(Episode 4) The Reaper’s Loot… A Touching Story!

(Episode 4) The Reaper's Loot... A Touching Story!

“I am done for. See where my thoughtlessness has landed me? I should have asked the man what the price was before asking him to carry on with the preparation. I thought he was going to take something else from him; maybe one of his eyes, arms or legs. Maybe his penis all together or one of his siblings but my womb? That is so unfair, this is unfair. Charles see what you have cost me? You should have just agreed to me doing this rather than proving stubborn about it. I will get you for this, I will surely get you for this you useless impotent man who feels the world should be at his feet just because of his wealth. I will get you for this I promise with all I am” she raged in her heart as she drove home that night.

She saw him standing in front of the mansion as she pulled into the compound. He had a troubled look on his face and was apparently waiting for her. He was by her side as soon as she drove into the garage and got out of the car. What she had expected was for him to flare up but instead he held her gently by the hand and led her inside.

Charles: “Where have you been dear? I have been so worried about you. Is it because of our little argument? I am sorry okay? I should have been a little more patient with you and listened to your reasons” he said after he had placed her gently on his laps. He was in his early fifties but still very romantic and the fact that there were no children in the house made him exhibit his talent with more gusto anytime he had the chance for that.

Mmesoma: “What is he up to now? Why is he acting so gentle all of a sudden?” she thought as she perused his face to see if there was any hint he was just putting up a show.

Charles: “Won’t you say something? Well, I have given what you said a thought and I commend your courage in telling me about it first. Since it is for the best, I think we should give it a try, who knows? It might work out as planned. But you will do that on one condition, I will be the one to get the guy who would do it. Do you agree?”

Mmesoma: “Hmmmmmmmmmm”

Charles: “Why? Have you changed your mind about it all? You don’t want to give it a try anymore? Should we adopt a child instead?”

Mmesoma: “I think it is a good idea. But give me some time to think about it first. I had a lot of time convincing myself it was a bad idea after your outburst earlier. And I seem to have succeeded so give me some time to think it through again” she said, stood up from his laps and took some step back.

Charles: “Good then. It was your idea to begin with so whatever you decide on will be final” he said spreading his arms and grimacing.


Ifeoluwa: “You are not being reasonable. I should have one pregnancy aborted so I can have another with you? Who does that? Please don’t even talk about it again. Case closed” he turned on his 16” LED TV and tuned the DSTV to his best channel- Nickelodeon.

Angela: “Ife please” she sat beside him and placed a hand on his forearm.

He shrugged her hand off…

Ifeoluwa: “You just don’t ever know when to stop” he yelled. “She will be here soon. I don’t want to ask you to leave but if you won’t leave then you must keep your mouth shut or I’d be forced to throw you out” he warned and just then, they heard a soft knock on the gate.

“How are you?” he asked when he saw the look on her face as she stepped into the compound. She looked like she had been weeping all night.’

Bolatito: “I am fine, thank you” she replied well naturedly.


She could not believe what she had heard. So the herbalist had been right when he advised her to try talking to him first? If only she had exercised a little more patience then she would have still had her womb intact. Now she had exchanged it for a little black powder that she ended up not needing. She wept herself to sleep that night and woke feeling more invigorated.

“I am going to carry it through. He might have acted like a good man this time around but I still need this for some other time. I am not going to forgive him just yet. He should have agreed right away, his stubbornness pushed me into what I did and he must also suffer for it” she thought as she made breakfast for him. Her last housemaid had just ran away from home and so she had no other option to make the breakfast herself.

She brewed the tea with great care, making sure she added enough milk to conceal the blackness of the tea after she had added the black powder the herbalist had given to her. She carried it with the toast bread in a tray to the dining table where he was already seated, waiting patiently for her. Just then, they heard Sunday’s voice outside.

Mmesoma: “Ohhhh what is that long throat doing here early this morning? Hmmm…I just can’t stand him, I wish he’d be dead already” she thought angrily within herself.

Sunday was her husband’s immediate younger brother who was not lucky enough to be either as educated or wealthy as her brother was. Most time he relied on his brother to pay even his children’s school fees. He had a daughter who had just finished secondary school and had gone there to ask for his brother’s permission for her to stay with them for the time being.

Sunday: “Good morning nwanyi oma” he greeted her as he headed towards the dining room beaming with smiles.

Mmesoma: “Good morning” she replied without returning his smiles.

He headed straight for his brother’s tea and scooped it up…


They went into the room so they could talk privately. She didn’t like the way Angela kept glancing hateful looks at her stomach. Sometimes her eyes would hover all over her body with admiration or jealousy, she didn’t know. Angela on her part had been so taken aback by Bola’s beauty. Everything about her was beautiful she could pass for an half cast. She wasn’t expecting her to be that clean, to be that beautiful. She was expecting someone she could easily look down on, someone she would feel superior over but Bola made her feel small, like she was not good enough, like she and Ife were just meant for each other. She felt extremely jealous. She started thinking of a game plan.

When they got in, Bola explained everything to him- her mother’s ultimatum but she failed to mention her fears about their child’s future. She wanted to keep that to herself, not wanting to make him feel she was trying to force him into thinking of marrying her.

Ifeoluwa: “So what do you intend to do now? I want you to stay with family. I don’t want you to stay alone taking care of yourself and the pregnancy since I will not be there to do all that for you. What is your plan now?”

Bolatito: “I don’t know. I am so overwhelmed right now I can’t think straight. I can’t believe my life is falling apart like this”

Ifeoluwa: “Oh please! I expect you to think smart and make your decisions fast enough. I cannot sit around talking about stuffs like this when I have a lot on my hands at the moment. You are a smart girl so think of something” he replied impatiently.

Bolatito: “I cannot think of anything, you could help me out too? Suggest something for me?”

Ifeoluwa: “I have suggested but it isn’t good enough for you”

Bolatito: “Didn’t you hear what I said? My mum has asked me to either abort it or leave her house. Do you expect me to force her to accept me with the pregnancy?”

Ifeoluwa: “Your choice”

Bolatito: “Okay rent an apartment for me. I will stay somewhere close to her so that when she forgives me, I will not be too far away from her at least?”

Angela: “That can never happen, Ife will never do something that huge for you. Who do you think you are?” she stormed into the room unable to contain her anger any longer.

Question: Would you rather Sunday drank the tea than Charles? Is renting an apartment for her the right step to take?

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    • Hello ALCREW&FANs,

      God works in ways we can never understand until it’s done.

      Renting an abode is a good effort enough given the circumstances.


  1. I hope sunday get to drink d tea bt no death effect on him. Renting apartment is still ok 4 her rather dan be homeless wen she is send out by her mum. From there ife will b visiting once in a while n things might jus work out btw d two.

  2. Since Ife is not ready 2 settle down ,he shud rent a place 4 her just Like she suggested, Sunday shud pls drink d tea

  3. Yawa don gas, ogun ti baje (Medicine don spoil). I think renting apartment will be better, but watchout for Angela

  4. Renting apartment is fine as Adunni refused to harbour Bolatito, Long throat Sunday, hope you have not landed yourself in trouble. Lessons for all and sundry.

  5. Is a miracle for Charles anyway, but I wish the tea would have fallen from her hand than his younger brother drinking it.

  6. It’s good if Sunday drank the tea,that will expose her, but will she allow him drink it? I think it’s better if Bola can stay with a family member until her mum comes down

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