(Episode 11) The Battle For Souls… A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 11) The Battle For Souls... A Survivor's Tale

Jackson looked at his phone as it rang. It was an unknown number. He picked the call and answered

Jackson: “hello, who is this please?” he asked.

Rebecca: “am I on to Jackson, Pius’ friend?” she asked over the phone.

Jackson: “yes, who is this please?” he asked again.

Rebecca: “this is Rebecca, Pius’ girlfriend. I am in Abuja, we need to see.” She said.

Jackson: “I am sorry but I am on my way to Benin. I am headed to the airport now as we speak.” He replied, slowly, thinking on the reason behind the call.

Rebecca:”I have got a job for you. I want us to seat and discuss it.” She said.

Jackson: “I have a family emergency I need to sort out. If it is really important, I will be in Benin.” He replied and ended the call.

Rebecca hissed in frustration. She needed Jackson so she can complete the task assigned to her. She paced around the flat allocated to her in the street, where the Order’s headquarter was located. She needed information and she needed it before Jackson boarded the plane and disappeared. She dialed the Time Keeper

Rebecca: “I am sorry to disturb you like this but I need information.” She said quickly. The line was silent for some seconds

Time Keeper: “we are collecting and one of our hosts is almost ready. His name is Chief Omuah. He will be able to give you information on the people you are looking for.” He replied and ended the call.

Rebecca looked at her phone and immediately a text entered her phone. She opened it; it was the address of the chief. She smiled, “finally progress. Let’s get this over it. I have a certain pastor to haunt.” She thought to herself.


Chief Omuah sat in his palatial sitting room staring at the television in shock. On the screen was Bishop Hezekiah’s picture. His death at a conference plus the scandal that led to it was already making news. This was the first time, he was seeing it. This was the first time he was seeing Hezekiah after he stopped coming to meetings and paying his dues, after he quit the Order. “God…The old fool; did he not know that the master never let anyone leave? What was he thinking? That he would be allowed to live his life to ripe old age, enjoying the wealth and power he got from his membership to the Order. He was a fool.” He heard the clock ring the hour and he almost jumped out of his skin. “It seems I am treading his path very soon. God, how did it get to this level?” he sighed and leaned back on the chair, watching the television blindly.

Suddenly, the wall by his side shimmered into a hole into nothing and a black shoe stepped through, followed by long limbs until finally Time Keeper was standing in his sitting room. Time Keeper bowed;

Time Keeper: “Omuah, we have encountered a difficulty, it seems?” he asked, ever polite.

Chief Omuah: “Please give me time. The girl, she was pregnant. I could not use her as the Order will not accept such. I am working on something, please.” He replied, quickly, fear in his eyes.

Time keeper waved his hands, like it didn’t matter. He walked around and stared at the picture of Bishop Hezekiah, showing on the television screen

Time Keeper: “Hezekiah…he would have been a high priest by now. It is sad to see such talent go to waste, don’t you think?” he asked, staring at the television. Chief Omuah looked at the television then at Time Keeper, bile flooding his throat as fear constricted his stomach, sweat trickling down his face. “A young lady is coming here. Please give her all the assistance she requires. Have a good day, Omuah.” He continued.

Time keeper walked close to the television and looked at the video of Bishop Hezekiah preaching in his church.

Time Keeper: “I hate losing friends. He was a friend, you know?” he asked, turning to look at Chief Omuah, whose eyes were glued to him in confusion. Time Keeper smiled and walked away from the television and disappeared.

Chief Omuah was just regaining his breath when his gate bell rang.


Osato finished getting her ticket in no time. She turned to Damian

Osato: “I don’t know how to thank you for saving my life. I am very grateful.” She said quietly.

Damian looked at her. He had not spoken to her since she told him that she knew he was HIV positive. He had been angry with her but he had said nothing.

Osato: “about the HIV thing, I think you should tell your girlfriend o. do not keep her in the dark.” She said

Damian: “she is not my girlfriend. She actually came see Chief Omuah.” He replied.

Osato: “so you are his pimp too?” she asked, suddenly angry.

Damian: “I am not a pimp.” He replied equally angry. He went on to tell her Ruth’s story. Osato shook her head in annoyance. She brought out her phone.

Osato: “give me your account number. Chief transferred a huge amount of money to me last night before the fight. When you get back to the hotel, you can give it to her from me. She should not demean herself and sleep with a man because of a debt owed her husband. If her husband finds out tomorrow, he will not understand.” She replied.

Damian looked at her curiously then he gave her the account number. She immediately transferred three million naira into Damian’s bank account. After she did that, she gave Damian her number, asking him to call her from time to time. She said goodbye and she left him standing there staring after her. Who saw her wouldn’t have known the weight she was bearing on her shoulders then, her face still stained with the marks of Chief Omuah’s heavy hand. All they will see is a scantily but expensively dressed slut going back home after selling her body to Abuja big men during the weekend. Damian sighed and walked out of the airport, back to the car.

As he got to the car, he saw Jackson stepping out of his taxi and paying the fare. He watched him until he was done and he turned to meet his eyes. Jackson walked up to him

Jackson: “I suggest you stay away from her henceforth. I do not know your connection to her but you seem a nice, gentleman. Don’t get involved in issues that will cause you problems. Also tell that your oga that we will be seeing him soon; my brother and i. he thinks because he is rich, he can go about molesting people’s wives, right? I have a shocker waiting for him. Have a good day, my friend.” He said, patted Damian on the shoulder and entered the airport.

Damian turned to watch him go. He shook his head and entered the car that had brought him over. When he arrived at the hotel, he discovered that Ruth was no longer in the room. He called her line but no one answered. He was worried. “I hope she has not gone to Chief’s place o. now she has no need to sacrifice herself o. There is money now for her.” He thought to himself and quickly dialed Chief Omuah’s line.


Chief Omuah stared at the strange girl standing at his gate. She smiled at him prettily

Rebecca: “good afternoon Chief Omuah.” She said, smiling.

Chief Omuah: “who are you?” he asked, standing at his door. At that moment, Damian’s call came into his phone. He closed the door and went back into the house.

Damian: “is a lady at your place sir?” his voice over the phone sounded breathless.

Chief Omuah: yes…” he replied slowly, looking out through the window at Rebecca.

Damian: “please don’t let her leave. I am on my way.” He replied quickly.

Chief Omuah looked at the phone then he went out and invited Rebecca into the house.

Chief Omuah: “so you are a friend to Damian?” he asked quietly

Rebecca: “Damian, yes indeed I am. Where is he?” she asked, quickly adapting to the situation.

Chief Omuah: “he is on his way. Do you care for anything? There are drinks at the bar over there, you can help yourself.” He replied as he walked out of the sitting room.

Rebecca watched him go, an impish smile on her face. “I wonder who Damian is. Something tells me, he is important to my quest.” She walked to the bar, poured herself a healthy drop of vodka and toasted her image reflecting from bar mirror.

Question: where is Ruth? Do you think Damian is in danger from Rebecca?

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  1. Ruth is either within d hotel or went somewhere bt I dnt think he is being kidnapped. Damian is in real danger o, he has mixed tinz up gan ni.

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