(Episode 10) The Battle For Souls… A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 10) The Battle For Souls... A Survivor's Tale

Pastor Jeremiah: “baba I do not have any need for the charm anymore. Can I just throw it away?” he asked, staring at the babalawo that had prepared the charm in the first place.

He had come back to the man after he had thought hard about Rebecca’s threat and Bishop Hezekiah’s death. “It pays to be prepared” he thought to himself in his office. He had other resources at his disposal but they would demand him drawing attention from dangerous quarters. This was why he had resorted to the babalawo.

Babalawo: “no o! You cannot just throw it away o. The power is still portent and unused. If the power is not used, it will come back to you o. You will have to appease the juju with a sacrifice and then it’s power will fade away.” He replied, astonished at Pastor Jeremiah’s suggestion.

Pastor Jeremiah: “can I use it on someone else?” he asked, slowly.

Babalawo: “you can but it will need some changes. You will have to get something from the person. So I can rework the charm. You have just seven days after the day that the charm was supposed to be used to carry out the adjustment. If you don’t do it or nullify its power, the consequences will be disastrous for you o.” he said.

Pastor Jeremiah: “what do you mean by disastrous?” he asked, surprised.

Babalawo: “the charm will take something from you. It could be your life, your sanity, your power or someone close to you. it could be anything but you will regret it.” He replied.

Pastor Jeremiah thought about it as he left the shrine to his car. Rebecca needs to be dealt with. This is the best plan. It is better than getting her killed.” He thought as he entered his car and drove off.


The Order’s headquarters was situated in a nondescript bungalow in the suburbs of Abuja. The street was a quite private with rarely a child or a car passing there, even at the busiest time of the day. Rebecca had confirmed from Pius that the money from the church account had entered the dollar account given to Jackson. She had done a quick transfer of the whole money into the Order’s account using the bank app on Pius’ phone without his knowledge, after which she deleted the bank alert sent to his phone. She had advised that they wait for some few days before doing any transfers in case the money is being tracked somehow and Pius had seen reasons with her. He did not know that the account was quite empty.

She knocked on the gate and whispered a password that gained her admittance into the premises. The security here was quite tight. There were close circuit TV cameras placed at strategic locations as well as well built men patrolling the premises, the telltale bulge on their hip, an obvious sign that they all carried guns. The fence was electrified without any warnings attached to it. This was to lure unsuspecting victims to try it. At night, fearful looking dogs were added to the ensemble, thereby making the place a difficult place to maneuver.

But this was not the true security. The true security of the order’s headquarters was the being seated behind the large desk staring at Rebecca from the shadows that played around its head. Rebecca stood before it, sweat trickling from her neck into the space between her breasts, her heart beating a rapid thud against her ribs. Time Keeper stood to the side, his hands folded behind his back, his face revealing nothing of the thoughts in his head.

Master: “My dear Rebecca, you have done the Order a huge service. Hezekiah had forgotten who his masters were and where his powers came from. His shame and death will be a deterrent to any member who thinks they can avail themselves of our services when in need then refuse to pay their dues. Time Keeper, please make a transfer of five million naira into her account.” It said, turning to Time Keeper, who bowed his head in acknowledgement. “I understand that the persons involved in the job are still hanging around. It would be nice if you finish the job, don’t you think so, Rebecca?” he asked, politely.

Rebecca: “I will finish it sir. I had already started the process when the summons came that i should come to Abuja in person sir.” She said, licking her lips, her eyes darting from the figure to Time Keeper.

Master: “yes your summons…there are two persons I want you to take care of. I want them dealt with but it should be in such a manner that people will think they died as a result of family troubles. They have become a hindrance to a project that is almost complete here in Abuja and part of their involvement is as a result of your outsourcing. Pawns are disposable I know but one has to be able to direct their paths while they are still in the game, yes?”

Rebecca: “I will fix it sir.” She replied, tense.

Master: “if you don’t…” he paused and picked up a doll that was placed on top of some papers. A rope was attached to the dolls neck. He held the rope and tugged at it.

Immediately Rebecca felt her windpipe constricting as an invisible rope strangled her slowly. She held her throat, her other hand stretched towards the figure, her eyes popping out of her head in fear. Veins appeared on her forehead and face turned purple as she choked to death.

Suddenly the pressure ceased and she drew her first lungful of painful air, tears streaming down her face mingling with sweat.

Master: “enjoy your money. Do have a pleasant time in Abuja.” He said, as if nothing had happened, his bony finger caressing the doll.

Rebecca shivered and staggered up from the floor. She gave the figure a shaky bow and walked slowly out of the room. “Those people are dead.” She thought, her body still shaking with fear.


Osato looked at the men and the lady in the room with her. She did not care anymore.

Osato: “I am going home. If you want to tag along like a leech feel free but do not disturb me.” She said to Jackson. She turned to Damian, “can you drop me off at the airport? You still have the driver and chief’s car right?” she asked him.

Damian nodded his head and looked at Ruth, who shrugged and turned away. He helped Osato carry her box and they stepped out closely followed by Jackson. Outside, Damian called the driver and when he came, joined Osato in the car. Jackson stopped a taxi of his own and asked the driver to follow them.

Damian: “what are your plans? I hear your husband is back in town.” He said, watching her.

Osato did not reply. She had her phone to her ears, her face screwed in worry. The person on the other end picked.

Osato: “Esther, Amadi don come Nigeria. Abeg you make your eye dey my pikin body o. Tell popsy too. I dey road dey come.” She said, speaking rapidly. She said goodbye and ended the call then she turned to Damian,

Osato: “Amadi is not my husband. Yes, he is the father of my daughter but we were never married.” She replied, hotly.

Damian: “but you deceived chief into thinking the child was his. Why?” he asked.

Osato: “Mr goody goody, please stop asking me questions. Have you never found yourself in a place where you had no choice to but to fake something, pretend to be somebody, tell a lie?” she asked, eyeing Damian up and down with her long lashes.

Damian: “I am not perfect but I will not do anything to hurt the people I care about. That is where I draw the line.” He replied, quietly.

Osato: “you mean like not telling that pretty woman waiting for you back at the hotel that you are HIV positive?” she asked.

Damian’s heart stopped beating. He turned and looked at Osato closely.

Question: Damian is HIV positive, is that why he wants to leave his wife? What is the relevance of Osasu’s charm now? Which persons do you think the master was referring to when he spoke about a hindrance to a project?

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    • Afternoon ALCREW&FANs,

      HIV….perhaps, could be a reason for Damian to act so.
      The charm had no relevance from the start seeing that Damian truly loves his wife perhaps confused yet.

      The hindrance would be Damian & Osato but I think worse case Osato will survive. Damian too, has good hope.


  1. HIV ke.hmmmmm!!! na wa ooooh. no wonder he wants to divorce his wife..how come osato got to know that Damian is HIV positive maybe chief told him.complicated.

  2. HIV positive…? But the guy just said he will never hurt those he cares about , how come infidelity ?………anyway. I think Jackson & Amadi should beware of sis Rebecca they are her next assignments from the Master.

  3. I think that’s more reason Damian want to leave his wife 4 her safety but now osas don’t knw abt it n her charm is jus waste of effort. Thou I hope she heed to her mum’s dream n stay away frm such. I think d Master hindrance talking abt his either Damian, Osato or jackson.

  4. That probably could be his reason for leaving his wife. Osasu’s charm is meaningless, though the husband loves her much but i don’t think she’ll want to remain tied to Damien with this realisation.. The master could be referring to anyone ranging from Damien, Pius, Osato or Jackson.

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