(Episode 23) The Battle For Souls… A Survivor’s Tale

(Episode 23) The Battle For Souls... A Survivor's Tale

Suddenly the groaning stopped. Rebecca fell to the table and passed out. Master looked at the floor and at Rebecca. He turned to Time Keeper in anger.

Master: “those two whom I wanted dealt with, they have revealed their purpose. You go and deal with them now. I have invested too much in this to let it waste because my people cannot take care of a prostitute and an accountant. Fix it, Time Keeper or you will join the bound souls here.” He growled in anger.

Time Keeper bowed and he created a hole out of nothing and stepped through. Master turned back to the table and began another round of incantations.


The ground opened violently and people praying were thrown about as a great wind rose, screaming like a banshee. The wind tore through trees and electric poles, twisting round in furious speed. The wind headed straight for Osato’s father’s place. Damian and Osato ran outside as they heard people screaming.

The wind got to the front of the house and stopped moving forward. It raged and howled, twisting very fast but it didn’t move any further. The two prayer warriors commanded the demon to show itself, the power of God pouring out of them in waves. The people in the area cowered in fear behind doors and windows. As they prayed, the wind swayed as if it was in a dance and then suddenly it stopped. Everywhere became calm.

People were getting up, laughing and praising God for saving them but Osato and Damian did not move. They still stood praying. The people stopped laughing and turned to look at the two of them. They stood still as statues under the early evening moon.


Osato stepped forward and her boots crunched on the ground. She looked down and saw bones everywhere. She looked on and saw bones as far as her eyes could see. The realm they were in was dead but not for long. The stink of decay still hung on the air like a remembered perfume. She heard a sound and turned to see Damian walking towards her.

Osato: “where is this place?” she asked.

Damian: “a place to cause terror in the weak and faithless; a place where spirits can be weakened and devoured; a place of lies and deception. This is not real; it is the handiwork of evil.” He replied, surveying the hills and valleys of bones and flies, many flies; big black flies

Osato: “Beelzebub.” She said.

Time Keeper: “Indeed. Beelzebub, Lord of Flies. Yes, indeed. Do you like my work, sir?” he asked, still covered in his polite mask.

Damian:”I have not come here to exchange words with you, you filthy being. Your plans for earth will not work because God has not decreed it.” He replied. He could hear Osato muttering in prayer.

Time Keeper: “God! God! Why must he be involved in anything you humans do? Every little thing, you are exclaiming God! He threw us from our rightful place in heaven. He cursed us! Yet you call on him!” his polite mask slipping for the first; terrible rage in his eyes.

Damian: “it is indeed a show of how poor your thought processes are. You are yet to learn the lessons behind his chastisement; rather you devise more evil to further sink into the vileness that is you. You have warped the beautiful world he created and turned his creations against each other and against him. You persist on swimming in sin yet you complain that no one has come to save you. I am done bandying words with you. It is time to show you who the true owner of the world is.”

Time keeper grinned and raising hands he summoned a multitude of demons and sent them towards them. Osato opened her eyes and called down Holy Ghost fire from heavens. The sky brightened to gold as liquid fire poured down from the heavens on the beasts. As it touched the demons, they screamed and melted to a puddle.

Time keeper hid beneath a hill of bones. The liquid fire fell on Osato and Damian and they glowed bright. Every blemish on their skin disappeared. The tattoos on Osato’s skin faded away and Time Keeper stared in horror.

Damian: “Come out child of darkness and face your damnation.” He shouted, his eyes roving all over the empty landscape.

With roar, Time Keeper rose out of where he was hidden, scattering bones everywhere, and sent a wave of darkness towards them. Damian and Osato held each other’s hands and banished the darkness with the name of Jesus. Light sprang into being around them and gradually spread. The two of them started singing praises and dancing. Time Keeper disappeared as the light spread to cover everywhere. The light washed the world clean and the bones and flies disappeared.


The people had begun to murmur fearfully when suddenly, Osato and Damian opened their eyes and they both turned to a spot. Out of nothing, Time Keeper appeared, his eyes filled with fury

Time Keeper: “you nitwits! You dare! You dare!” he screamed.

Osato: “we serve a great and mighty God. The earth is his footstool. Who are you to him but a mere speck of dust?” she asked.

Time Keeper growled and he summoned the body of Chief Omuah, Jackson, Bishop Hezekiah and Pastor Jeremiah. He ordered them to attack. Osato faltered on seeing Chief Omuah decaying corpse come at her, worms and insects coming out of his eye sockets, white bones peering through strips of his rotting flesh but Damian held fast. Somebody else held his hands and he looked to see Preacher and Pastor standing by his side. He gripped Osato’s hand strongly and they prayed.

The zombies attacked them but could not penetrate the wall of faith they had built around themselves. Osato stared at Chief Omuah in shock. Even as the corpse attacked, she saw the plea in his eyes and tears fell from her eyes. She closed them and prayed.

Osato: “father released these souls from the bondage of evil. Release them from anything that holds them to earth. set them free father, to face their judgment in Jesus name.” she stepped away from the men and placed her hands on the corpse of Chief Omuah, then on Jackson, Pastor Jeremiah and Bishop Hezekiah. The corpse fell and turned to dust.

Osato: “God is the owner of our souls. No one has that right to claim souls. Demon I banish you to hell in Mighty name of Jesus!” she said.

Time Keeper weakened by the power he had expended fighting the children of God, opened the hole into nothing to escape through but he could not move. A white light flashed from heaven to the ground and dust scattered. When the dust settled, a man stood dressed in white, a breastplate of white covered his chest and on his back, hung an immense sword.

Angel: “Your time is done.” He said. He grabbed Time Keeper by the neck and lifted him. Time Keeper screamed as the ground opened and he was tossed in unceremoniously. The angel dusted his hands, bowed at the prayer warriors and disappeared in a flash of light.

Osato: “I have seen it all. That was an angel?” she said, her eyes wide with awe.

The others smiled and they laughed. The crowd, who had seen none of what happened besides four persons holding hands and praying, wondered why they were laughing but the wind had stopped, so everything was fine.


Master invoked and the groan started again. The pentagram glowed green, then it changed to red and finally it changed to black. Rebecca screamed as her stomach swelled.

Master: “what do we want? We want to dominate the world. We have done that from the shadows for too long. It is time my friends to step into the light.” He whispered

As he said that, the pentagram dissolved into a huge hole. The table stood there above an empty well. Suddenly Rebecca’s legs parted of its own accord. Rebecca looked down as a claw pushed through her vagina; then the hand, and then the elbow… until a horned head tore out of her. She screamed as she gave birth to the first demon to step into the physical realm. Her blood dripped into the emptiness. The demon came out and stood then it looked at its mother.

Master: “feed.” He whispered.

And the demon ate.

Members of the Order tried to run but the doors were locked. When the demon was done with Rebecca, it went after each member one after the other. They died screaming, calling on God to have mercy.

Question: Rebecca was a pawn after all. A demon has been born on earth in physical form. Who will save the world from this manifestation of evil? The final showdown is here; can the spawn of hell stand against God’s anointed?

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  2. The spawn of hell can never stand against God’s anointed …The battle has been won already..all praise be to God.

  3. For this purpose the Son of man is sent that he may destroy all the works of the enemy.
    Our God is more than able …

  4. And to that person who wrote this story, God bless you, you won’t miss the kingdom of God and all of us reading too… This is so real, may God have mercy and forgives us our sins

  5. Nobody can battle with Jesus bcos He is d winner. He has fought & won d devil there father 4rm d beginning, He has trampled & crushed the serpent head. The devil cannot stand against HIM. Halleluyah

  6. Never in this life or next life will he stands wit God. Tufiakwa. Shame on u rebecca, wot a wasteful life u had

  7. this is divinely written, I am looking forward to what Rebecca and her team would do,
    the power of GOD is untouchable

  8. May the almighty God continue to uphold you and your family. As you preach the word God for the world, may you never miss the crown just like apostle Paul in Jesus name. Amen.

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