(Episode 5) The Reaper’s Loot… A Touching Story!

(Episode 5) The Reaper's Loot... A Touching Story!

She snatched the cup from his lips in reflex and the tea spilled all over him. The two men looked at her in amazement, unable to utter a word.

Charles: “What was that for?” he asked when he found his voice at last.

Mmesoma: “I am sorry, just that the tea was for you and not for him. He should have asked and I would have gone to make another one for him” she handed him a hand towel to wipe himself with.

Sunday: “It is okay brother. It was my fault I shouldn’t have gone for the tea like that. Please do not be angry my wife” he said. He didn’t need anything to spoil his mission despite his raging insides.

Mmesoma: “I will make another tea for you now” she said and went back to the kitchen hurriedly, not giving him the chance to reject her offer. He was getting late for work and she knew it but she needed him to take the tea that morning, she couldn’t wait for any other time.

Sunday: “So brother, there is something I want to discuss with you about” he said, cleared his throat and shifted uneasily on the chair.

Charles: “That is why you came here this early in the morning to disgrace yourself right? Well I am all ears” he replied and took a bite of his bread.

Sunday: “You know my first daughter just finished her secondary school and there is nothing for her to do at the moment than stay at home and make trouble with the boys. Please can she come and stay here with you so she can be helping your wife with some little chores and running some errands if need be?”

Charles: “I don’t think that is a good idea. I cannot let that happen okay? She cannot stay here and that is fi…”

Mmesoma: “And why can’t she stay here?” she jumped out of the kitchen, interrupting her husband. “I think it is a very good idea” she said, looking at Sunday and smiling at him for the first time that morning. She was more than overjoyed at the news. She was starting to get tired of doing the house chores which seemed to be endless.

Charles: “Are you sure? She is my niece and I might not tolerate some things from you where she is concerned. So in order to avoid making mistakes or being in loggerheads over such, let’s not make it happen okay?” he said as his wife placed the tea mug in front of him a second time and passed the second one to Sunday.

Mmesoma: “She will be staying here as my own daughter not as a housemaid so the difference is going to be clear. No use bantering with words over that. I want her to come” she flashed him a fake smile.

Sunday: “Oh thank you my wife. I will bring her here by myself on Sunday. Thank you so much”

Charles: “Hmmmmmm…” he sighed and emptied his cup in one gulp. He couldn’t wait to be out of the house already. He knew that as they spoke, his business must be suffering- he didn’t trust his employees a bit. He owned one of the most flourishing filling stations in Lagos state and had to be there almost every day to foresee the activities in each of the three branches he had scattered around Lagos.


He had thrown her out when she tried attacking Bola who didn’t seem to understand what was happening with her or why she cared so much. Bola always knew Ife as one who was emotionally detached from every lady in his life. She was not the only one he was having sex with and she knew it, she had no right to complain since they were not in a love relationship. Just having him around like that to her was more than she could ask for.

She went back home that day feeling a little light-headed at last since he had agreed to rent an apartment for her. She met her mother at home, she had just gotten back from the market where she sold Yoruba delicacies.

Bolatito: “Good evening ma” she knelt down to greet her mum who only gritted her teeth and ignored her. “I will leave the house like you said I should tomorrow. I will stay with my friend until my apartment is ready since Ife has agreed to rent an apartment for me. Thanks a lot mum for everything you have ever done for me. You are still the best mother in the whole world and I will never forget nor be mad at you in anyway. I will let you know wherever my address will be so whenever you forgive me, you can come find me there” she said but her mum further ignored her and went about counting the money she had made for that day.

The next morning, she started packing her stuffs as soon as it was daybreak while her mum got ready for market. She watched her daughter pack her things and tear drops began to fall like tiny rain drops down her face. reality struck her so hard in the face she found herself wanting to tell her to stay, not to leave but her bruised ego wouldn’t let her.

Adunni: “So you are leaving anyway? You won’t have the abortion?” she tried her luck yet again.

Bolatito: “No I will not. I have no other option than to leave right?” she was hurt but she tried hard to conceal it. She prayed in her heart that she would change her mind and ask her to stay…


She went straight to her best friend Halima’ place. Halima was a lady who had a solution to almost every bad situation anyone can find him/herself in. she needed advise as to what to do so desperately. She wasn’t going to lose a man she had invested so many years of her life in to a girl from nowhere. She drove into Halima’s parents’ duplex at Eniako estate at Joyce ‘b’ road. she was afraid she wasn’t going to meet her at home since she hardly stayed home and her visit had been impromptu but luckily for her, she met her alone at home, watching ‘The Promise’ on Televista.

Halima: “Hello girl! Whatsup now? This one you dropped in unnoticed like this” she said when she opened the door to let her in after peeping through the door’s loophole.

Angela: “Long thing my dear. Ifeoluwa has impregnated one very beautiful Yoruba girl like that. I am lost right now. I am really lost” she slumped down on a chair and balanced her head on the two palms as her elbows rested on her laps.

Halima: “That sounds like good news to me though. Didn’t you say you two broke up two years ago?” she sat beside her friend and resumed her paused movie.

Angela: “Yeah but you of all people should know I still love him. I feel he is going to fall in love with that girl very soon. A child changes a lot”

Halima: “So why are you looking so dejected? Is there anything you think you can do about it? Sebi I told you once to use love potion on him, you refused saying you want nature to do its thing. By now, you should have him at your beck and call”

Angela: “Hmmmm…so what do you think I should do now? I really can’t watch him fall into the hands of another woman. No I cannot” she shook her head vigorously.

Halima: “Well you still have your options open. It is not too late. I will take you to one Hausa man I know who deals in love potions. Once you give it to him, he will be all yours. You see that marriage he is so running from, he will be the one begging you to marry him. Try it!”

Angela: “You know some day, its effect will wear out and I will be the one to suffer for it at last. Please I don’t think I want that, find another solution for me”

Halima: “Okay then. I think that is all the solution I have. Maybe you should call that your aunty in Lagos to advise you. I believe she will have a better solution”

Angela: “Aunty Mmesoma?” she asked like one who was surprised at hearing the name.

Halima: “Oh yeah!”

Question: Will Adunni ask her not to leave? Do you think Mmesoma will really have a better solution for Angela?

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  1. hmmm. mmesoma will surely take her to the herbalist or give her the love portion the herbalist gave her. Adunni won’t allow her daughter to leave

  2. Aduni will ask bolatito to stay back because she knows if she allow her to leave she might loose her mmesoma will have a solution to Angela’s problem because she’s also in the Same shoes

  3. That Adunni, will not allow her to leave, and as for mmesoma, she will give her the love medicine from the one her habalist gave her, because the herbalist has told her not to go there again

  4. Adunni should let Bola stay else history wud repeat itself big time. Mmesoma is a big demon, jst pray Angela don’t go 2 her 4 help oh.

  5. Adunni will not allow her a go.Mmesoma didn’t has a better solution but same as Halima,it seems as halima knew it.

  6. Its been completed long ago@Olamide. Back to d story, Adunni will let her go n advice mmerson can giv Angela is a way to destruction.

  7. Mesons does not have any good advice for herself,so it’s not possible that she’ll have for someone else. Admin will still allow her daughter to go.

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