(Episode 8) The Battle For Souls… A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 8) The Battle For Souls... A Survivor's Tale

Jackson called Pius as soon as he got to his room.

Jackson: “It is done. He has transferred the money. What is the next step?” he asked.

Pius: “you will transfer the money to an account I will send to you. let me speak with the others first.” He replied, sounding excited over the phone.

Jackson: “you better hurry up. I have things to do.” He said, thinking of how he was going to go about Osato’s matter.

They said their goodbyes and ended the call. Jackson feeling good with himself decided to go to the hotel lounge to relax and take maybe a bottle or two of beers and some superbly sauced chicken wings, he had seen advertised at the entrance to the hotel. As he was going down, he heard someone wailing upstairs. Curious, he climbed the stairs to the next level and saw different lodgers milling about in groups murmuring. He went to one and asked him what the matter was. The man explained that the Chief in a suite had beat up the prostitute he had hired. Jackson hissed and turned to walk away then he stopped. He went back to the man and asked him if he could describe the girl. The man did and then Jackson realized that it was Osato. “What! Which Chief be that? Dey beat my brother wife? He dey crase?” he thought to himself, fuming with anger. He asked the man for the suite and the man pointed it to him.

He barged into the room to meet the chief crying and another man standing there undecided.


The Time Keeper walked into the office on quiet feet. He stopped some distance from the only desk in the office and bowed. The desk was covered in darkness. Only a small table lamp stood on it, spreading light over a sheaf of papers held in the gloved hand of the occupant.

Time Keeper: “it is done. Hezekiah the betrayer has been dealt with.” He said in somber tones.

The figure at the desk raised its head from the papers in front of it, which it had been going through and looked at the man in front of it with calm assessment,  its face hidden in the shadows that filled the office.

Master: “is he dead?” it asked in a slurring whisper.

Time Keeper: “No he is not but he has been broken.” He replied politely.

Master:”come back to me when he is dead.” It said and went back to the papers on the desk.

The Time Keeper bowed and turned away from the desk.

Master: “and Time Keeper, fix that little matter in that hotel immediately. It is becoming an irritant. I do not like being irritated.” It said, its head still bowed over the papers in front of it.

Time Keeper bowed and left the office.


Ruth consoled the sobbing Osato as best as she could but the girl was not weeping over the beating she had just received. Her tears were more than that.

Ruth: “what are you doing with a man old enough to be your father?” she asked as she cradled the red swollen face of Osato in her arms.

Both of them were seated on the rug in Damian’s hotel room.

Osato: “what do you expect me to do? I spent four years in school prostituting for my boyfriend without graduating with a degree; not even a pass. I still went with the fool to Malaysia where we got into drug trafficking and internet scam. It was when he was arrested that I gained my senses and ran back to Nigeria, pregnant for him. Chief Omuah was the one who rescued me. He claimed the baby as his and took care of me and my family for years. What more can a girl ask for?  I just found out that I was pregnant for chief. I thought it was a good thing. I thought he would be happy. I don’t understand his rage…I don’t.” she replied, between sobs.

Ruth: “he probably has had enough of children. He has kids, you know.” She replied.

Osato: “but they are all girls. He had always said he would love to have a son. I thought I was making his dream come true. I don’t understand.” She replied, still sobbing.

Ruth: “It is alright. Damian will get to the root of the matter. Come, let me clean you up.” She said, lifting Osato from the rug and leading her into the bathroom.


Damian stared at the man that had just rushed into the room with surprise and curiosity.

Damian: “Excuse me. Is there a problem?” he asked politely.

Jackson: “this old fool dares to lay a hand on my brother’s wife? He is dead.” He said as he made a move to attack the sobbing Chief Omuah.

Damian’s eyes widened in surprise; “so the girl is a married woman? Ha! Women…This is serious o. Chief and women sef…” he thought as he stepped in front of Chief Omuah, blocking Jonathan from him.

Damian: “please, you can see that the man is not himself. Do not complicate issues. Let’s handle this more calmly please.” He said

Jackson looked from him to the sobbing Chief Omuah, his eyes red with anger, then he smiled suddenly and raised his hands in surrender.

Jackson: “today is a good day; i will not let you spoil it. Let this be the last time you will go near her. If I see you anywhere near her, you will regret it.” He said and briskly walked out of the room.

Damian sighed in relief and turned back to look Chief Omuah. He walked to him and helped him up from the floor.

Damian: “sir, I have never seen you break down like this before. What is going on?” he asked as Chief Omuah staggered to his feet.

Chief Omuah: “can you please call my driver. I would like to go home now. You will come to the house tomorrow, okay.” He replied, walking into the bedroom.

Damian watched the man, “he suddenly looks frail and weak. He must have had a shock of some sort. What did that lady do or say to him?” he wondered as he walked back to his room.


Pastor Jeremiah listened in shock as the church financial secretary told him that the church account had been emptied. It never occurred to him that the reason lied in the video and pictures he had with him. He didn’t know that Rebecca had her own mission. After he left the secretary’s office, he immediately sent mails to the members of the church governing council inviting them to an impromptu meeting the next day. When he had sent the mails, he sat back smiled. As far as he was concerned, the church was his. He had no need to even use the charms, pictures and the video to influence Bishop Hezekiah’s removal.

He turned his mind to Rebecca. He needed to get rid of her because she knew too much. She was a weak spot in his plan that needs to be fixed. He poured himself a glass of chilled juice in his office and smiled as a superb plan came to him.


Bishop Hezekiah woke up the next day, got dressed and quickly boarded a taxi with directions to a church hall, where the conference was being held. He was welcomed and he quickly assumed his seat. As the convener rose to give his welcome address, his phone started vibrating in his suit pocket. He excused himself and stepped out of the conference room. He looked at the number, it was an unknown number. He picked it carefully,

Bishop Hezekiah: “hello.” He said carefully.

Rebecca: “Hezekiah, no one leaves the Order. You have been checkmated. Game over.” She replied over the phone.

Bishop Hezekiah: “Rebecca you witch! After all I have done for you, this is how you repay me. Do not worry, I will get you!” he replied, whispering through gritted teeth, his eyes flashing with anger.

He ended the call angrily and after a few deep breath to calm himself, he returned back into the conference hall.

On entering the hall again, he was surprised to see every one staring at him with different expressions on their faces. Some were obviously angry and looked at him with disgust while some were sad.

Bishop Hezekiah: “what is the problem?” he asked, his heart beating fast.

Convener: “you have been excommunicated from your church as a result of allegations of embezzlement of church funds and fornication with members of the choir.” He said sadly.

Bishop Hezekiah stared at the man, his words sinking into his brain slowly, disbelief in his eyes. “I can still fix it. i can…God…the Order!” he grasped his chest and groaned then he slowly slid to the floor. The hall went into pandemonium as they tried to get help, offer first aid and offer advice on how best to carry out the first aid. By the time, they finally got him into a car, headed for the closest hospital, Bishop Hezekiah was dead.

Question: what do you think will happen to Chief Omuah now that his intention for Osato has failed? Do you think Pastor Jeremiah will be made general overseer of Bishop Hezekiah’s church?

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  1. jeremiah will not be the general overseer and chief will also have to die if there is no other way. WITH ADELOVE.COM LONLINESS IS JUST A STORY

  2. Eeyah, c ow u end ur life bishop. Chief omuah will face whateva await him since no one else to put dwn. I dnt think pst jere will b d G.O

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