It Is Never Too Late, Let Us Restructure Nigeria, Says Clark

It Is Never Too Late, Let Us Restructure Nigeria, Says Clark

The Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Clarke said the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable.

He, however, called for urgent restructuring of the country to douse the growing tension in the polity.

Clarke speaking in Yenagoa at the commissioning of the Bayelsa State Governor’s Office, recalled that Nigerians at the independence opted for federalism.

The elder statesmen, however, regretted that military intervention into the Nigeria’s politics after independence distorted the agreed federal structure, turning it into a unitary structure.

He said it is never too late to correct the distorted federalism by restructuring the country in order to give every Nigerian a sense of belonging to the country.

He recalled that after independence, the country opted for federalism, which he said was distorted later distorted by military coups. This according to him, has led to the agitations in the country noting that at this point Nigeria must restructure to address all the issues.

“We all agreed that we wanted a federation. And that is what we have today but unfortunately, coups after coups changed the whole concept we back into having a unitary form of government in a uniform of federation.

“So what do we do? It is never too late. Let us restructure this country so that everybody will have a belonging. Whether you are a majority or minority, we are all equal Nigeria.”


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