Buhari will shock Nigerians – Former Minister

Former Minister of Petroleum and Energy Prof Tam David-West has criticised those alleging that President Muhammadu Buhari is dead in a London hospital.

The President has spent over 60 days on his visit to London for medical check-up.

Meanwhile, Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state and some other critics believe the health of the President has deteriorated.

However, David-West, an 80-year-old social critic and academic, told The Newsmen that the president is healthy and alive.

”When Buhari comes to the country, Nigerians will be shocked. Have you ever seen a dead man coming back alive? When they said Buhari had died, I said they were talking rubbish because I have evidence that he is alive.

”They will be shocked because he will come back alive, which will be the first shock. They will also be shocked that he will come back hale and healthy. They will be shocked that when he comes back, he will be the same Buhari that those that know him know – he is so humorous; intellectual Buhari.

”I have direct contact with London, at least once a week. I may not speak to him directly but I may also hear his voice. I know people around him that are permanently with him for 24 hours,” he insisted.

David-West served as a minister of petroleum and energy under Buhari’s military government (1984–1985), and as minister of mines, power, and steel under General Ibrahim Babangida in 1986.



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