(Episode 9) The Battle For Souls… A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 9) The Battle For Souls... A Survivor's Tale

Ruth looked at the sleeping form of Osato. She got up and went to the phone to order for food. She was hungry after all the excitement. As she spoke into the phone, Damian entered the room and walked to where Osato was lying, asleep and stood staring at her.

Damian:”why would a married woman leave her husband and decide to go after older married men? I don’t understand it?” he asked, speaking to himself.

Ruth walked to where he stood and looked from Osato to him, “why do married men go after women outside their matrimonial home?” she asked.

Damian turned to her, mildly surprised. He had not known that she heard him. He smiled, self consciously then turned to look at Osato again

Damian: “do you know that she is married?” he asked.

Ruth: “who told you that?” she asked, surprised.

Damian: “a man came into the room, boiling with anger. He claimed that she is married to his brother.” He replied, rubbing his forehead in worry.

Ruth: “how interesting.” She replied, looking at Osato speculatively. She turned to look at Damian, “have you ever cheated on your wife?” she asked suddenly.

Damian: “never. I love my wife.” He replied hotly.

Ruth: “she called while you were gone then she sent a text while the phone was still in my hand and I was debating on what to do. The young girl was still weeping then.” She said quietly, looking at Damian sharply.

Damian: “it is complicated. It is not what you think.” He said, sighing.

He picked the phone from the table where he had left it and read the message. He sighed again and then he called his wife back. She picked on the first ring.

Osasu: “where were you when I was calling you?” she asked immediately.

Damian: “I was with my client. I forgot my phone in my room.” He replied.

Osasu: “Liar! You are with your slut, right? Damian I will rather die than let a cheap whore take my husband from me. Do you hear me?” her voice loud with rage.

Damian winced and removed the phone from his ears. He looked at Ruth who sat looking at him sadly.

Damian: “I am not with any girl. I am here on business. i told you that.” He replied, trying to speak calmly.

Osasu: “Na you know. When are you coming?” she asked.

Damian: “I don’t know yet. My client is in a difficult position right now. I will let you know when I am sure.”

Osasu: “oh…Damian why are you doing this to me? We promised each other for better or worse…why?” she asked, as she started crying on the phone.

Damian: “stop this Osas…when I come we will talk, please.” He replied softly, trying to soothe Osasu.

Osasu: “don’t talk to me like am a child, you bastard! I hate you!” she shouted and ended the call.

Damian looked at the silent phone and sighed. He looked at Ruth, who was looking at him enquiringly

Damian: “it is complicated.” He said sadly.


Osato woke up the next day, feeling like she had been on a boxing ring with a bear. Her face hurt, her body hurt and her eyes were closed shut with pain. She struggled out of the bed and moaned as her head flashed with pain. She staggered forward and stumbled into the bathroom. She closed the bathroom door behind her and went to stare at the mirror. Her face had purple bruises on it; her lip had blood on it. She pulled the bathrobe she had on and looked at the bruises that marked her body. “God…see me. Why chief do my like this? Wetin I do am? I just wanted him to be happy…” she thought to herself as fresh tears welled up in her eyes.

She put on the shower and dropped the bathrobe on the floor. She stepped into the bath and showered. She tried to wipe off the marks of the beating off her body and off her spirit but she couldn’t. As she stood in the shower, hot tears slipped out of her eyes and she wept loud; the water pouring over her face, down her body to the drain.

After several minutes, she came out of the bathroom, steaming of the heat from the hot shower she had just had and walked into the room. She looked at the strange man and woman who had saved her. They each had slept on a chair that night. She felt guilty, depriving the couple of their comfort. She quickly got dressed and starting arranging her bags properly. She checked her phone but it was switched off. She tried to put it on but the battery was flat. She needed to charge her phone and make some calls. She looked at the woman again. She went to her and tapped her. Ruth opened her eyes immediately, and on seeing her, she smiled.

Ruth: “how are you? Feeling better?” she asked, as she yawned.

Osato nodded her head and asked for a phone charger as she couldn’t find hers. Ruth showed her Damian’s charger was plugged to the wall socket. She plugged her phone and went back to packing her bags.

Ruth: “you are leaving?” she asked, walking to the bed.

Osato nodded her head and went on packing without turning around to look at Ruth.

Ruth: “Despite all this that happened and whatever thing you think you have done that makes you think you can’t be forgiven by God, he loves you and he wants you to come back to him.” she said. Osato chuckled, then she turned and sat on the bed.

Osato: “God does not care about people like me. He has forgotten about me a long time ago.” She replied sadly, twisting a shirt in her hand absentmindedly.

Ruth came and sat beside her, putting her hand around her shoulder.

Ruth: “you should trust God more. Can you do me a favour?” she asked

Osato: “what?” she asked, looking at her with curiosity in her eyes.

Ruth: “can you stay here until Damian is done with his meeting with Chief?” she asked.

Osato: “why should I do that?” she asked, warily.

Ruth: “because your story is about to change and what you decide now will determine which path it will take.” She replied quietly.

Osato looked at her for some seconds then she smiled and patted Ruth on her cheek. She got up and completed her packing and zipped up the bag. She walked to her phone and switched it on as a knock came on the room door.

Damian woke up and went to open the door. It was Jackson; he smiled

Jackson: “I want to speak to my brother’s wife.” He said.

Osato walked back to the bed, ignoring the people at the door. She placed her feet in her slippers and picked her box and bag. She looked at Ruth

Osato: “thank you.” she said. Ruth smiled sadly and nodded her head.

She walked to the door then she saw Jackson and stopped.

Osato: “what are you doing here?” she asked, angrily.

Jackson: “Amadi is in town and he is on his way here.” He said quietly.

Osato’s eyes grew round with fear. She turned to a chair in the room and sat down, her hands covering her face.

Osato: “there is no running from problems. They always come back to haunt you.” She whispered.

Damian turned fast on hearing those words. He looked at Osato speculatively then he turned to see Ruth watching him, a knowing look in her eyes.


Pastor Jeremiah sat congratulating himself at the success of the coup, he had orchestrated. He had been appointed as the general overseer of the church immediately the church board learnt of Bishop Hezekiah’s death. “I have done it. I have made my dream come true. Now I will expand the church beyond the shores of this country. This church will be one of the biggest in this country and it will be mine.” He thought to himself.

A knock came on the door and the door opened to admitted Rebecca. She walked slowly to the desk and sat down.

Pastor Jeremiah: “I didn’t invite you into my office. What do you want here?” he asked, staring at her with barely hidden disgust.

Rebecca: “you know my problem with men like you? You think you are smarter than everyone else. You also think that once a girl allows you get between her legs, she is a dummy.” She answered, smiling. She opened her purse and brought out a compact disc plate. She threw it across the table to pastor Jeremiah. “That cd contains videos of you and I in different acts of fornication and adultery. I guess, you won’t want your wife or the board to see it. Now i don’t want you dying on me like Bishop Hezekiah did. So stay healthy and remember that you are mine. I own you and this church.” She said and she got up and walked out of the office.

Pastor Jeremiah sat in his new office, staring at the compact disc plate, lying innocently on the desk before him and his shoulder slumped in defeat.

Question: Do you think Osasu will take Ruth’s advice? What is Damian hiding? Do you think there is a sin too big for God to forgive?

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    • Morning ALCREW&FANs,

      Osato has no better option now other than to listen to Ruth, surprisingly.

      Damian seems to be caught up in a messy extra marital relationship issue.

      All men stand equal before God and no sin is too big for the Almighty to forgive.


  1. Osato has no choice now than 2 stay behind nd sort tins out. God will always 4give us if we ask 4 his forgiveness

  2. Osatu will not take Ruth’s advice for now till she’s in grave danger. No sin is too big for God to forgive.

  3. I think Osato is going to follow Ruth’s advice. Damian right now may v link to amadi or concerning him n his wife issues. No sin too big or much dat Almighty God can’t forgive. Once you truly repent.

  4. Osasu should listen to Ruth for a better tomorrow. Damien is hidding the fact that he can’t make a woman pregnant. God loves sinners but hates sin. There’s no sin too big for Him to forgive.

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