(Final Episode 24) The Battle For Souls… A Survivor’s Tale

(Final Episode 24) The Battle For Souls... A Survivor's Tale

Master: “finally a true demon to lead hell to ravage the earth. Summon them, I command you!” he said.

The demon turned and stared into the dark hole on which the blood splattered table hung. It placed its hand on the table and squeezed. It drew out of it a great black spear then it roared. The few remaining members who had survived the beast’s rampage cringed and hid deeper in fear. Master laughed

Master: “this is the truth. Demons will populate the earth. They shall roam free. We will get more souls and more of those willing to sell their souls for trinkets and baubles and we will free more demons into the world. Demon, summon your children!” he shouted.

The demon roared again and waved its spear in the air. Smoke slowly oozed out of the hole where the pentagram had stood. Slowly, it oozed out and crept over the whole hall then a finger grabbed the edge of the hole and a three eyed head followed, the other hand holding a sword followed then its broad feet clambered on to ground. Then it roared; demons have entered the world.


The stadium stood empty when Damian and Osato got there with their people. They had sent out invites but it seemed like no one had heeded their message. This did not deter them though; they went on making preparations, fixing lights, arranging speakers and everything. Osato, Damian, Preacher and Pastor stood together and they knelt to pray. The few persons that had come from Osato’s area looked for chairs in front and sat. Soon music started blaring from the speakers as songs of praise started playing.

Some youths, intent on picking pockets and carrying out all sort of nefarious activities, hung around the gate waiting for people to extort and rob. The music played on. Dark clouds had begun to gather even as some few persons strolled in, unsure of what was going on. The ushers went to talk to the unruly young men and soon the boys were conscripted into helping arrange things in the stadium.

Some few minutes later, two men entered the stadium and called one of the usher. They asked for the person in charge and the boy directed them to the podium set for the purpose of preaching. The boy climbed on to the podium and went behind the stage. He stood and waited while Damian and the rest prayed. When they were done praying, he told them that two men were looking for who was in charge. Preacher decided to go out and meet the men.

First man: “Oga well doneo. Na you dey in charge for here?” he asked.

Preacher: “I am merely doing God’s work. It is God that is in charge here.” He replied, smiling at the men.

Second Man: “Oga abeg tell God say e need to buy ticket. You wan use us take play abi?” he asked, his face frowning.

Preacher:”what ticket is that?” he asked.

First Man: “to hold any assembly or gathering for here, you dey buy ticket.” He replied.

Preacher: “seriously? I have never heard anything of that nature before. We have paid for use of the stadium for this program.” He replied, surprised.

Second Man: “Oga, my boys dey outside o. if I call them enter here, this place go scatter o.” he warned.

Amadi: “because say wetin happen? Eh Abies? Why you wan scatter the place? You no know say na Osato dey organize this program?” he asked, coming from behind them.

The men turned then they shouted in excitement and started hugging and shaking each other.

First man: “omo when you enter town? Na wa for you o. you just lock up our side. No be so o. we don run many matters before Oluwa smile for you o.” he said, smiling.

Amadi:”brothaly na long matter. See wetin sup? Make una allow these people do their preaching things na. Na wa for una o. Una still dey run all this lakpa lakpa matters? “He asked.

Second Man: “bros what to do na? You no know how the street be? No mercy anywhere o. I get pikin to feed o.” he replied, gruffly.

Osato came out and on seeing Amadi, she frowned.

Osato:”Look Amadi, I don’t have time for your drama. If you know you want to remain here, find somewhere and seat. Abies and Osakpolor, good evening. Make una find seat for one side abeg. We wan start so.” She said abruptly then she walked passed them.

Second man: “see small Osato o. wey dey come help you buy weed that year, dey command me. If I slap am am eh.

Amadi: “guy, you no dey slap anybody. Make we go siddon.” He said, looking round for a seat.


Damian stepped to the microphone. He surveyed the empty seats and smiled. He looked up to the clouds and laughed.

Damian: “My name is Damian Nikoro. I am an accountant and I am HIV positive. Why am I here today? Is it because a man I respected made me promise to deliver this message to you? Is it because friendly enemies came and used the distance between I and my wife to poison her? Is it because a woman, who I barely know asked me if I believe? No! I am here because I have seen the enemy and he is relentless. I am here because the God that I serve had set it so. Why are you here today?” he asked.

Everyone present focused on him on hearing him speak. Osato stood to one side, watching the stadium carefully. Preacher stood at the gate with the young boys recruited by the usher. He had given them flyers which they were sharing outside to people passing.

Damian: “If you came here to hear about a God of prosperity, the God of wealth and all that, my friend you are in the wrong place. You might as well go home and watch a movie or watch the news. But if you are here because the devil has taken something from you; if you are here because you are broken inside and the pain is unbearable, if you are here because you have tried everything and nothing seem to work. You have been to different fetish shrines, with no results then you are in the right place. Tonight we are here to fight a battle. We are here to fight a battle to free souls chained by the devil. We are here to break yokes and destroy covenants. We are here to set captives free and keep them free. Today we are here to show the awesome power of the living God! The, I am that I am; Jehovah Elohim, Jehovah El Shaddai! I want you all to stand on your feet and worship him.


Master stared at the gathered force of demons arrayed before the demon birthed by Rebecca and he smiled then he turned as he heard thunder in the horizon. “Time Keeper has failed.” He thought to himself. He turned to the demons

Master: “the world is yours. Go and dominate.” He yelled.

The demon roared and lifted up its black spear. The horde of demons roared with him and they lifted off on their wings and flew into the world. They attacked people; possessing people randomly. Men and women ran screaming into speeding cars, some jumped off bridges while some killed each other. The earth burned.

Master laughed and he flew into the sky too, joining the demons in their foray.


Damian was still preaching when the rain hit. It was heavy. He looked at Osato and she laughed. He laughed and they started singing praises. People running from the rain ran into the stadium and hid on the eaves of the seats. Damian beckoned to Osato, Preacher and Pastor and they knelt on the podium and started to pray in the rain. Some person among the congregation joined them while others ran away. Amadi knelt down in the soggy grass and closed his eyes to say his first prayer in years.

In the middle of prayers, Osato’s eyes opened and she saw demons, too numerous to count, spread over the whole earth. She saw people fighting each other, wars, suicides, homicides, mothers killing children, sickness everywhere and she cried.

Osato: “father, send your mighty men of valour into battle. Let us show the devil that what is in us is greater than what is in the world. Father, send your Spirit into the world and set the world free from the chains of the devil.” The people kneeling shouted amen.

Osato: “your word says you have given us power over the earth. Father let this rain cease in the mighty name of Jesus!” the congregation shouted a resounding amen and they joined their voices in prayer.

Thunder boomed in the sky and lightning flashed across the sky. Damian looked and behold he saw a mighty horde of demons headed their way. He started praying in earnest. He joined his hands with the others and they released Holy Ghost fire on the demonic entities coming their way. Suddenly the rain ceased. The crowd jumped for joy but the eyes of the prayer warriors were still closed. Prayers spilled from their lips.

The demons flew into the arena and they started to destroy everywhere. They tossed people up form their knees and scratched them with claws. People started screaming in fear and panic, running helter-skelter, but the prayer warriors did not move from their position neither did their prayers cease.

A demon rushed towards Osato and roaring, it struck at her but at that same instant a sword appeared from her side and slashed it. The demon roared in fear and flew away but before he got far a bolt of lightning fell from the sky and fried it to crispy meat. Suddenly everywhere became quiet. A voice spoke quietly by Osato’s side

Obed: “we have come. The Almighty has heard you.” he said.

Osato turned and there stood Obed, armour over his white garment and a sword in his hand. She burst into laughter. The others opened their mouth as the sky brightened and a trumpet sounded in the sky. A host of angels descended on the field of battle.

Ruth ran to them and smiled. She too was dressed as Obed but she had a spear in her hand. Their faces were radiant and strength poured out of them in waves.

Ruth:”your prayers are our strength. Do not falter, do not fail.” She said then she turned away

As one, the host of angels ran into the demons and battle was engaged. The prayer warriors kept on praying but they were not enough. The demons were uncountable and they kept coming

Damian: “Christians all over the world pray for your lives is at stake. Your soul is at stake. The world, as you know it is at stake!” Damian prayed


Men of God, who worshipped God in truth and in spirit, heard Damian’s cry in the spirit and they joined in prayer from all over the country. Prayer warriors joined and slowly people started trooping into the stadium. The sky opened and angels poured down to earth and they carved a great destruction through the ranks of demons. Demons great and small were chained and cast back into hell from where they had been summoned. After what felt like hours, the battle ceased. The angels disappeared and humans stared around them in astonishment. A fat silver moon crept out of hiding and shone upon the world. It was 1 am in the morning.

By this time, stadium was full to capacity. People from different parts of Benin were there and the anointing was immense. People possessed by demons suddenly found themselves free and for the first time in their lives, they could make sense of things. By the time the revival ended, thousands of people had given their lives to Christ and to the preaching of the gospel. The devil had been defeated again.


The next day, the television and the radio carried the news of strange happenings all over the country; People being healed in the hospital, mad people becoming sane as well as people confessing to atrocities committed in secret. Among the news of the day was the news that a big financier, a captain of Industry, one Otunba had died on his bed. It was reported that he had injuries on his body that were similar to a cuts made by a long hot knife; possibly a hot sword. Close to his side, was discovered a book of the occult as well as a wooden box that contained a woman’s womb. In the next room, a long dead woman’s skeleton dressed in black rags was also found. Police also discovered other items in different rooms that they refused to share with the press at press time.  Nobody knew what had killed him.


Osato woke up by 12 pm. She felt like she had run a marathon. She got up and walked into the sitting room to meet the place full with people eating and talking. She greeted her father and stepped out. She walked to the front yard and stared at the sky and smiled. She felt free. Someone coughed by her side and she turned. It was Damian seated by himself, a cup of something hot in his hands.

Osato: “last night was something eh?” she asked.

Damian: “you can say that again. I have never seen anything like it. I am still pinching myself.” He replied, smiling.

Osato: “God is powerful.” she said.

Damian: “your child for Chief Omuah; He placed me as guardian until he is old enough then he inherits his wealth.” He said.

Osato: “he or she, I don’t know and don’t care. I have enough to take care of his or her needs. Use the money for something else please.” She replied.

Damian: “he said that I should build a very big church were all will be welcomed. Will you join me in achieving that?”

Osato: “a plea for his damned soul?”She asked, with one eyebrow raised.

Damian: “no… a place of refuge for the survivors fleeing the battle for salvation. A place to start afresh.” He replied.

They both smiled.


Osasu regained her feet after the revival and she is now a pastor in the church formed by the Omuah’s SOS Trust. She is still married to Damian and they have adopted a child.

Damian is still HIV positive but he is happy doing the lord’s work. He does not hesitate to tell you his status. He formed the Omuah’s SOS Trust which is run as a non governmental orginasiation whose mandate is to save souls as well as help the society. It owns a school that cater to children of the poor who are intelligent, a skill acquisition program for the uneducated as well as a cooperative for business people. It prides itself for offering its services without any charge to the people involved except surrendering to Jesus Christ and preaching the good news to the world.

Osato is Damian’s Vice President. She also runs a home for rehabilitating women who have faced abuse as well as those who have worked as prostitutes and are willing to start afresh. Conditions for entry remain preparedness to try Jesus as the source of strength.

Preacher still preaches at Third Junction to this day. He preaches sometimes at the big church built by the Omuah SOS Trust. He has no hand in the running of the church though.

Amadi gave his life to Christ and he is presently, a staff of Omuah SOS Trust. He organizes Youth programs, retreats and games. There, the word of God is shared as well as advise on handling the pressures youths face.


The boy walked into the bus park. His bag was quite heavy. He dragged his bag as well as held one hand to his trouser that was falling off his waist at the same time try to catch his earpiece that slipping off his ears.

He got to where the paid for tickets and he stood on the queue, chewing gum loudly. He turned and saw a man wearing a threadbare suit and old shoes looking at him

Boy: “what?”

Obed: “how do you walk with your trouser hanging like that, with your boxer shorts hanging out in the open?”

Boy: “Old man, mind your business and you will live long. Jeez! Old fool!” he said, rudely.

Obed smiled and looked at the sunny sky. “Yes father another seed than needs to be nurtured.”  He said to his Father who is the Omnipotent and Omniscient God.


The fight against the devil is not a fight that is fought in the physical realm but in the supernatural. It is a fight that is fought with prayer and faith. Remember that the enemy is the devil. The people around you are just tools in his hands. Pray for them, that God should save and open their eyes. For the devil, wear your armour of faith and overcome with the power that is above every other name, Jesus!

Always remember that no matter what you have done, where you have been, how you see yourself or how people see you, you are not too small for God to use. He will use you if you let him. Remember to love yourself, your neighbours and above all, to love God. God Bless you

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