(Episode 7) The Battle For Souls… A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 7) The Battle For Souls... A Survivor's Tale

Damian entered the hotel and went to the reception to confirm his reservation. His suite was ready, the receptionist told him and a bellboy helped him with his luggage. Ruth walked behind him slowly, her eyes roving all over the beautiful hotel. They got to the suite and the boy left them. Damian immediately went to the bed and dropped his suitcase. He opened it and brought out a file. He sat down and went through it one more time then he turned to Ruth.

Damian: “when I am done with him, I will send for you.” he said quietly. “If you are hungry, you an order for anything from room service.” He continued as he opened the door and walked out.

He went to Chief Omuah’s room and knocked. He heard a murmured ‘enter’, so he opened the door and entered. Chief Omuah was seated on a chair, a glass of liquor in his hand, his eyes bloodshot. Damian looked at the man curiously. “he is disturbed. I hope there is no problem.” He thought to himself.

Chief Omuah: “Damian my boy, how are you? I hope your trip was smooth? And your lovely wife, how is she?” he asked, his weary eyes looking at Damian up and down, a small smile on his lips.

Damian: “She is fine. She sends her kind regards. My trip was splendid. Sir, you look terrible, is anything the matter?” he asked, before he could shut his mouth.

Chief Omuah: “I am fine as an old man can be. Everything will sort itself out soon. Are you here with the documents?” he asked, bringing out his glasses and putting them on.

Damian studied the man as he brought the file and opened it. “He seemed like an old lion whose teeth have decayed, going out for its last hunt. He rises, he roars, he runs but you notice the bumbling gait, the lack of sheen to his fur…”  his thought was disrupted as the telephone rang.

Chief Omuah: “please excuse me.” He said, and then he got up and went to the phone. He picked and listened for some seconds. His mood changed slowly. He became excited as he dropped the phone back into its cradle. “You will have to come back tomorrow. Something just came up that I need to deal with immediately. Go have a drink on me. Get a young girl to warm your bed. You can use my driver to take you wherever you want to go to. We will finish this up tomorrow.” He continued, his eyes shining with excitement.

Damian nodded his head, packed the papers back into the file and left the suite. As he came out of the room, he saw a beautiful lady walking towards him, scantily dressed. He nodded his head in greeting and passed; she smiled and winked at him as she passed. He turned to see her enter into Chief’s suite.” so that is why you sent me out; a woman. This man and girls sef…” he shook his head and went to his room.


Osato’s heart was racing as she entered the suite and walked into Chief’s embrace. He was very glad to see her. In fact, he was excited. He kissed her and squeezed her; asked her about Benin, her trip, their daughter, Isoken, whom he called Princess…she looked at him, amused at his antics. He kept saying that he had missed her and that he loved her. Despite the air-conditioner blowing at its full capacity, he was sweating.

Osato: “Chief relax. I am here now. See as you are acting like a seventeen years old boy. Oya let’s go to the room and your explore as much as you want.” She said, smiling at him.

She held his hand and led chief Omuah into the room. She then prepared a bath for the two of them and they bathed together. When they came out of the tub, she oiled his body and massaged him until he was almost snoozing then she climbed on top of him and rode him. He came had, screaming her name. She laughed at him while he smiled sheepishly. He excused himself and went into the bathroom. She laid on the bed thinking of how to go about telling him what was on her mind.

The bathroom door opened and Chief came out again. He had rubbed oils on his organ and he was hard. Osato looked at him in surprise. One round was usually enough to send him to sleep, especially with the massage. “Did he take Viagra? This old man sef.” She thought to herself and smiled as he climbed on top of her and started to move his hips with deep, long strokes. After several minutes, he came again and rolled off her body. She looked at him in amusement as he laid on the bed breathing hard, then she became scared when the breathing turned to sobs. Chief Omuah was crying.

Osato: “what is it chief? What is the matter?” she asked, drawing close to him on the bed.

Chief Omuah: “I am sorry. I am very sorry.” He said between sobs.

Osato: “sorry…about what? Chief what are you sorry about?” she asked, feeling weirder by the minute.

Chief Omuah: “we have to end this relationship. We cannot continue anymore.” he said, wiping his eyes and turning to look at her.

Osato: “what! End this relationship. Chief what about our child, the years we have spent together, the promises you made, what about those?” she asked, in a panic. She had not planned for this.

Chief Omuah: “I have done a transfer of thirty million naira into your account. It will be enough to set you up for life.” He said, handing the check over to her.

Osato looked at chief in disbelief. She went to her phone and scrolled for unread messages and indeed, an alert had been sent to her confirming the receipt of thirty million naira into her account. “Jesus! I didn’t plan for this o. do I tell him now. What is the point, it is over between us?” she thought to herself.

Chief walked into the room, the bed sheet wrapped around his waist, sat down on a chair and poured himself a drink.

Chief: “I know how you feel but it is for the best.” He said, raising the glass to his lips.

Osato: “Chief, I am pregnant.” She said quietly.

The glass paused on Chief’s lips and a look of horror spread over his face. He threw the glass to the floor, shattering it to different fragments.

Chief: “you fool! You stupid cow! Do you know what you have done? Do you have any idea the enormity of your stupidity.” He asked through gritted teeth, his eyes suddenly red.

Osato stepped back in sudden fear as chief sprang up from the chair in rage; he moved with a speed that belied his age. He punched her in the face and drove her to the ground. She screamed.


Bishop Hezekiah walked around his room in another trek of worry. “How do I get out of this mess? If I give him money, will he leave me alone?” he thought to himself. He had ignored Pastor Jeremiah’s calls; about five missed calls in total. He was not in the mood to listen to the man complaints about which pastor was not doing his or her job. He had a serious migraine and his blood pressure had shot up. He turned around as he heard a knock on the door. He walked slowly like a man condemned to the door and opened it.

Jackson walked in leisurely, smiling. His eyes were dilated and his walk unsteady. “He is obviously drunk. He won’t even know what to do with the money, the fool.”  Bishop Hezekiah thought to himself as he watched him.

Jackson: “I have been thinking. I have decided that the money be transferred into two different accounts.” He said as he sat down on the chair in the room. He placed the tips of his fingers together and looked at the fidgeting Bishop then he dipped his hand into his shirt pocket and brought out a piece of paper. “Call your bank and make the transfer from the church account to this account and the one from your personal account to this other account.” He continued, handing the piece of paper to Bishop Hezekiah.

Bishop Hezekiah looked at the piece of paper then he called his account officer. He was shocked to learn that the other two signatories had signed off on the transfer. He sighed and gave the man the account numbers. After some minutes, he turned to Jackson

Bishop Hezekiah: “It is done.” He said slowly.

Jackson nodded as a text entered his phone. He got up, walked to Bishop Hezekiah and clapped him on the back.

Jackson: “you did good, my man. Stop getting involved with girls in your church, man of God…” he said, and then he laughed and walked away.

Bishop Hezekiah sighed as the door closed behind Jackson. “Now let’s find out who sent him. They will all pay.” He thought as he quickly dialed a number and spoke quietly on the phone.


Damian heard the screaming from his room. Ruth was asleep on the bed. He was seated on a chair, his laptop in front of him, doing some work he had carried along with him from Lagos. He thought it was a mistake then he listened hard. Someone was screaming in pain. He rushed out of his room, listening to find where the screaming was coming from. Several guests were standing outside their rooms in worry. He ran forward to Chief Omuah’s suite and burst into it to find Chief beating the girl, he had passed earlier on. He quickly rushed Chief off the girl and helped the girl up. Her face was purple with bruises and she was bleeding from a torn lip. He took her to his room and closed the door then he came out to meet Chief breathing hard. He stood and looked at the man; he didn’t know what to say.

Chief looked at him and burst into tears

Chief Omuah: “the foolish girl has destroyed my life, Damian.” He said sobbing.

Question: what did Chief Omuah mean by his last statement? Do you think Jackson will go scot free?

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    • Evening ALXREW&FANs,

      Obviously chief’s plans at getting a sacrificial lamb has been foiled.
      Definitely Jackson won’t go scot free.


  1. I really can’t tell if Jackson will go Scotfree but as for chief, his charm has faded I guess since osato is pregnant… that’s if she is truly pregnant oooo

  2. Hmmmm getting tougher. Definitely Jackson will be caught. Chief is confused maybe he has concluded in using Osato for the sacrifice now she is pregnant. Double wahala for dearie body….


  4. It means he can’t use her again becos she is already pregnant(dat means 2 persons),nd d shaman said someone close 2 him(1 person).

  5. Hmmmm, I think d reason 4 chief reaction is Osato’s being pregnant wen he is abt to sacrifice her. Jackson won’t go scot free like that, now Rebecca is on his trial n bishop hez

  6. Chief must not sleep & sacrifice pregnant woman 4 sacrifice, since Osato is pregnant & he has unknowingly slept with her 4 d sacrifice. He is in trouble. I doubt if Jackson will escape o, they underrate the Bishop

  7. The battle has just began Jackson will not go Scot free. Chief can’t use her any longer for the sacrifice since she is pregnant

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