(Episode 20) The Battle For Souls… A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 20) The Battle For Souls... A Survivor's Tale

Pastor Jeremiah sat in his sitting room, drinking tea. He had the day’s newspaper in his hand and he was perusing the headlines, shaking his head in disgust as he read. His wife and children had gone to her mother’s for the week. He had told them to go so that he would have space to work. He especially didn’t want them to be around for the trouble he was expecting. He turned to the side to pick the teacup off its saucer then the light went off in his sitting room. He dropped the teacup back and slowly stood up.

A red light slowly covered the room. The light had no source. The light grew brighter and brighter and from a distance, Pastor Jeremiah saw Rebecca coming, her face filled with determination. He folded his sleeves and sat on the floor of his living room. The incantation he needed to make was long, so he started early. His astral body left his physical body and he stood on the spiritual realm waiting for Rebecca who was landing.

Rebecca landed in a run, a chant on her lips. She transformed to a big snake and struck at Pastor Jeremiah, who reeled from the attack. He stared at her in anger from where he knelt then he got up and transformed into a giant bat. He flew to the desolate skies and uttered a piercing cry. Smaller bats appeared on the horizon and they plunged as one on the snake. Rebecca quickly transformed to a dust storm filled with small sharp stones that tore into the wings of the bats and blinded their eyes. The bats fell and disappeared.

Pastor Jeremiah summoned two great demons; fire in their eyes and stings on the tips of their tail. They rushed towards Rebecca even as she summoned her own demons. The demons clashed and the deserted world rang with the clash of battle between hell’s children. The fight went on for what seemed like hours then the demons suddenly disappeared. Rebecca staggered into view, her hair a disheveled mess. She spat blood and gathered power to herself and she threw everything she had in at Pastor Jeremiah. Pure darkness sprang from her and rushed towards Pastor Jeremiah.

Pastor Jeremiah staggered as the wave of power hit him. The cold seared his skin; his skin falling off his body like he had been bathed in acid. He realised suddenly that Rebecca had become stronger than the last time they had met. He struggled away from the buffeting darkness as his skin peeled away from his body. He summoned a wall of air to protect him while he gathered his strength. Rebecca confident of her victory slammed into the wall, everything within her. As she slammed into pastor Jeremiah’s protection, she took no notice of the tiny root creeping towards her. Suddenly it struck and wrapped around her legs. It drew her down into the sand and squeezed. Rebecca screamed


Damian look at his wife and saw something flicker in her eyes. For a moment, the cold gaze of a serpent had stared back at him. He moved out of her arms quickly.

Osasu: “what is it baby? You don’t want to kiss me? Don’t worry; I am not afraid of being infected by you. Come here joor.” She said, smiling at Damian.

Damian: “you are not my wife. Show yourself, demon!” he commanded.

Osasu: “what are you talking about? Come to your wife, Damian. Come and kiss her sweet lips, slip your tongue between her bra and suckle at her nipples and drive into her with your hard member again and again. Come on Damian, come and have your wife. She is your wife; you paid the bride price for her. Come.” Her voice had changed to a rough growl.

The lights in the room flickered off and on as she moved like a snake on the bed, crawling towards Damian.

Damian:”Jesus!” he said.

A bone chilling laughter filled the room and darkness descended. Damian turned around in fear. He could not see a thing. As he moved, his hand hit something. It was a book. He felt the cross drawn on the face. It was a bible.

Damian: “…Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” he said, quoting the scriptures.

He remembered everything he had seen at Chief Omuah’s place as well as all that Ruth had told him and he went into prayer. As he prayed, Osasu stopped moving. She stared at him her eyes glittering in the darkness.

Damian: “you foul spirit from the pit of hell, I command you come out in the mighty name of Jesus!” he shouted.

Osasu lifted up from the bed and hung on the ceiling like a spider. She cackled and tittered, saliva pouring out of lips to the bed. Anywhere the saliva touched smoked like it was acidic. Damian felt fear clutch his heart, so he closed his eyes and ignored the tricks of the enemy. He went on his knees and prayed. Osasu dived from the ceiling at him….she hit a blockade and fell down on the bed. She skittered like a spider up the wall, her eyes shining with the snakelike slits. She hissed in annoyance. She dove against him but was rebuffed again and again. Damian kept his eyes shut and kept on praying. Suddenly he started singing praises then he opened his eyes.

Outside room the room, something screamed and running feet was heard. Damian did not move or turn. His face glowed with powerful light. In his eyes, power shone. He felt nothing but love for his wife; for all mankind.

Damian: “my wife is not a chattel that you will own. She is not a toy that you will play with. The day we married, what was mine became hers and what was hers became mine. We became one. I am for Christ so no part of me can be for the devil. In the mighty name of Jesus, loose her and let her go!” he shouted, authoritatively.

The room shook and plaster broke off the walls, raining on the bed and the floor. Osasu opened her mouth and a flood of marine animals flowed out in a wave and rushed towards Damian.

Damian: “the Battle ended at the cross. Like a headless corpse, you do not know that you have lost. I bind you demon in the mighty name of Jesus!” he shouted again.

Osasu fell from the ceiling to the bed and started squirming like a snake. The animals disappeared immediately. Mummy Uyi crept silently into the room, her eyes full of hate and fear. She had a knife in her hand and she walked close to Damian who was focused on his wife. She raised the knife and struck.

The blow came out of nowhere and knocked Mummy Uyi. She flew against the wall, the knife falling to clatter on the ground. Before her, stood Ruth, who had crept into the house quietly behind her. Mummy Uyi grimaced in pain and uttered a word. The ground around the bed opened and hands came out from hell and grappled Osasu by the limbs. Suddenly her eyes cleared and she screamed.

Damian: “she is mine under God and I am hers. As I am a child of God, the devil will have none of my family members. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” as he said it, he dove after Osasu and caught her. He dragged her with the demons, prayers spilling out of his lips accompanied by songs of victory. Suddenly the struggle ceased and the hole closed. He fell to the ground, Osasu in his arms. He looked down at her and she looked at him, her eyes clear.

Osasu: “I was in a dream and you were calling to me. I tried to come to you but something held me back.” She whispered.

Before he could reply, the house shook again and Mummy Uyi disappeared. Ruth sighed and turned to look at Damian with a raised eyebrow

Ruth: “do you believe now?” she asked.

Damian sighed and cradled his wife closer and petted her as she wept quietly.


The Master stepped into the fight, ceasing all movement with a wave of his hands. A hole opened and Time Keeper stepped in, picked Rebecca and disappeared without a word. It was just Pastor Jeremiah and the Master.

Pastor Jeremiah: “I paid blood price for these powers. I will not relinquish it easily.” He replied, spreading his feet in preparation for an attack.

Master: “tsk…tsk…your biggest problem is that you are always on the offensive even when you are not being attacked in return. I do not care for your power, no matter what you may think.” He replied.

Pastor Jeremiah: “so why are you here? Why am I been hounded?” he asked, looking at the being suspiciously.

Master: “for years, I have been gathering everything for this moment. Everything I have worked for was for the greatest event. What I intend do will make the Prince, Lucifer himself, recognize my efforts and place me in a position of power.” He replied.

Pastor Jeremiah: “it’s all good and dandy but I don’t see how it concerns me.”

Master: “have you ever wondered what the Reaper does with the souls he collects?” he asked. Pastor Jeremiah shrugged. “Ha…come let me show you.” he continued.

In a flash, he grabbed Pastor Jeremiah and they disappeared. They appeared before a volcanic mountain. The mountain belched smoke and molten fire. The Master took Pastor Jeremiah to the top of the mountain and pointed. At the tip of the mountain, Pastor Jeremiah saw the spirits of people lined up and branded before being thrown into a big cauldron. Two great demons stood with big ladles, stirring the contents of the cauldron. Pastor Jeremiah’s eyes opened wide.

Master: “Man wants power and wealth above all things. They think the price is cheap. They bring their sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. They bring themselves willingly but they do not know what they are actually contributing to. Do you know what we are doing here?” he asked, turning to Pastor Jeremiah

Pastor Jeremiah: “I do not understand.” He replied, fear in his eyes.

Master: “Humans…The good book says, wisdom is profitable to direct but you never listen. You never do and that is your failing.” he said.

A skeletal hand grabbed Pastor Jeremiah by the throat and his scream was choked off. He faced the Reaper with nothing. He tried to summon his powers but there was nothing. Fear clogged his brain, as urine ran from his manhood, staining his well pressed Versace trousers.

Master: “I never cared for your power. It had always been about souls, friend. It had always been about souls.” He said quietly as Pastor Jeremiah’s bound spirit joined the unending queue of those who had sold their souls for power, wealth and fame.

Question: What is the Order doing with the souls they have bound? Where has Rebecca being taken to? It seems the battle is not over; the devil is ever working in the dark to bring desolation to the earth. Are Osato and Damian ready? Are you ready?

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    • Hello ALCREW&FANs,

      Very insightful @ ALC.

      The souls are trapped for the propagation of evil in the world.

      That couple is being graciously prepared by God for the work of grace.


      All glory to God!


  1. Hmmmmm the devil is evrywhere looking for souls to destroy and bring to himself, i hope osato and damian are ready…..with God by my side im ready to fight the powers and principalities of this world

  2. Yes oh! Forever ready by His divine help! In the front to lead me! Beside to guard me! Behind to protect me! From above His eyes always on us! Damian n Osato are ready n connected wth Holyspirit. Thumbs up Adelove!!

  3. We need to stand on the solid Rock of Christ Jesus. This is what is happening in this latter day.The more you do the things of God the more He reveals the secret of the enemy

  4. SURE! d devil is always a failure, muving around lyk an angry lion seeking 4 whom 2 devour. May we neva fall 2 d antics of d devil in Jesus name, Amen. tnks Adelove crew.

  5. The Master and his servants will Fall….No other power except GOD’s power….Osato nd Damian r ready…

  6. d devil only cum to kill,steal and destroy. he don’t wanna be bound in hell alone,he is looking for souls that will go with him.Behold the lord will cum like a thief.O lord make me to be ready to be raptured.Amen

  7. I think d souls are their slaves n source of power. Rebecca is being taken to where she will b taken care of n face some query. Damian and Osato are fully ready. I am ever ready for the Lord is my Shepherd.

  8. Adelove please this episode is very scary, I even had a very bad dream after reading this episode. Please don’t put scary stories again.

  9. Damian And Osato Are Ready With God By Der Side…We Are In d end time, God help me 2 get ready… tanx Adelove&crew!

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