the man as a tip and the man smiled his thanks. As she turned to enter the hotel premises, the man excused her,

Obed: “Osato, all that glitters is not gold. Be advised, the price for salvation has already being paid. You just have to tap into the grace. Don’t be deceived.” He said.

Osato: “How did you know my name?” she asked, shocked.

The man smiled, entered the car as Osato walked towards him and drove away.


Jackson looked at Osato as she walked into the hotel and he smiled. “Amadi is going to love this.” He thought to himself. He stepped out of the car with Bishop Hezekiah. Both of them entered the hotel and booked two separate rooms. Bishop Hezekiah paid and a bellboy came to take their luggage up to their rooms.

As soon as Bishop Hezekiah entered his room, his phone started to ring. He picked it and he looked at the screen. It was Pastor Jeremiah. “What does he want now?” he thought to himself as he stared at the phone screen.

Question: What do you think Iye Benji’s dream signify? Do you think Osasu took her mother’s warnings to heart?

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    • Afternoon ALCREW&FANs,

      The dream is about the fact that the devil’s gift is always the inferior and so never to run to the devil for solution to problems.

      It does not look like Osasu is taking her mom’s advice seriously.


  1. Iye Benji’s Dream Is Abt D Charm Dat Her Daughter Went 2 Do…I Don’t Tink She Will Take 2 Her Mother’s Warning.

  2. The dream signify that her sister is evil,she will loose her home if she follow the way her sister has introduced her to…
    No,she did not…instead she think it in another way..I pray God will open her eyes early…

  3. Iya benji’s dream signify what she is abt to do will b her doom. Osasu doesn’t take it to heart @ all n will still try to proceed wit it. I jus hope she failed so as to benefit her in d future n Damian.

  4. D dream is about the herbalist place she went to and d dangers that might follow….she’s not even thinking in d direction of her mum.

  5. The dream is about the danger she wants to put herself and she didn’t border about what her mom said.

  6. Iye Benji’s dream is very clear..Osasu will end up destroying her marriage and life.She didn’t take her mum’s advice. That her sister is a bad person.

  7. Iya Benji’s dream signifies dat osasu shouldn’t allow anybody deceive her by doing wat is wrong cos she is still a complete woman.

  8. the dream is related to the charm she went to collect from the prophet, I don’t think she will follow her mum advice

  9. Her mother’s dream signified her involvement with voodoo man and unfortunately she didn’t understand it.

  10. It signify that her sister is evil, so she shouldn’t be live all she told her
    may God let her listen to the advice given for osato

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