(Episode 1) The Reaper’s Loot… A Touching Story!

Bolatito shifted closer to her mother on the couch in the one room self-contained apartment they had lived in since she was a year old. She needed to get it out to her mum, no matter how much she had tried hiding it, she knew her mum was already suspecting because of the way she kept casting her suspicious glances every now and then. She used one hand to wipe off the perspiration that had gathered like cold beads on her forehead as she turned her words over and over again in her head. She expected her mum to even ask her what the problem was but she never did and so she decided to just get on with it.

Bolatito: “Mum!”

Adunni: “Yes child?” she replied without looking away from the television. She was watching a program on NTA and the fact that the T.V was not clear enough did nothing from waning her interest in the program.

Bolatito: “There is something I need to tell you mum” she shifted uneasily on the couch.

Adunni: “I know and I am listening”

Bola felt a storm was hiding behind that calm demeanour of hers and bit her lower lips so hard she drew blood.

Bolatito: “I am pregnant” she announced at last in a shaky voice.

Adunni: “I know. I have just been waiting for the time you’d decide to tell me about it so I can ask you my own questions. Who is responsible for the pregnancy? When is he coming to do the needful?” she asked without even breaking her eyes away from the TV for a slight second.

Bolatito: “That is where the problem is mum. We are not getting married” her voice had become bolder.

She tore her eyes off the television at last and cast her daughter a look of astonishment and disbelief.

Adunni: “What do you mean by that? How dare you open your mouth to tell me you aren’t getting married to the man you are pregnant for? You have the guts to even tell me that? How about aborting it all together without even having to tell me at all?” It took all her will-power not to raise her hand to strike her twenty-six years old graduate daughter. One she had placed all her faith in for a better life. One she thought would bring so much joy and pride to her on the day of her wedding. But there she was listening to her rants about being pregnant and not wanting to get married to the man.

Bolatito: “Mum its not me. He is the one who doesn’t want to get married. He is taking responsibility for the pregnancy but he isn’t ready to get married just yet. He said he still have a lot to put in order, he does not need any woman in close proximity just yet. Please ma, try to understand” she folded her arms across her midsection stubbornly and looked away from her mum.

Adunni: You want to be a single mother then? You want to repeat history alright? You want people to insult us, to term us like mother like daughter? If he didn’t want to get married yet then why get you pregnant? Why? How could you have allowed yourself to be used so cheaply despite all your education? Despite how much I suffered to train you in school and now just when I thought things are getting better, you went to open your legs for a man who has a phobia for marriage?

Bola, just look at me now and tell me you are bluffing, that he will be coming with his family to see me very soon. That you are getting married to the father of your child and not the other way round?” Her tone changed from that of disappointment to anger and then to pleading.

Bolatito: “I am sorry mum. I was dumb, I didn’t see this coming. I knew he had a phobia for marriage but the pregnancy wasn’t planned. We were just having fun and I am glad he isn’t rejecting the pregnancy at least? He said he will do his bit just that nothing is changing between us. I need you now more than ever mum” She turned her face back to her mum, held her hand in her hands as tears gathered in her eyes.

Adunni: “You are going to abort that pregnancy” she said matter-of-factly and stood up suddenly, snatching her hands from her daughter’s.

Bolatito: “But why mum? I don’t ever want to do a thing like that” her voice was as defiant as her mum’s was resolute.

Adunni: “You will abort that child even if I have to drag you there, I will. I will do everything in my power to make sure history did not repeat itself. That you did not end up the same way I did. I will never let you walk with your bare foot to the deep blue sea. Never!” she said and stormed out of the room.


Many years back…

Adunni, a very vibrant young lady who wanted nothing but to live her life the way she wanted it. She was chaste and unlike her other friends never found joy in frolicking around with the young men. She grew up in a village in Abeokuta and regardless of her poor background, she had the determination to reach her highest level in education even when most of her friends saw marriage as a way out, she was an exception until she met Gozie, a guy from Imo state who had gone to her part of the village for tourism. Abeokuta was full of spots which attracted tourists from different part of the world and so it wasn’t a surprise that many of them would roam into one of the villages just seeking to widen their experiences with the people’s culture.

He had gone straight to the Oba’s palace immediately he got to the village and the Oba had offered him shelter in his palace for as long as he wanted to stay. He was a guy who easily curried the favour of others because of his looks. He was fair with a pointed nose which was further flattered by the neatly kempt beard around his petite lips which looked like it had a smile to it all the time. Despite the beards and his muscular build, anyone who beholds him would know he was just a young guy in his mid-twenties.

He had taken to Adunni immediately he set his eyes on her that day on his way out of the village to his next assignment at one of the tourism centres not far from the Village. She had responded to him coldly but not without a hint of admiration and awe at his difference and looks. They had gotten acquainted as soon as he got back from the assignment that a relationship soon sparked off between them.

She had fallen head over heels in love with him that she thought nothing could go wrong with him, that he was in the village to stay or she would go with him wherever he went to in the future which she perceived to be quite distant. She never perceived an end to them despite her parents’ warnings, her friend’s jealous advices and her village admirers’ silent taunting. She was the queen in her own world and nothing else mattered since she had her king with her.

In his room that day at the palace, he had promised her heaven on earth in his honeyed tongue. He had promised her marriage and education. He had promised her beautiful children and a life of eternity together only if she would grant his request. That day, she hadn’t granted his request but the promises get growing, they never waned. He became even more loving and introduced her to almost all his colleagues as his wife to be while she giggled and jiggled like a tickled cat. Her heart kept melting like a cup of icy cake in a hot harmattan afternoon until she could take it no more. She started feeling she would lose him if she didn’t grant his request to let him lie with her. To make him her first and only man.

She finally succumbed and they both did what he had desired of her from day one of their meeting. Immediately, she knew something had changed but whether it was in her or him, she never found out until six weeks later when everything inside her started feeling strange. Every part of her body felt like it was under some unseen torture and her parents kept looking at her in a funny way until she was finally found out as being pregnant. She had sneaked out of the house one night after a round of beating and questioning from her mum and had gone in search of him at the palace.

Gozie: “What brought you here this late night?” he asked as he led her into his royally decorated room.

Adunni: “I am in trouble”

She started weeping and for the first time he noticed her swollen face and bruised body. He drew her close like he usually did.

Gozie: “What happened to you? Who did this to you?”

Adunni: “My mum and dad” she said hiccupping.

Gozie: “Why?” he straightened up to look her in the eyes.

Adunni: “I am pregnant”

His reaction shocked her to the bones. He flung her away from him like she carried some plague and stood up.

Gozie: “For who? Okay I shouldn’t ask that since I was your first and I should be nice enough at least. You are pregnant? This can’t be happening” he started pacing around the room.

Adunni: “But you said you loved me and that we are getting married very soon? Let’s get married now that I am pregnant”

Gozie: “Do you even know what you are saying? I was just bluffing, I was joking, I can’t believe you were dumb enough to believe all those shits I spurted out to you. I was only looking for ways to get into your pants. See you are a mere village girl, an illiterate. I cannot marry a girl like you, you are not my type. I don’t know what you are going to do with that pregnancy but all I know is: I will have nothing to do with it. Do not associate it with me I beg you”

Adunni: “Please don’t do this to me” she went on her knees with her eyes almost bulged out of their sockets for her inability to shed the tears that plagued them. Her heart bled yet her eyes were not shedding the bloodied tears she expected to be spewing out.

Gozie: “Look around this room, my things are packed which means I am leaving this village tomorrow morning. I am telling you this out of courtesy so it wouldn’t be like I ran away. I am going back to my own home where a beautiful lady is waiting for me to come back to her. Please go back and beg your parents so they can take care of you or help you get rid of it. I will not have a hand in your aborting a child or raising it or even fathering it. Don’t ever tell that child about me I beg of you. Now take your leave” he pointed cruelly at the door while she stood on wobbly legs unsure of where she was going to or what was happening to her.

Her parents had thrown her out that night when she got home while she had wandered around all though the night until a couple picked her up when she had collapsed in front of their car. They took  her with them to Ibadan where she became their house girl.

Present Day…

Adunni: “Bola, to cut the long story short, I suffered a lot in that house, I almost lost you during childbirth. I had to run away from there too and the rest is history. I don’t want you to go through the same stuffs I went through my daughter. The shame, the heartbreak. Please abort this pregnancy” she was going to go on her knees but Bola caught her in mid-air.

Bola: “I never knew you went through this much mum” she said as tears rolled down her supple, translucent cheeks. She was a splitting image of her dad.

Question: Should she listen to her mum? If you may suggest a way out of this dilemma?

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    • Happy Weekend ALCREW&FANs

      Great way to start from an ended epic!

      No she shouldn’t listen to any advise to accept abortion.

      The deed is done, let her explain to her mom the dangers of abortion and the fulfillment that comes after birth.
      Let her pray and try to get something doing early in order to prepare for the child’s arrival – just in case the dad disappoints.

      Wonder why some of us like to play with fire when we do not want to get burnt.


  1. No..she should leave the pregnancy…. Her mother should also invite the man for interrogation….if she abort she can forever be barren…They need to apply wisdom, not what people will say no matter what…

  2. she should keep the pregnancy, some guys sha when he knew he was not ready for marriage y is he doing press up mcheeew

  3. Gm adelove nd crew,another intresting story.i think she should nt listen 2 her mother nd abort d pregnancy bcus she dont kw wat d child may becum in future nd moreova,it’s a sin 2 abort.

  4. bola mother is speaking out of experience been a simgle mother is nt an easy thing bola should decide 4 herself

  5. She should leave the pregnancy at least her boyfriend has accepted the paternity of the unborn child. I don’t support abortion

  6. Abortion is not the best, she is matured and a graduate she can find a decent job doing, that does nt stop her from not getting married in d future and it can’t tarnish her image.

  7. She should keep the pregnancy and forget about what people will say jare..what if she loose her life or her womb is damaged in the process people will still talk.

  8. @adelove,i u guys did notcomplete the story titled”the only difference btw here and there is “T”.kindly complete the remaining episodes

  9. i think she shouldnt abort the pregnancy because keeping that pregnancy does not mean she will later share the same fate as her mum did.

  10. She shouldn’t listen to her mum, bola’s own might b diff case frm her. She should begged her mum d complications involved in it n ask d guy in question to cum n meet her mum evn if no marriage as at now.

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