(Episode 22) The Battle For Souls… A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 22) The Battle For Souls... A Survivor's Tale

The Grand Circle of the Order met in the flickering shadows of the Order’s biggest hall. Red candles flickered from candle holders placed around the hall. The place was built in a circular form. The pews were placed round and at one end a throne stood in the darkness. No light penetrated that place. In the middle of the circular room was a drawing of the pentagram. On each edge of the pentagram, a candle burnt. At the centre of the pentagram, a table stood. A table made of black wood found nowhere on earth. None of the light of the candles flickered on the table’s surface. The space it occupied felt like a black hole; an emptiness in space.

The hall was silent. The shrouded figures sat still with breaths held, waiting. The throne was unoccupied. Quietly Time Keeper came out from behind the throne and stood by its side then the Reaper came with its smell of the cold grave and stood on the other side. Everyone in the hall rose and bowed then darkness spoke

Master: “we have, my beloved, arrived at a most portentous moment in our history. Since the fall from heaven, our Prince has tried to win this world to his kingdom. He has influenced thoughts from the shadows and has made great strides in bringing souls to him but this people, children of he that threw our master out, will not let us carry our work out properly. This battle has raged for centuries and it never seems to end. Today the battle ends. Today we, together, have created something that will change the face of this world; something that will assure us victory. Let it begin!” he said and the candle lights dimmed.


Damian arrived at the Benin airport with Osasu and Ruth. He pushed Osasu on a wheelchair he bought in Lagos before leaving for Benin. He called Osato for directions then they stopped a taxi which drove them straight to Osato’s place. Along the way, Osasu called her mother and told her that she was in Benin and told her to please come as there are some things she needed to tell her that could not be said on the phone. She agreed to come and meet her at the hotel where they will be lodged.

When they arrived at Osato’s house, they met a large crowd. Since the events that led to Jackson’s death, her place has been filled with people who were coming to seek for her help. Some came out of curiosity, some came for her to heal them of ailments, some for blessings so that their business will prosper and a few came to listen to the gospel being preached. It was the last she paid more attention to. She told them that building their faith was an integral part of getting divine healing. Prayers do not build faith; it is faith that strengthens prayers and the only way to build faith was through reading and meditating on God’s word.

Damian managed to navigate through the crowd, most people thinking he had come to seek for healing from Osato as well. Ruth shook her head as she passed the crowd. Osato soon saw them and she ran to them. She hugged Damian, Ruth and then Osasu.

Osato: “please come inside. My house is full with people. I have been talking since six am. My sister and some other volunteers have been cooking since 4 am. Thank God for the money Chief Omuah transferred to me before he died. Please come there is so much to talk about and so much to do.” She chattered on excitedly.

Damian walked on then he stopped and turned to see Ruth standing and staring at him with a smile on her face.

Damian: “you are leaving eh?” he asked quietly.

Ruth: “raise soldiers for Christ, Damian. That is what this world needs; people willing to use their faith as weapons against the enemy. He will never rest, the devil. He will continue to devise ways and strategies to destroy mankind, so never let your victories make you complacent and secure. Always be vigilant and steadfast in prayers. My work is done.” She replied, smiling.

Damian: “Osato actually gave me money to give to you for your husband but I forgot in all the drama.” He replied, chuckling.

Ruth: “you will send it when you will. It’s just a tumour. Death is not the end, as you must have now realised. It is just the start of something new. Take care, Damian. You will do fine; yes you will do.” She said, patting him on the shoulder.

She turned and disappeared into the crowd. Damian stood staring at where she had stood; a sad smile on his face.

Osasu: “honey, what are you doing? We are waiting for you o.” she asked, staring at him curiously

Damian turned and smiled. He walked to them and they entered into Osato’s room.

Damian: “please where are they holding bible classes?” he asked suddenly.

Osato called one of the young men walking past and on coming, Damian directed him to take Osasu there while he discussed with Osato. He turned to his wife

Damian: “the word of God is the key to building your faith. Go and learn about your creator and how much he loves you. Despite whatever sins you may have committed, he still loves you.” he said, pecking her on her forehead.

The young man rolled her wheelchair away.

Damian: “so where are we with the stadium?” he asked, turning back to Osato.

Osato: “it was expensive but money is not a problem here.” She said smiling.

They discussed the logistics for the program and how to go about advertising it for the public to be aware. As they talked, Osato wrote their conclusions down. After several hours of deliberation, they concluded the meeting and set to work. Young men were assigned the job of handing out flyers after they had been quickly printed. Adverts were placed on TV and radio. Damian went on social media and posted it on his Facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts and Osato did the same. As they worked, they sang praises.

Soon the women brought food for them and after eating, they all stepped out to preach to the people present. Several persons came out to surrender to Christ and they were prayed for and directed to the bible class conducted by two young men selected by Preacher and Pastor. As the day wore on, clouds gathered.


Three burly men entered the hall carrying Rebecca. She was placed on the table and her hand and legs were fastened to the table with chains screwed there for that purpose. Rebecca stared around her in surprise. She had never seen so large a gathering and she had never been inside this particular hall. She smiled, “Finally, I am to be granted powers beyond imagining.”  She thought to herself and sighed in satisfaction.

Master stood up and walked to the edge of the light and stared at Rebecca. His eyes glowed red

Master: “Welcome little one. You have been prepared, since you were brought to our notice a long time ago by the late Hezekiah, to be a vessel of immense power; a vessel of retribution, a vessel of freedom and redemption for us all.” He whispered slowly.

Rebecca smiled, joy filling her and making her face tingle. Master clapped his hands and a woman came forward bearing a cup. She got to Rebecca’s side and stood.

Master: “drink of that cup, little one and breathe life to us all. Drink Vessel from that cup and break the chains that hold us bound.” He whispered.

The lady poured the contents of the cup into Rebecca’s open mouth and she drank. It was sweet like honey and bitter like pain but she drank it all. The lady left and Rebecca’s eyes closed.

The master removed his cloak to reveal his true form for the first time. He was no man or he was once a man but his humanity was gone. His eyes were completely black, two small horns stood on his forehead and he had claws instead of fingernails. He smiled and his long fangs glittered in the candle light. A murmur ran through the hall as none of the members of the Order had seen him fully before.

Master raised his hands and began his summons. The great cauldron on the mountain top bubbled and souls, a large flood of souls rushed into the hall. The souls circulated the ceiling of the hall in a mass like a cloud then they plunged into Rebecca. Her eyes opened and she gave a soundless scream. Members stepped back as they witnessed the unfolding scene.

The souls kept pouring into her and she jerked in spasms as bound souls hurtled into her really fast. As the souls poured in, a loud groan was heard in the room. The lines of the pentagram drawn on the floor, on which the table stood, started to glow.


In the midst of prayer, Osato and Damian suddenly jerked and opened their eyes. they looked at each other.

Damian: “did you hear that sound?” he asked, his eyes filled with fear.

Osato: “the world is at its end.” She said.

A small voice whispered inside them, “Fear not, for I am always with you.” they bowed their head and resumed prayers.

Question: Do you think Rebecca is getting the power she needs to conquer? Do you think the members of the Order are prepared for what is coming? Are you prepared for what is coming?

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  1. Member of d order are prepared but no mata hw prepared dy are, dey can neva win. Stand still Damian and Osato, Stand still soldier of christ 4 d battle is nt our, D battle is thy Lord’s.

  2. Darkness Cannot Overcome The Light No Matter What…Rebecca Is Jst A Tool, I Implore Everyone Reading This 2 Be Prepared Bcos Jesus Is Coming Soon!!

  3. Indeed Rebecca is getting power but not to conquer!
    The members of the Order are prepared for what is coming still not ganna conquer!
    lol well prepared to read the next Episode!

  4. They are preparing bt dey will all failed cus am in d Lord’s army and He never lose, He is a winner Man all d time. So ever prepared

  5. Rebecca is just being used by d so called order of doom. Darkness and light cant stay. God is light for His children

  6. This is awesome,we ought to be prepared always for the day of the lord is near,indeed the devil never get tired therefore let’s pray fervently all the time n victory belongs to Jesus.

  7. What they are preparing 4 will shock but they will get in return will shock them more. Thanks AL&C 4 dis wonderful story. I read dis story as if am reading a bible, brethren end time is here, how prepared are u, are u on d God side? Only d light can overcome d darkness, only in HIM is eternal life. Accept Jesus today and u will be save. Shalom

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