(Episode 21) The Battle For Souls… A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 21) The Battle For Souls... A Survivor's Tale

Osasu tried to stand up after the battle but couldn’t. She looked at Damian with tears in her eyes. Damian looked at her surprised. He turned to Ruth in worry.

Ruth: “the battle has been won but she has to surrender to Jesus Christ. She cannot afford to keep walking in sin.” She replied quietly as she bent down and helped Osasu up.

Osasu: “I am ready, I am ready. Mama warned me. I have indeed given my gold for dust.” She said weeping.

Damian: “Never fear sweet heart. As long as we are together and we put God first in all that we do, we shall overcome.” He said, carrying her on the other side.

They left the room and climbed downstairs to the sitting room. After getting Osasu seated on a sofa, Damian went to the kitchen to get water for her. The kitchen was in a mess. Claw marks had tore into the cement walls. Obscene words had been written with faeces and the place stank of urine and blood. Damian looked at the place, his nose pinched together with his fingers. He turned back to the sitting room and immediately lifted Osasu from her seat.

Ruth: “what is it?” she asked on seeing the anger in Damian’s face.

Damian: “my home was my sanctuary, my safety from the troubles of the day. It was here I came to find rest after a hard day at work and they dare! They dare to come here to work evil. My home! No! Mummy Uyi and her gang of false prophets and witch doctors will know that he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world. We are going to Benin.” He said, his eyes blazing with righteous fury.

Ruth: “finally, he awakens.” She replied, beaming in satisfaction.

Osasu: “honey, you have changed. You look different.” She asked, seeing her husband for the first time.

Damian stared at her uncomprehending then he smiled.

Damian: “let’s go to Benin. We will bring the light and if they will not accept it we will force it down their throat until the choke with God’s love and light shines into the darkness of their lives.” He replied.


Osato and Preacher entered the church while evening service was going on. It was not a big church and the members were not much. The pastor preached with fervor though and the church members were there for soul food only. Preacher entered with Osato quietly and found a seat at the back to sit. The pastor finished preaching and he gave altar call. Osato stepped out and the pastor laid hands on her and prayed with her. After the prayers, Osato went back to her seat, smiling. The service ended and the members flocked out of the church quietly.

The pastor came to meet Preacher and Osato. He shook hands with them and Preacher explained to the man that he wanted Osato to be baptized immediately. He explained to the pastor, what had happened and what he had witnessed. The pastor nodded his head

Pastor: “while I was praying with her, I sensed the power of God in her. Come with me.” He said, turning back into the church. He sent an usher to get water.

The bowl of water was brought and he proceeded to baptize Osato.

After the baptism, the three of them held hands and prayed. Suddenly, Osato fell and passed out. The two men quickly carried her and placed her on a chair. They poured water on her to wake her up to no avail. They shook her but she didn’t respond. It was as if she was dead.

Osato stood in a valley. She saw a mountain far off. The mountain suddenly drew close to her. She could see people walking on the mountain. The people walked to the edge of the mountain which was a cliff and they fell. The mountain drew really close and she could see the faces of the people. She saw a woman holding a mirror as she admired a diamond necklace on her neck. Her lips was smiling in joy but her eyes showed fear. The woman’s eyes looked at Osato through the mirror and are smiling lips said ‘Help me” even as she walked to the edge of the mountain and fell. Osato watched in shock as different people who seemed happy with their material benefit walked to their death, their smiling lips screaming help.

The mountain moved away and the voices crying for help grew louder and numerous. She saw the multitude of people falling to their death, deceived by worldly things. As she watched, she wept for them.

Preacher watched as tears slipped out of Osato’s closed eyes. He looked at the pastor and both of them nodded. They found seats and sat down to wait.

Osato went to one of the people walking to their death and held the man

Osato:”what is this place? Where am I?”She asked

Man: “we have been deceived. I thought I was amassing power and wealth. I didn’t know that I was helping Satan achieve his goals.” The man said, and then he was dragged back into line suddenly by an unseen hand. Osato opened her eyes.

Osato: “Preacher! The devil is using the souls of men to create something. All those people that are going to ritualists, spiritualists and all sorts of fetish priests, seeking for wealth, power and fame; I saw their souls branded and thrown into a cauldron.” She said, still recovering from the terrible vision.

Pastor: “Jesus! They are going to hell! Dear God!” he yelled; anguish in his eyes.

Osato: “I have never seen hell but something tells me that this is no hell. These souls have been chained to a cause. They were calling out to me, ‘save me…save me” she replied; tears in her eyes.

Preacher: “I have been expecting a vision like this. Something is going on in the spiritual realm that is tied to this sudden get rich or die syndrome all over the place. Little boys and girls who are supposed to be in school studying to contribute to their society are now getting involved in all sort of fetish stuff just to make money. It is a fearful thing.

Pastor: “my people perish for lack of wisdom.” He mused.

Osato’s phone rang and she picked it. It was Damian. He told her that he was on his way with his wife and Ruth. Then she told him about the vision she just had. He was quiet for a minute

Damian: “find out the cost of renting the stadium.” He said quietly.

Osato: “why? What do we need a stadium for?”

Damian: “we are going to hold the biggest revival ever. We are going to choke them with the Holy Ghost until they are overwhelmed with the spirit then we will battle the devil. We are taking the fight to him.” he replied quietly.

Osato smiled then she laughed loud. Yes, she laughed hard.


Rebecca opened her eyes with a groan on her lips. She was lying naked on a bed. Three women sat on the bed with her rubbing oils into her body. She looked around her. The room was lit with candle light; the flickering flame threw weird shadows all over the walls of the room. She watched the walls for some time as the women went on with their work; her thoughts were on the fight with Osato and Pastor Jeremiah. She felt ashamed and inadequate. Despite all the efforts she had put into getting powers, an ordinary slut defeated her efforts. “Where did Pastor Jeremiah get his powers from? Once I recover from this our last fight; I will go to him as a student, learn all he has to teach then I will kill him. This is what I should have done. The Order is not as all powerful as I thought. I have been wasting my time here.” She thought to herself.

The women got up and bowed. She waved her hand and they all left. She was alone in the flickering shadows, her thoughts drifting through the different struggles she had faced to become more powerful and how she had failed despite all. She thought back to Bishop Hezekiah, who had first whispered to her of power, while his weight crushed her to a hotel bed. She thought of Pastor Jeremiah, who had smiled knowingly when she had whispered of power to him as she rode him fast in another hotel room. “He had refused to share his knowledge; the beast!” she thought in anger.

The door opened and Time Keeper entered the room. Rebecca looked at her from the bed; unwilling to get up and bow. Her eyes glowed with anger

Rebecca: “you have deceived me. This Order has not given me anything worth having. My love, Pius is dead and you did nothing. I am tired.” She said quietly, her voice shaking with the effort of holding her tears back.

Time Keeper: “it is time, madam.” He said, ever polite; ignoring her words.

Rebecca: “time for what?” she asked, curious.

Time Keeper: “for you to be rewarded, for you to blessed above all, for you to be elevated to godhood.” He replied.

Rebecca smiled, and then she frowned as hands grabbed her roughly out of the darkness.

Rebecca: “what is this?”She asked her eyes blazing with fury

Then she saw and she screamed. Oh…she screamed.

Question: what do you think Osato’s vision stands for? Do you think Osasu will walk again? What sort of reward do you think Rebecca is going to get? The true mission of the Order is about to be revealed, hold on to your seats, me dears.

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    • Morning ALCREW&FANs,

      It’s about the broad way to hell through the lure of this world.
      Osasu will walk again at the right time.
      The devil is a constant liar,won’t be surprised if Rebecca’s supposed reward is a ceremonial destruction.


  1. All the stronghold built-up by Rebecca n gang shall bring into captive to obey Lord Jesus…. name above all the names.

    Osato’ vision is to destroy powers of d order. Osasu shall walk again …Rebecca reward is for d master to attach his soul to hers lolz!

    Waiting on my seat 4 d true mission of d order as it unfolds.

  3. Osato Vision Means Alot Of Pple Need 2 Be Revive 4rm Satan’s Den.. Osasu Will Walk Again…Rebecca Will Be Punish..

  4. The mission of devil is to steal, to kill and to destroy but Jesus has come that we might have life abundantly, accept him and have external life.
    The order’mission is to deceived souls and take them to hell as directed by the devil-the satan

  5. Osato vision is to win souls for Christ, n yes osasu will walk again Rebecca reward is death.morning adeluv n crew

  6. Adelove crew I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to you guys for using such medium to preach the Gospel of Christ (for no charge). May the Lord richly reward the work of your hands and I pray, may many souls be turned from the gates of hell to heaven in Jesus name. if I don’t meet any one of you here on earth, by His awesome grace, we shall meet during the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.

  7. Hummmmmmmm…. One thing I know is that no matter what happened to them,because they all knew Christ,devil is a liar,they will surely overcome. It is certain..with Jesus in the boat we can smile in the storm…

  8. “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed away and all things are become new.” Osasu will receive Christ, despite her defilement by the devil, she will be renewed and she will walk again. As for Rebecca, if the devil does not kill her, her soul will be delivered through the soul-winning revival of Osato and Damian.

  9. Osato’s vision will lead them on how to save pple going further to d pit of hell. Osaso will rise again wit d hlp of d revival her husband is planning on while Rebecca’s award is doom or ever beast.

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