(Episode 3) The Reaper’s Loot… A Touching Story!

(Episode 3) The Reaper's Loot... A Touching Story!

Herbalist: “Good then. Give me thirty minutes to have it ready or if you cannot wait since it’s getting late, you can just go home and come back for it tomorrow”

Mmesoma: “No o baba, I will wait. I just wouldn’t be able to sleep if I should go home without it today” she replied hurriedly.

An hour later, the man roused her up from her sleep and handed her a black powdery substance he had wrapped in a white nylon.

Herbalist: “Now this is it. You know how to use it the usual way right? Add it to his tea every morning until it is finished but be careful not to add excess or he’d go mad. That is the way this kind of charm works. It must be used little by little” he went back to his seat as soon as he was done talking, panting like a deer.

Mmesoma: “Of course baba I know. But hope this one will not wear out like the other one did?”

Herbalist: “This one is more potent than that one. It will last for a very long time, maybe till his death. But why are you doing all these? The man genuinely loves you and I don’t think you need all these. You can just use words to convince him to do what you want? Make him see reasons behind your decision?”

Mmesoma: “You don’t know how pig-headed my husband is baba. He will never agree. This is what I must do and I will do it. Ehn ehn! Lest I forget, what was the price this time around?” she asked shifting on her chair but not uneasily.

Herbalist: “Your womb”

Mmesoma: “What?” she sprang to her feet.

Herbalist: “Last time we used your husband’s sperm duct. He has no fertile sperm in him anymore but no one can find that out not even the best of the doctors in the world. This time, I used your womb. You will never be able to bear a child of your own. I told you the price was going to be huge, did you think I was joking?”

Mmesoma: “Baba please I don’t want this charm anymore. Just return my womb to me. I am doing this so I can have a child with another man and I have to seek his consent because it is a taboo for a married man to have an intercourse with another man except with her husband’s consent. Please baba I need my womb back, I really do” she wept.

Herbalist: “What is done is done. Leave my house now and never come back. I have done all I can do for you and it is irreversible. Even if you refuse to use that charm, your womb will still be missing so go home and live in peace with your husband”


Ifeoluwa, an enigmatic man who loved his job as an OAP at Premier FM in Ibadan. He was a very nice man but for his stance on marriage. He was in his early thirties but the thought of getting married still repulsed him. He had a lady whom he dated for two years but broke up with in the year 2015. He felt he wasn’t going to be able to give her what she wanted which was marriage and then decided to release her so she could find her future with another man but she still hung around.

Angela paid him a visit that Sunday at his two bedroom apartment in Dugbe along Sango road. She still had hope that they were going to get back together. That he would snap out of his self-inflicted apathy towards marriage and propose to her someday. No one had been able to talk her out of her hope.  She went in search of him in his room as soon as she entered into the apartment.

Angela: “Hello Ife. Why didn’t you come to open the gate for me by yourself knowing fully well that I was coming? I had to knock endlessly; it was the landlord’s son who later opened the door for me” she nagged.

Ifeoluwa: “As you can see, I am just getting out of the bathroom. Should I have ran out naked to open the gate? You should have been a little patient too besides I told you I was having an appointment soon you shouldn’t have come” he was blunt to a fault. He never hid how he felt about something, he expressed himself well not minding if it hurt someone else’ feelings.

Angela: “What do you mean by that? What appointment are you having though? We could have ours here too?” she stood up and started walking closer to him, eyeing his muscular biceps and licking her lips seductively.

Ifeoluwa: “Stop it okay? Stop it right away” he yelled as she started tugging at his towel, “What is wrong with you? I don’t have time for this okay? Someone is coming here to see me soon and it might be awkward if you are still here by then” he brought out his boxers and put it on from under the towel before yanking it off and throwing it on the bed.

Angela: “Who?” she took two steps back with suspicion written all over her face. “Is it a lady?” she asked as her face started turning red.

Ifeoluwa: “Yes! a lady who is pregnant for me” he pulled into a Louis Vuitton shirt on a three quarter army camouflage and walked to the sitting room without applying cream on his body. The heat could dull one’s brain.

Angela: “You mean to tell me you got someone pregnant? Another lady who is not me? Were you dating her? didn’t you tell me you had no girlfriend? That infact you don’t love anyone?” she asked, walking after him with hands spread in front of her and veins pulsing visibly on her neck.

Ifeoluwa: “Well I am not dating her, neither do I love her”

Angela: “But you got her pregnant? How?”

Ifeolwa: “Is it impossible? We have been having sex. Why are you even asking me all these questions? I owe you no explanations whatsoever lady. I let you go two years ago, remember?”

Angela: “But you told me that as days become weeks, weeks months and months years, I should just make sure I gave no one else my heart? You recited that for me from a poetry book on air some time ago didn’t you?”

Ifeoluwa: “Oh mehn! Didn’t even know you were listening to that. It was not for you, it was for everyone, anyone who feels those words could express their feelings to someone they love but can’t have”

Angela: “Oh I see! Then you aren’t marrying her. She will abort the pregnancy then?”

Ifeoluwa: “No she is keeping it. I am taking responsibility for it”

Angela: “You can’t do that? You will be stuck with her forever. You could have gotten me pregnant instead? She should abort it, I will bear children for you, as many as you want. Please I cannot lose you like this, I can’t” her desperation was so evident on her voice it quivered.


“I am really at a loss here. What do I do? My mum has a point and I don’t blame her. I have brought a big disgrace to her. Now she has to take care of my child when I am supposed to be taking care of her? Should I be selfless in this and do as she wants? Should I get rid of this baby no one wants? Should I help this baby who will not know where he belongs when he arrives? And it is true o, if peradventure I get married to another man, my baby will become a bastard in my home and it will be the same if he gets married to another woman. The child just won’t know where he belongs and this will be a huge trauma for him. Oh no! Why didn’t I think of it like this before? Am I being selfish thinking only about myself? How about the innocent child?”

She mused as she waited for a cab which would take her down to Dugbe at their junction.

Question: Will Ifeoluwa reason with Angela and decide to reject the pregnancy at last? Will the child really go through emotional trauma like Bola thinks if they end up not getting married?

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  1. Nope,ifeolywa wouldn’t reason d same wit Angela cos he has stated dat he’s just taking responsibility of d child,nd not marriage. Nd as 4 Mmesoma,she deserves wat she got.

  2. Hummmmmmmm… See life!!!!Useless wife&Pretender,she used her husband sperm for charm now her womb,haaaaa O ga o..na wa.
    Bola,should keep the pregnancy, ifeoluwa might get convinced to marry her…
    She should not abort o

  3. Ife won’t accept Angela and Bola shouldn’t think that way of her child. His/her case may b diff than her.

  4. Ife shouldn’t accept Angela’s advice and bola shouldn’t abort the baby, history might not repeat itself as she thinks.

  5. Hmmmmmm, dont think Ifeoluwa will reject the pregnancy and if he does, that is not the end of life Bolatito.

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