(Episode 6) The Reaper’s Loot… A Touching Story!

(Episode 6) The Reaper's Loot... A Touching Story!

Her mum just looked at her, shook her head and left for the market with a heavy heart after wishing her luck.  She left the house still nursing thoughts of her mother calling to ask her to come back. She stood at the junction waiting for taxi when a Honda CRV went to a halt in front of her. The man reared his head from the window with his head glistening like Loki’s crystal mirror.

Man: “Hello lady. Where are you headed to? Can I drop you?” he asked with his protruding stomach making it difficult for him to stretch himself any further.

Bolatito: “Thank you. I will wait for cab” she replied shifting from one feet to the other.

Man: “My name is Francis, what is your name? I will really love to know you better. You are so beautiful and decent looking I can’t help but want something serious with you” he said when he had found his way to where she stood, leaned on his car and beamed a wide toothed smile at her.

Bolatito: “Thanks a lot but I am not interested. I am really not interested” she said and walked to another spot but he followed her there.

Francis: “Okay give me your number so we can just become friends?”

Bolatito: “See I am pregnant. I am pregnant for a man who is not even going to marry me so can you see I am not as decent as you think I am? Will you let me rest now?” she revealed in a bit to get rid of him but he only laughed.

Francis: “I don’t believe you. How can you be pregnant with this flat belly of yours? And what man in his right senses will get a beautiful woman like you pregnant and will not want to marry her? Well if that is the case, I am ready to take care of you and the baby. No qualms at all” he still thought she was joking.

Bolatito: “You think I am joking? Please go your way okay? We don’t need your help in any way. We can take care of ourselves” she said and just at that moment, a cab pulled to her front as a passenger alighted. She quickly entered into it dragging her bag into it with her.


At work that day, he felt unlike himself. Thoughts of his wife occupied his mind all through even when he tried to discard such thoughts, they kept growing stronger. As time went on, he started thinking of all the things his wife had ever asked for that he didn’t give her. all the suggestions she had made towards their home and his business that he hadn’t thought were good ideas. He couldn’t help it anymore and so he found himself at home, calling her desperately and searching the house for her.

Mmesoma: “Why are you shouting my name up and down the house like that na. is there any problem? Why are you back so early?” she asked sensing the restlessness in him.

Charles: “I just couldn’t get thoughts of you out of my mind. Came to spend some time with you, hope that is allowed?”

Mmesoma: “Oh sure! But hope you are feeling okay?” she asked leading the way back inside.

Charles: “I feel superb. Come here, sit on my laps again so we can talk. You said you wanted to have another man involved in our bid to have a child right? Then you can choose any man you want. I will not get involved in it. What else do you want? You want Nneka to live here with us? That is a done deal. What else?” he said restlessly, jerking her up and down on his laps.

Mmesoma: “I think that is all for now”

She sprang to her feet when she heard her phone ring. She checked the caller ID and it was her niece Angela. She smiled and picked it immediately.

“Angie baby! How are you doing? She loved her niece to the bones.

Angela: “I am fine o my aunty. How are you too?”

Mmesoma: “I am surviving. Hope there is no problem at all? Is there something you need? Money?”

Angela: “No aunt. I have enough money as it is. I just need your advice with something very important”

She listened as her niece narrated everything about her relationship to her.

Mmesoma: “Really? What man in his right senses will not love my beautiful baby? Should we deal with him in a way he will regret for the rest of his life with his foetus mama?”

Angela: “No aunty. I just needed someone to talk to. a friend suggested I use love potion on him but I don’t want something as temporary as that. I need something more permanent”

Mmesoma: “You are smart my dear. Don’t use love potion, there will always be other ways to go about it. I want you to be happy my dear, I mean genuinely happy. Don’t worry, we will work it all out gradually. Little by little and he will be in your arms, giggling like a baby soon” she reassured her.

Angela: “Thanks aunt. I knew you’d have a solution for me. Thanks a lot”

She felt waves of relief flood her own being when she finally ended the call. She knew her aunty was not one to take her words as a joke. Her woes were over and very soon, she would have all she had ever wanted and prayed for.


He called her over like he used to do on most nights whenever he was less busy. She was more than happy to spend another night with him, knowing that at least the pregnancy was not going to disrupt the relationship they had. He was a very playful guy too and that was one other thing she found intriguing about him. She slide into his arms even though she knew he was never going to return the embrace. No matter how much she tried to embrace him, he always dodged it or just squeezed her buttocks rather than hold her.

Bolatito: “I know you wouldn’t hug me anyway. I wonder what you have against hugs so much” she said after she had let him go and took her seat at last.

Ifeoluwa: “What do you want to use hug to do? Can you eat it?”

Bolatito: “well I can find satisfaction in it”

Ifeoluwa: “I see! Sorry then. How are you and uhmmmm”

Bolatito:  You mean the baby? We are both fine except for all the pregnancy symptoms which are almost making me go crazy. Look at how fat I am fast becoming”

He went closer to her, raised her top up to reveal her tummy.

Ifeoluwa: “That is true o. you have become so rounded here. What are you eating?” he said, stoop up suddenly and looked towards the ceiling. His countenance became dark. “Excuse me what are you doing in my house?” he asked looking grimly at her and her bare tummy.

Bolatito: “What do you mean by that?  You asked me to come over na” she replied thinking he was joking.

Ifeoluwa: “Who exactly are you madam?” he asked taking some steps away from her, looking aghast like one who had seen a ghost.

Bolatito: “If you are joking please stop it, I don’t like this kind of jokes okay?” She was becoming so frightened.

Ifeoluwa: “please get out of my house if you wouldn’t tell me who you are or who invited you to this place. I will call the police on you if you refuse to leave now!” he raged with bloodshot eyes. She had never seen him that way before and it unnerved her. Before she could say anything further, he hurled her to her feet, drew the door open, flung her out and banged the door in her face. She stood on one spot, perturbed, unable to set her thoughts straight. It was all happening like magic and she still couldn’t grasp what was transpiring between them.

Question: What do you think is happening to Ifeoluwa? Is he joking or it’s the work of Angela and her Aunt Mmesoma?”

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  1. Mmesoma what u did dat render u barren u take ur so call lovely Angela on d track aswell, when u know it wouldn’t last long. Happy Sunday to u all

  2. Ifeoluwa’s reaction is Angela and Mmesoma’s work, very potent charm but has expiry date. Congrats Angela.

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